My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 382 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 382 Part 1 – Explaining the uses of a sausage

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Shana’s shout made everyone turn their attention away from the skinless zombie.

On both sides of the road ahead, zombies kept pouring out from the back of the walls and many more zombies swarmed out from different factory gates.

Most of these zombies looked similar to the skinless zombie and had many abnormalities on their bodies.

Some of these zombies were probably survivors of an explosion since most of their limbs were missing. However, even though they were missing most of their limbs, the parts that were still intact seemed particularly strong.

The zombies which had distorted bodies and burnt off eyes and noses seemed to have gained a sharper perception, just like that skinless zombie.

Such zombies would have had great difficulty in surviving in the early days, but the environment here guaranteed their survival. 

It was already scary just looking at these zombies by their appearance. Although Ye Lian and the girls didn’t have any reaction, Ling Mo could feel the goosebumps pop out under his skin. As for Rabbit, she started screaming in horror.

The speed of the slipper car slowed down drastically.

“I think guiding us up to here is far enough, you can go now.” Ling Mo said to Rabbit.

In truth, there was still a long way to go before they reached the aluminum factory. But with Rabbit being here, many things would become inconvenient for Ling Mo to accomplish.

Also, the spiritual fluctuations coming from Half-moon were similar to boiling water. It seemed like she was close to reaching her limit. One more battle might actually just stimulate her enough to kill Rabbit on the spot.

For Ling Mo, she could hold herself back for Shi Ran, but as for the rabbit ….

“Oh right, what about the gasoline …. “Rabbit hesitated for a moment, then shook her head consciously, “Never mind, just pretend I didn’t ask.”

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She quickly jumped out of the vehicle and waved at Ling Mo’s group.

The vehicle quickly drove away right after she got off.

“Wait, that’s not right…. You guys … should have at least given me a vehicle too…”

Rabbit jumped up and down in place, but unfortunately for her, the slipper-like car didn’t stop. It quickly attracted a large number of zombies and disappeared after making a turn at a corner.

“Fine…. Whatever ….”

After making sure her head was attached properly, Rabbit suddenly jumped onto the wall.

She glanced back for a moment and said to herself, “They’ve already gone so far, can they still catch up? The strength of these people isn’t bad, but… there is always a chance.”

Turning her head and looking towards the direction where Ling Mo and his group left from, the blood-stained resentful rabbit suddenly started to laugh as if she wasn’t able to hold it anymore, “Heehee….”


The slipper-like car directly slammed into the first two zombies in front of it and Shana’s laughter could be heard coming from the car.

“Huu~ I can take this off now, right?” Half-moon removed the sunglasses on her face and said, “Can’t believe you still have so many rules even when that human just told us that we won’t be meeting any humans here anymore.”

“Actually, you look quite good in sunglasses.” Ling Mo said casually while taking a glance at Yu Shi Ran at the same time.

Before, when Hei Si had taken control of the maid girl, the color of her eyes had changed color.

Yu Shi Ran’s eyes could also change color under Hei Si’s control, but due to Yu Shi Ran having such a high degree in evolution, even if she was suppressed by Hei Si, her eyes would still give off a reddish feeling. But with the help of the baseball cap that Ling Mo found for her, no one would be able to see anything.

“Looks…… Looks good?” There was a strange flash of light in Half-moon’s eyes. She hesitated for a while and slowly put on the sunglasses again. “I think it’s actually quite interesting …. Copying you humans in wearing two pieces of glass.”

“Oh.” Ling Mo nodded.

Half-moon looked at Ling Mo and adjusted the dirty sunglasses which had covered most of her face. When Ling Mo wasn’t paying attention, she made attractive poses from the pictures she remembered in her memory.

“By the way, how…. How is Hei Si’s host?” Ling Mo asked suddenly.

Half-moon quickly put down her hand and then touched the rear window.

To be continued…

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