My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 378 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 378 Part 2 – The World In The Eyes Of Zombies

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“A zombie leader actually called out for an advanced zombie? No, she couldn’t have chosen him because he was young and robust, could she….” Ling Mo couldn’t help but shudder. He quickly shook his head and threw this terrible idea out of his head. “So the experiment they tried on this corpse was to forcibly increase a zombie’s strength to the point that they would successfully breakthrough to the next level.”

Ling Mo took another look at the defective virus hive in his hand and gritted his teeth, “Those fucking idiots! How the hell can this even be considered as a successful experiment? It’s no wonder Wen Xuan said that they were unreliable. Sure enough, they failed epically trying to cheat!”

“Human, come look at this.” Yu Shi Ran suddenly extended her finger and pointed at the corpse’s arm.

Ling Mo looked over and saw a small pinhole, surrounded by blue and purple skin tissue.

“There’s a smell of blood that doesn’t belong to him.” Shana said as she jumped into the back of the car. At the same time, she reached over behind Ling Mo’s head and pushed Yu Shi Ran away, who was currently making gestures with her mouth, as if she was about to bite Ling Mo’s neck.

Ling Mo said without looking up, “It’s fine, it’s impossible for her to bite me. What’s the problem with his blood?”

“Hmm, give me a moment to figure out how to explain this.” Shana crouched down next to the body and said, “It’s just like how humans have different blood types. Everyone’s blood smells different to us. Most humans smell much better than us zombies, but for those that develop a gel within their bodies, their blood start to become more and more fragrant.” Shana looked up at Ling Mo with a strange expression,

“Brother Ling should already know what this also implies, right?”

“Yeah….” Ling Mo said, while rubbing his nose.

When he first discovered this situation, he was completely frightened….

“I have gone further and further down the path of the zombies, yet my thinking has never been affected. In other words, I might have the body of a zombie, but I retained the mind of a human …” Ling Mo nodded and asked, “You went a little off topic. Does this mean that each zombie has a different smell?”

“The differences are extremely small, except for a few.” Shana suddenly sniffed and said, “The way we look at this world is completely different to how humans look at it. For us, this world is more like a hunting ground. From what we can see, hear, and smell, our brains tell us that this world is a world full of prey.”

Shana closed her eyes and seemed to be enjoying this concept. After a few moments, she opened her eyes in satisfaction, “Silly Shana used to hate the way she saw the world. But after we reached a consensus, we learned to look at the world from two different perspectives at the same time. When I didn’t need prey, I would let them go. If prey tried to hurt me, I would protect myself by killing them.”

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“So, it turns out…. That it was actually like this….”

Ling Mo nodded as he thought about this. He wasn’t in a position where he could judge. But Ling Mo suddenly felt very uncomfortable once he realized that Ye Lian might also feel the same way.

He wanted to see the original Ye Lian again, or at least let her become just like Shana so he could at least reminisce…

“Cough* Cough*, let’s get back to our original topic. Since there is another different kind of blood inside his body…”

Shana took the tactical knife and slowly picked open the hole that seemed to be created by a needle. She then put the tip of the knife to the tip of her nose and sniffed it, “You humans have a method to drink the blood of others, I think it was called ……” She searched her memories for a while before saying, “Blood transfusion? By the way, the smell of this foreign blood is almost as sweet as his own.”

“In other words, they took blood from a zombie of the same level and injected it into his body to stimulate his growth?” Ling Mo frowned. This method was almost the same as how zombie’s generally achieved evolution [1]. In fact, they might have gotten better results if they copied the zombies and just swallowed the gels. Those idiots from the Falcon Camp actually called this kind of thing an experiment…. They’re crazy to a certain extent, but it’s obvious that they’re doing this to fool the higher-ups!

“Ahh, there is another smell, a very pungent smell, it could be a drug.” Shana used the tip of the knife to pick some more blood up.

Not only did the body contain too much of the virus. The blood inside was still able to circulate within the body, and the body’s speed of decay seemed to be much slower than normal.

Although the corpse in front of him was placed in a freezer, after a bit of time, the skin had begun to recover its elasticity, and the blood also became thick and semi-coagulated.


Ling Mo suddenly became spirited. Maybe this was the key to stimulating his growth in a short time!

However, according to the memory he read from the brain of the intelligence member, the tested corpse was the only experiment conducted. “Although the experiment was successful, it became too dangerous, so they had to kill it. No plans were made for a second experiment due to this.”

“If it wasn’t for Half-moon and the old granny, I might have gotten the drug!” Ling Mo thought.

“After mixing with various zombie blood, the smell of this drug is a bit strange.” Shana sniffed for a while and her expression suddenly became a little weird. “It’s … It’s pretty fragrant. Although there is only a trace of this smell, it is really fragrant!”

[1] – Remember in the beginning of the novel, for zombies to evolve they needed to take in as much of the virus as possible. While the blood does contain a little bit of the virus, it isn’t as potent as the virus gels which appear from the head, which is why, although the tested corpse was able to break through, it wasn’t very strong, since their strength is based on the purity of the virus they absorbed.

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