My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 381 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 381 Part 1 – Skinless Zombie

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

As they returned to the gas station, Yu Shi Ran and Shana were currently pouring fuel into the fuel tank of the slipper-like car after finding a suitable type gasoline.

Both female zombies were stunned when they saw Ling Mo dragging back a rabbit.

Shana turned her head for a glance before calmly turning back to continue refueling. Yu Shi Ran on the other hand, ran over excitedly with glowing eyes.

She stared at the rabbit that was being stepped on by Ya Lin and made an excited gesture before looking at Ling Mo again.

Although she didn’t make any pitiful expressions, Ling Mo still felt uncomfortable being stared at by a zombie loli.

“Fine, I’ll let you say a few words.”

After getting permission, Yu Shi Ran immediately shouted, “What is this? Will it move? Can I eat it?”

“AHH!” The rabbit screamed again, “Don’t! Don’t kill me!”

“Look what you just did. You scared the prisoner the moment you opened your mouth.”

Ling Mo shook his head, crouched down, and pulled the rabbit’s headpiece off.

Upon taking off the headpiece, Ling Mo discovered that the inner layer of the rabbit’s headpiece even had protective wiring inside. Although it was quite simple, it still provided the head a fair bit of protection.

The person wearing the rabbit suit was a thin young woman, who appeared to be in her twenties. She had shaved her head bald, making it seem very bright. Her skin looked pale, probably due to her wearing that rabbit suit for a long time. Her facial features were very ordinary, mainly because her bald head was too eye-catching. Her voice was very thick and for a moment, Ling Mo had actually thought she might have been a man.

She stared with horror at Ling Mo’s group while Ye Lian stammered, “You…. Are you a human that was eaten by a rabbit?”

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“Girl, come here.” Ling Mo quickly dragged Ye Lian to his side and then stared at the bald-headed girl for a moment before proceeding to ask, “Who are you? Why did you attack me?”

The bald young girl swallowed nervously, “I …. I just wanted some gasoline. I want to leave here …. A few days ago, I came to this gas station. There are only four gas stations in S-City, two of which were bombed, and one was completely surrounded by zombies. Only this gas station had a small number of zombies. But, my powers are primarily used for escaping so….”

After hearing her long-winded story, Ling Mo got a good understanding of what had happened to her.

This bald young girl had been lurking near the gas station for quite some time, luring out a zombie whenever it was possible, and then killing it. According to her plan, it would have taken her four to five days to achieve her goal.

However, the nearby zombies were constantly wandering around, and she ended up getting trapped here.

But upon seeing Ling Mo and his party today, the hope within her was reignited.

“In the beginning, I wanted to ask you for help… but before I could, you suddenly came towards me. I thought you were going to attack me, because that’s what you did right before you killed all those zombies…. Is there some kind of energy field or something around you? …. Anyways, I’m really sorry, I was just too scared …. You were so intimidating when you killed those zombies….”

The young bald girl kept apologizing, as well as adding all kinds of flattery, making Ling Mo have no choice but to interrupt her, “Enough. In any case, you’re our captive now. Do you know where the aluminum factory is?”

“I …. I know where it is. But it’s quite far from here. Why? Do you guys wish to go there? There’s nothing there besides zombies. Why would you guys want to go there?” After the bald young girl finished talking, she realized that Ling Mo’s face had darkened, and a hint of embarrassment suddenly appeared on her face, “Just pretend I didn’t ask…”

Ling Mo returned the rabbit’s head to her again, “Don’t try to run away. Oh, that’s right, what’s your name?”

“Hehe …. Just call me rabbit. I won’t run away anymore….” The bald young girl looked at Li Yalin beggingly, “This… beautiful lady, can you please let go of me? How could you be so powerful …?”

In fact, the young woman’s ability to escape was indeed very strong. If there was no disturbance on her spirit by Ling Mo, it might have taken more effort to actually catch her.

“Why are you wearing this?” Ling Mo couldn’t help but ask curiously.

Rabbit immediately revealed a sense a pride and patted the suit’s belly, “Not only is the interior protected by steel wiring, staying inside the suit feels warm and safe. In addition, sometimes the zombies won’t attack me as long as it’s covered with zombie blood….

“Ah, I see. I had originally thought it might have been a perverted hobby of yours or something.” Ling Mo nodded and said.

“I … I guess it can also count as a hobby. While putting this on, I can scare a lot of people.” Rabbit put the head back on again and asked in a muffled voice, “Then when are you guys planning to leave?”

“Right now.”

To be continued…

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