My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 38


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 38 – Promise

When it was Liu Yu Hao’s turn to go, he showed some hesitations.

It’s not difficult to tell from his expression that he could not let Shana go. Although his heart clearly knew that, the current Shana is impossible to stay with him.

As for Ling Mo…..Ling Mo’s relationship with them could not be said as very close, it was clear that the two parties were together for the purpose of mutual survival, but that was as far as their bond went.

Keeping such dangerous Shana by the side already made Liu Yu Hao extremely grateful to Ling Mo, if it was for someone else, even if not killed Shana, for sure they will immediately leave her behind to die like any other zombie.

Of course, this was because that Liu Yu Hao did not know that Ling Mo has a special ability, zombie puppet, and did not know that during the process of Shana’s mutation, Ling Mo even took out two virus gel taken out from the mutated zombies’ brain, fed Shana….

Nevertheless, in Liu Yu Hao’s opinion, if Shana wants to continue to live like a person, the only way is to follow Ling Mo. And it’s impossible for him to give her back before she turns back into normal.

But follow Ling Mo and leave? Liu Yu Hao not only once thought about this idea, but Ling Mo’s attitude is very clear that he does not need to have draggers around. He seemed pretty stoic about his goal to slaughter and harvest brains from mutated zombies.

But is he a burden? Liu Yu Hao asked himself this question a lot. He naturally knew about Ling Mo’s strength, even though Ye Lian rarely fight, but it can be seen that her strength is not weak, not to mention Shana, after turned into zombie, her strength is not only not diminished but in a way much more stronger. In contrast, Liu Yu Hao is only someone with somewhat greater courage, an ordinary teenage that only knows a little about slashing and dodging.

Thinking here, Liu Yu Hao looked at Ling Mo with a complicated look, he wanted to receive some tips from Ling Mo.

And Ling Mo also became aware of it at once. To Liu Yu Hao, Ling Mo does have some good sentiments towards him, especially compared him with his classmates. But he is taking two zombies with him; still needs to continually hunt mutated zombies to power up, bringing Liu Yu Hao will certainly be inconvenient. Moreover, Ling Mo still does not want anyone know about his ability of zombie controlling. Therefore from the moment when he successfully controlled Shana, Ling Mo has already thought that he is ready to find a place to let Liu Yu Hao go, hopefully some place safe.

The survivor camp built by Song Tian from Ling Mo’s view is a very suitable place!

Therefore when Liu Yu Hao turned to look over, Ling Mo looked at him deeply, then casually eyed Shana, then nodded.

Liu Yu Hao’s eyes immediately flashed a hint of disappointment, but it also had a decisive faint taste of resolve.

“Ah, I will also join!”

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Even though right now is still cumbersome, but someday…..

Although Ling Mo and the two girls refused to join, Song Tian still seemed very happy because he got to keep the two healthy youth. A survivor camp like this one that was just established, every day they lose a handful of survivors to the horde from searching for supplies. Bringing suitable survivors back to the camp, this has become a requirement. But besides a handful person like Ling Mo, most people would have joined the camp with overjoy, after all one person’s survivor ability is very limited.

“Even if not join, but isn’t this Miss Xia not Wang Rin’s cousin? How about stay for the day.” Song Tian’s proposal can considered reasonable, but Shana will not answer for this.

And Ling Mo always felt that Shana’s situation is still not very stable, the longer they stay here the more dangerous, what Shana decides to go unleashed, wouldn’t that be even more terrible?

Therefore he smiled and refused: “I do want these two to catch up, but we do have some emergency matters. How about it, after we take care of our business, I will bring Shana back.”

These remarks are purely to fool the leader, Liu Yu Hao and Wang Cheng all knew what is going on, and they all knew, after departing, Ling Mo will not  return, and most likely they will never meet again.

This is the end of the world! Zombies everywhere, everywhere there are hidden crisis of death! You could say that, the survivors that are living on this world, anyone can die at any time. To make a promise under this situation, it all seemed a bit feeble.

Wang Cheng secretly give a relieved sigh, he is afraid of Ling Mo, but even more afraid Shana who has turned into a zombie! Who knows what she can possibly do!

Liu Yu Hao’s eyes is somewhat red as he’s trying to choke back tears, his eyes kept glued to Shana, but just happened that he does not dare to go near her. Besides Ling Mo, Shana does not recognize anyone….

“I see….Then I could not force you. But before  you get going; still let Miss Xia meet with Wang Rin and talk. By the way, she’s always that bitter, don’t mind it.” As Son Tian sees that he could not invite them to stay, he turned and said.

Do not care? That kind of attitude, how could he not care? Before Ling Mo still feel some pity for Wang Rin, but after this encounter, he no longer has any good impression to Wang Rin.

But Song Tian is right, after all Shana is her cousin, if not letting them see each other before they go, then is not justified.

As Song Tian got up to leave, Liu Yu Hao suddenly pulled Ling Mo, he whispered in a quiet sincerely voice: “big brother Ling, I hope that you can take good care of Shana, even though she is…..zombie, but you have seen that she won’t hurt you. If you could help her to recover her senses, that is the best, even if not, don’t abandon her….I beg you.” Tears flowed down his face as he spoke.

Looking at Liu Yu Hao’s looks, Ling Mo is still somewhat touched, he secretly sighed, patted on Liu Yu Hao’s shoulder: “You also live well.”


“Wait….” Just when Ling Mo was about to move, Liu Yu Hao again pulled him to a stop, but this time, his tone has more firmness, “I will also become much stronger than right now. Therefore I think that, one day I will go find you guys.”

This sentence suddenly surprised Ling Mo, but then he showed a hint of smile: “Then you keep working!”

The chance for Liu Yu Hao to find them should be very very low. But a person living in the world, they should have some hope, may it will be a good thing. Besides, to bump into someone like Wang Rin again, means that this world is truly smaller than it appears…

Song Tian went around the building and searched for a while, he finally took Wang Rin who still is very unhappy and walked over. And at this time, Ling Mo and his people already walked to the building gate, ready to leave for good.

Not be able to get back the knife, lost face in front of Ling Mo, the expression when Wang Rin look at Ling Mo is very unfriendly, and her eyes did not look any more hospitable when she looked at Shana.

Probably because she is not convinced, Wang Rin directly walked before Ling Mo and Shana, even reached out and gave Ling Mo a heavy punch. Ling Mo could have totally avoided this punch, but little girl’s pink fist, how lethal could it be, it would not hurt an itch when hit on the body. That Li Yu is really scared of Wang Rin, and even said that she is “very strong”? In addition to momentum, Ling Mo totally did not see where the little girl is strong.

“Don’t think that when the two of you become allies and will be able to bully me! That knife, sooner or later I will have you to spit it out!”

Mercilessly dropped such a sentence, Wang Rin then turned away to upstairs, but just as she went on two steps, she suddenly turned over and said: “don’t bully my cousin, or else I will not let you go!”

Ling Mo is stunned to see that Wang Rin went up stairs “thump thump thump”. This chick, she knows how to throw merciless words, but before she yelled hard, but still sold by Song Tian?

As for bullying…..Ling Mo turned around and looked at Shana who is beside him, his mouth suddenly showing a hint of strange smile.

What he is doing to her now, would it be considered bullying?

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