My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 382 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 382 Part 2 – Explaining the uses of a sausage

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A second later, Shana’s voice came from the front, “I don’t know, she’s still unconscious….”

“Okay, that should mean that the medication is working…”

As soon as Rabbit left the group, the female zombies had nothing holding them back anymore, and the terrifying aura emanating from their bodies instantly doubled.

However, the zombies here weren’t like the ones that Ling Mo saw in the cities. They were more cautious and not as brave as those ordinary zombies.

They would immediately escape in advance the moment they sensed danger.

This zombie trait was somewhat different to what Ling Mo was accustomed to, but this also showed Ling Mo that the zombies here were also very diverse.

Ling Mo thought perhaps the reason why these zombies were like this was because there was a lack of survivors here. They probably killed each other for quite some time and developed a certain change in their behavior patterns, as well as a high degree in evolution.

However, these zombies were still reluctant on giving up on attacking Ling Mo, despite facing the pressure emitted by several zombie leaders. He was basically an object that stimulated their instinct to attack him.

They would often roar first before rushing towards the vehicle. But most of them died before they even got close.

One of the zombies, a mutant one, was able to grab onto the edges of the vehicle. It leaned over with its deformed face and even stretched out its dry hand to grab Ling Mo, but was quickly kicked off by Yu Shi Ran.

The strength of her kick was so strong that it directly twisted his already deformed face and made him smash against the wall, instantly killing him.

“This sausage man is mine! A low-level zombie like you actually dares to try and take what is mine?!”

Yu Shi Ran cursed silently, then glanced back at Ling Mo. Her gaze moved downwards and she licked her lips with her tongue.

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“Don’t be like this… I’m already too embarrassed to explain to you what sausages are actually used for.”

Ling Mo face palmed himself and helplessly said.

Although there were a lot of zombies here, they were still able to ditch most of them behind. But soon, a long-overturned container truck appeared in front of them. Without any ways to bypass it, they could only abandon their vehicle.

“Carry her, isn’t this your captive?” While Shana and the girls were fighting off the zombies, Ling Mo handed the maid girl over to Half-moon.

“I suddenly understand why you agreed so quickly.” Half-moon said as she carried the maid girl on her back.

“It’s already too late.” Ling Mo smiled strangely.

Behind them, a ton of zombies were rushing towards them. Half-moon suddenly turned around and screamed at the group of rushing zombies, “Ahh~~!”

The sharp soprano immediately slowed down the movements of the zombies. Although their expressions didn’t change, Ling Mo knew that they instinctively feared the call made by a zombie leader.

“What are you doing standing there? With you here, they will soon get rid of that fear.” Half-moon ran up and directly jumped on top of the container truck, turned around to look at Ling Mo and said.

“Don’t make it sound like I’m the reason you’re having trouble.” Ling Mo said in a depressed mood.

He grabbed onto Ye Lian’s waist and his spiritual tentacles hooked onto the truck. The two of them were then lifted into the air as if an invisible wire was pulling them up.

“Wow, it’s like their flying.” Half-moon’s eyes widened as she said this with regret.

“Not bad, right?” Li Ya Lin smiled and asked.

“What? … That’s nothing…. Isn’t it just being hugged by a human …?” Half-moon snorted coldly.

Shana slashed through the two zombies with a scythe and landed beside Half-moon and said calmly, “Senior Sister is asking whether or not you think this ability is good?”

“Huh? I …. “

“She probably wants to experience it.” Ye Lian said with a smile and a blank expression. She was clearly teasing Half-moon based on the tone of her voice.

“Even if I wanted to experience it, it would at least be with Ye Lian….” Half-moon said, sadly.

Originally, Ling Mo thought that after his strength increased, he wouldn’t need to worry about facing large groups of zombies. However, this wasn’t the case. When compared to facing advanced zombies, the attacks from a large group of ordinary zombies were just as terrifying.

An endless stream of enemies that came from all directions could easily make people feel a sense of despair, that they wouldn’t be able to escape no matter how hard they tried.

After abandoning the car, Half-moon and the girls took turns releasing sharp roars at the zombies. It was quite effective in the beginning, but the effect gradually weakened over time.

Half-moon was right, with Ling Mo being here, these zombies became more and more aggressive, almost as if they were injected with chicken blood [1].


Another zombie with no hands roared and jumped off a roof. As he was about to land on top of Ling Mo, his mouth opened wide, ready to bite.


The zombie smashed into an invisible barrier and Ye Lian jumped high at the time with an arrow in hand. She quickly inserted into the eyes of the zombie and only pulled it out when she landed.

“That’s not the correct way to use crossbows…. Forget it, your way of fighting will probably change once you evolve into a zombie leader.”

Just as Ling Mo turned around, he saw the maid girl on Half-moon’s back wake up. She opened her eyes and looked at herself.

“Eh? Such timing, she actually woke up now…. did it work?”

[1] – Chicken Blood Therapy – Apparently it’s a thing.

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