My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 380 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 380 Part 2 – Resentful Rabbit

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Ling Mo stepped over the body with ease, walking with his hands inside his pockets the whole way. The zombies that tried to jump on him along the way, all fell strangely to the ground, with an extra hole in their heads.

“Hey.” Half-moon suddenly turned to look at Ye Lian and Li Ya Lin, and asked, “He…. He wasn’t like this before, was he?”

Li Ya Lin showed an expression that seemed to be like she was used to this, “It’s alright, he’ll figure it out soon.”

“Why do I get this strange feeling all of a sudden …?”  After killing the last zombie, Ling Mo slowly pulled out his hand and scratched the back of his head.

“Look … Look, he figured it out.” Ye Lian said.

As Ling Mo approached the tanker, he frowned and looked back at the bus.

“I feel like I’m being watched…. “

Confused as he was, he walked towards the bus slowly and at the same time, released his tentacles.

However, the moment he discovered a spiritual ball of light, a dark shadow suddenly jumped out of the vehicle and rushed directly at Ling Mo.

Its speed was very fast. Although Ling Mo’s tentacles hit his target, he wasn’t able to stop his actions.

Of course, part of this problem was because he didn’t have a chance to aim accurately in such a short time.

But fortunately, Ling Mo’s reaction was quick. As soon as the dark shadow arrived, it was blocked by Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles, almost as if it had hit an invisible wall.

It was at this moment of stagnation that Ye Lian had leaped up high and launched a powerful kick at the dark shadow.

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*BANG! *

The dark shadow was heavily smashed onto the body of the bus.

“What the hell is that……?”

Ling Mo was shocked. He didn’t expect that his spiritual tentacles had such little effect in blocking this shadow.

However, when he took a closer look, his expression became a bit puzzled.

It actually turned out to be a person wearing a rabbit doll costume….

His spiritual tentacles had hit the ears of the rabbit….

“Is it a zombie? Could he have just happened to be wearing a rabbit costume while distributing flyers when he mutated?” Ling Mo frowned as he looked at the rabbit.

Covered completely in blood and dirt, a rabbit like this could definitely cause nightmares.

At this time, Li Ya Lin had appeared next to it, and the snake kiss in her hand was pressed against his neck.

“Don’t!” The rabbit screamed suddenly.

“It… It talks!” Ye Lian widened her eyes in surprise, then looked at Ling Mo for answers, “That rabbit… talked!”

This naïve zombie girl still hadn’t realized that this wasn’t actually a real rabbit….

“Senior Sister wait a second.”

Ling Mo stopped Ya Lin, but what he didn’t expect was that the moment Ya Lin removed her wrist, the rabbit suddenly jumped up directly to the roof of the bus, then dashed forward.

“Don’t run rabbit! Capture it and use it to lead the way!”

As Ling Mo shouted, the three female zombies flew over immediately.

Ling Mo also followed behind, detecting the area with his spiritual sense.

This rabbit jumped very fast and very high. It was obvious that this rabbit was a psychic.

Although he didn’t understand why the rabbit had attacked him, Ling Mo still required someone to lead the way….

With leader-level zombies pursuing and intercepting the rabbit, coupled with Ling Mo’s spiritual sense, it was pointless for this rabbit to try and escape. It would still be caught in the end no matter how fast it was or how much it hopped.

With one attack from Ling Mo’s spiritual disturbance, the rabbit immediately fell down in midair and was stepped on by Ya Lin.

“Don’t kill me! Please don’t kill me ….”

The rabbit yelled again.

Ling Mo walked over and squatted in front of the rabbit, but couldn’t help covering his nose after smelling a rotten smell, “Who the hell are you?”

“Don’t kill me please, just let me go!” The rabbit continued.

“And let you run again?” Ling Mo coldly snorted and waved, “Let’s bring him back first.”

The feeling of being dragged back by Ya Lin wasn’t a good one because the place she chose to walk in had steps….

The rabbit was screaming “Ahh!” the whole way back, and the zombies that were attracted by the screams were mostly killed by Ling Mo. Those that got past his tentacles were quickly finished off by Ye Lian and Half-moon.

Ye Lian’s attacks were quick and powerful, combined with the crossbow that she took from Wen Xuan, she could even take care of zombies that were far away.

Her terrifying long-range attack ability opened the horrified eyes of the bloody rabbit.

As for Half-moon, she could also be considered as an extremely agile type. Although her speed didn’t seem fast, but once she reached a zombie, her combat strength would burst and she would reach extremely high speeds.

Even Ling Mo was stunned secretly, let alone the rabbit.

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