My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 379 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 379 Part 1 – You’ll Get Pregnant If You Eat That

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“They combined this chemical substance [1] with a blood transfusion, which resulted in this defective product. If that’s the case, then what would happen if they mixed this chemical substance with various kinds of zombie blood? Looking at Shana’s expression, perhaps something miraculous might happen …”

While Ling Mo was thinking this, he fished out a bottle and a syringe from his backpack, “Come and help me for a second.”

Yu Shi Ran reached out, held the upper part of the subject’s arm, and squeezed. She didn’t seem to be using much strength, yet the blood from the wound bled out continuously.

Ling Mo quickly started to collect the blood with the syringe, while Shana held the bottle.

The three of them were busy for ten minutes. Yu Shi Ran finally let go of the hand when she found out that no more blood could be squeezed out and said, “That should be enough, your bottle is almost full.”

“Yeah, this amount should probably be enough for us to use.” Ling Mo nodded with satisfaction and shook the bottle.

The thick blood in the bottle looked a bit like ketchup, but the color was much brighter.

“Are you planning on directly giving all of this to sister Ye Lian?” Shana asked.

Ling Mo shook his head and said, “How could that be? I need to test this first before we do anything. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any zombies nearby.”

“That sentence sounds very rude…. “

“We are zombies too; you know….”

Ling Mo awkwardly smiled and said, “I’m sorry, please don’t take it personally.”

As a matter of fact, Ling Mo didn’t consider Ye Lian and them, as just simple zombies. Yu Shi Ran was just the same.

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However, these words couldn’t be said. Imagine a sheep saying to a person, “Mehhh, in my eyes, you aren’t a human, you’re a sheep just like me, mehhh….”

Wasn’t that just asking for a beating?

After collecting the blood, Ling Mo carefully examined the body again.

Using a shortcut to speed up the process of evolution was nevertheless harmful to the body. Although the virus hive was able to form early and the strength of the subject soared, its body wasn’t able to synchronize with the newfound strength it had obtained.

The subject’s fingernails were all torn off and even the white bones could be faintly seen.

Although this was most likely self-inflicted while he was struggling, it was still incredible to see this happen since a zombie’s fingers were as hard as iron.

If it was only the fingers, then that wouldn’t have been a problem. However, his shoulders were also misaligned, and there were many hidden internal injuries in its legs. Many places on its body looked a bit unnatural. It could be that the tendons were strained or perhaps it was simply a fracture.

“He overexerted himself and used too much strength.” Shana also took a look and concluded.

“Yeah. No wonder the lab wanted to deal with him so quickly. It seems that in addition to not being able to control his newfound strength, he also wasn’t able to hold it any longer.” Ling Mo nodded thoughtfully.

If this was the case, then this chemical substance shouldn’t be easily used on Ye Lian.

Although the consequences may not be as severe after they purified it, it was still better to be careful.


Three hours later, Ye Lian suddenly said, “Someone… is coming.”

As soon as Ling Mo turned his head, he saw Half-moon standing there between two silhouettes.

She had a lot of grass on her body and her hair was covered in dew. It was unknown how she got out of the mountains, but since it was her second time using the same path, it definitely took less time.

“You came pretty fast.” Ling Mo reluctantly left Ye Lian’s lap pillow. He lifted the blanket from his body, stood up, and laughed. He thought that he would have to wait until morning for her to show up.

“I run fast.” said Half-moon. “There were a lot of humans that chased after me into the mountains, but they couldn’t catch up with me.”

Shana stared at Half-moon for a few moments and snorted coldly, “When we arrived here, Brother Ling warned us in advance that you were also coming. But seeing you now still makes me feel unhappy.”

“Same here, you’re obviously …. You’re obviously the same kind as me, but you choose to stay beside a human. I don’t like it.”

After following the granny zombie, Half-moon’s bickering skills had improved greatly. But, saying a sentence and thinking for a second before saying another, still felt a bit weird….

“Do I need your approval?” Shana showed no signs of backing down.

Half-moon immediately became stunned. She was silent for a while and wasn’t able to think of a comeback, “This……”

“Sure enough, your fighting strength in this area is still less than 5. However, the fighting strength in a certain place has increased rapidly, even exceeding Shana’s….”

“That’s enough Shana, stop provoking her.”

Ling Mo coughed and turned his eyes to the two silhouettes brought by Half-moon. One of them, needless to say, must be the corpse of the old granny zombie, but the other actually turned out to be….

The maid girl!

When Ling Mo used her to sneak up on the granny zombie, the granny slapped the shit out of her and directly cut off the spiritual connection between Ling Mo and her. He didn’t know whether the maid girl was dead or alive.

Afterwards, Ling Mo couldn’t hang around since he was short on time. Considering the fact that she was just a skin that Hei Si used, Ling Mo didn’t bother sparing an extra hand to take her away, so he just left her there.

Unexpectedly, she was brought out by Half-moon.

To be continued…

[1] – I will be changing the word “drug” to chemical substance as it could be drug or chemical compound. So in this case I believe chemical substance sounds better.

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