My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 380 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 380 Part 1 – Resentful Rabbit

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S-City was a famous industrial city next to X-City. However, Ling Mo wasn’t the type that usually went out, so going to S-City was also a first for him.

“What a pity! If I had known in advance that the apocalypse was going to happen, I would have given myself more vacations and taken Ye Lian to travel around….. “ Ling Mo said regretfully.

By the time the slipper-like car drove into the city, the sky was already bright, and the surroundings were filled with fog. Except for the houses and streets that were slightly old looking, it wasn’t much different from other places.

The number of zombies they encountered along the way wasn’t little. Those that approached their vehicle were either knocked away by the car or had their heads directly burst open by Ling Mo’s headshots.

The crazy battle in the zombie area of A-city, really improved Ling Mo’s accuracy and resilience, which could also be considered a blessing in disguise.

Especially for the spiritual energy consumed by each attack. Ling Mo had much better control now than before. He was able to quickly adjust the amount of power used according to different situations.

“Granny said that the city’s industrial park is over there…..”

Half-moon raised her hand and pointed towards the mist as she said this.

Ling Mo squinted his eyes for a moment and then glared at her, “I can’t see shit! “

“That’s obviously your problem…. But then again … I only have a rough idea of where it is.”

“What’s the point of keeping you then?”

At this time, Shana suddenly shouted, “We’re almost out of gas.”

There wasn’t much gas in this car to begin with. Being able to drive this far was already amazing enough.

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“We have just entered the city and the road is so wide. It would be a shame if we didn’t drive. Walking would also be too troublesome. Unfortunately, I can’t see any usable cars nearby. I guess our only option is to look for gas then, right?”

Most highways leading towards the city, usually have several gas stations placed along the highway. It shouldn’t be too hard for them to find some.

After receiving a response from Ling Mo, Shana slowed down the car and slowly searched for gas.

Sure enough, not long after passing through a run-down toll booth, a gas station appeared.

“I hope there’s still some gas left.”

In a place like A-city, gas stations have long been plundered clean. But in places such as this, where there aren’t any large-scale survivor groups, there should be some left still.

Things like gasoline could be stored for a long time as long as they were well sealed.

“Shana and Yu Shiran go find some fuel while I clear out these zombies.”

Ling Mo said while jumping out of the car.

“Why should I listen to you!” Yu Shiran muttered. Yet, she still followed after Shana, running past through the zombies and into the gas station.

“Why wouldn’t I use free labor? If it wasn’t for the fact that I wasn’t sure if you were able to read the gasoline label, I would have made you go alone.”

Ling Mo smiled and said.

However, he was actually just being cautious. If he had sent Half-moon and Shana together instead, he wouldn’t be able to feel at ease.

But if he had sent Ye Lian or Li Ya Lin to follow Yu Shiran, his combat capabilities would be lowered, and it would be difficult to guarantee that Half-moon wouldn’t try to do something, annoying him completely.

And if he went instead …. He probably might return to bloody feast.

Ling Mo clapped his hands, attracting the attention of all the zombies in the fog.

An abandoned bus and several small cars were parked here. Except for two zombies wearing the clothes of the gas station staff, the others seemed to be passengers.

The number of zombies weren’t many, around a dozen or so only.

However, it was obvious that these zombies had evolved to a high degree in evolution, and there was even a mutant zombie within the group.


After letting out a roar, the mutant male zombie in beach pants jumped onto the car in front of him and rushed towards Ling Mo.

“Every time I’m always the primary target, when will this kind of thing end….. “

Ling Mo sighed, while slowly walking towards the dozen zombies that rushed towards him, controlling his spiritual tentacles as they rolled out from him.

The mutant male zombie that was rushing at the front, jumped into the air. The mouth on his blood-stained face, opened wide, and revealed a set of white teeth which were covered in blood and minced meat….


A sudden hole appeared between the middle of his eyebrows, almost as if he was shot by an invisible bullet, and his body fell down in front of Ling Mo’s feet.

To be continued…

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