My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 381 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 381 Part 2 – Skinless Zombie

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The resentful [1] rabbit suit was big and could only fit in the vehicle by sitting in the back with Ling Mo, Ye Lian, and Half-moon.

“Does this also count as you watching me? And putting this rabbit in front of me, you clearly did this on purpose, didn’t you?” Half-moon asked suddenly.

“Yep.” Ling Mo nodded without looking at her.

“You admitted way to fast!”

Rabbit moved her body uneasily and asked Half-moon, “Are you also a captive?”

“No….” Half-moon frowned. She was even less accustomed to human contact than Ye Lian and the girls. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was afraid that Ling Mo would do something to Yu Shi Ran, she wouldn’t have been able to restrain herself from tearing up the rabbit.

Ling Mo deliberately arranged for them to sit together, which was a complete torture for Half-moon.

Her mind was completely full of meat, and this delicious meal took the initiative to talk to her.

The journey was bound to be a very depressing one and only Ling Mo looked relaxed.

The urban area of S-City was very small. Under Rabbit’s guidance, they drove along a detour towards the industrial park, avoiding the massive group of zombies that had gathered in the city.

Most of the vehicles that were on the road were trucks, but fortunately they weren’t too wide. The slipper-like car could still drive around them to get through.

There were many goods that had been dumped on the ground that were labeled “dangerous”. The ground below those goods had already changed color and the air around had a very strange smell. However, Ling Mo wasn’t able to pay attention to that smell because the rabbit sitting in front of him smelled much worse.

But he did learn a lot of new information from Rabbit.

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Like A-City, the zombies in S-City also had their own unique characteristics.

The environment they lived in caused them to evolve in a different path, and the many explosions and leaks from various factories in the city caused serious pollution, which caused many zombies to mutate.

Although it wasn’t as serious as X-City’s Mutant zombies, the strength of the zombies that mutated were still extraordinary.

“If it wasn’t for you, I would never have gone to the industrial park by myself.” Rabbit hugged her knees and said.

Because Ling Mo couldn’t see her face, he felt quite weird seeing a blood-stained rabbit say this.

“Oh yes, this rabbit suit also helps block poisonous air.” said Rabbit. “I suggest you guys also wear a mask as well.”

“Do you think you’re wearing some sort of hazmat suit?”

The slipper-like vehicle soon drove near the industrial park. Several industries were connected within this park and there were many factories that were famous for their pollution of the environment in the past.

Behind it, near the mountain, there was no one around. But upon realizing the number of workers that worked in those factories in the past, the amount of zombies inside those factories were probably enormous.

People who worked in such factories generally faced a great risk of occupational diseases, but in order to make a living, there were still many people who came here to work.

“The aluminum factory that you guys wish to go to is located in the back, by the river. There are probably … more than 1,000 employees.”

As soon as they entered the industrial park, Rabbit’s voice became much quieter. It seems that she is quite scared of being here.

As soon as the vehicle turned, a zombie whose skin seemed as if it was burned off, suddenly jumped off a wall, and lunged directly towards Ling Mo.

“WHY THE FUCK IS IT ALWAYS ATTACKING ME!” Ling Mo was annoyed as he shot a spiritual tentacle at him.

But what he didn’t expect was that this zombie, which didn’t seem to have much strength, would be able to dodge at the moment of being struck by grabbing onto the wall and swinging itself upwards.

Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacle left only a bloody hole in its stomach. Its eyes were also burned off, but it didn’t seem to affect its strength.


Many parts of this skinless zombie seemed to be stuck together, but unexpectedly, its actions were completely agile. The zombie let out an unclear roar, jumped off the wall, and chased after the slipper car.

The way this zombie ran was very strange. His hands were dangling behind his back and his legs didn’t seem to be moving much, but he was very fast!

“This zombie here seems to be very sensitive to spiritual energy.”

However, even if it was, it couldn’t avoid Ling Mo’s spiritual disturbance attack. After being hit by it once, the skinless zombie started to sway, and immediately right after, a bloody hole appeared between its eyebrows.

“Brother Ling…. Look in front of you!”

[1] – If you just google resentful and look at the images you can see what that looks like.

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