My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 383 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 383 Part 1 – Corpse Head Artillery Shell

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As soon as the maid girl woke up, Yu Shi Ran suddenly started trembling from head to toe. Ling Mo sensed a feeling of happiness coming from Hei Si through their spiritual connection.

“Hey, stop messing around with my body!” Yu Shi Ran unhappily said.

“We need to find a place to hide.” Shana looked back at Ling Mo “Their numbers are growing too large.”

Ling Mo thought for a while and said, “The goal of these ordinary zombies is just me. So, there isn’t a need for you guys to fight them and waste your energy. Not to mention, dead bodies will attract even more zombies. As long as I disappear, they will naturally give up chasing.”

“Why did you only think of this method now?” Ya Lin stroked her hair and asked.

“I should at least fight back a bit, no……? “Ling Mo said, “But now, I don’t want to fight back anymore. All right, you guys cover me and meet up later.

Actually, if it were anywhere else, it wouldn’t have been easy to disappear from the eyes of a lot of zombies.

Ye Lian grabbed Ling Mo’s sleeves and looked at him with big eyes, “I’ll… I’ll go with you.”

“Okay, let’s go then.”

Watching as the two of them ran into a factory, Shana turned around and looked forward.

Behind the piles of bodies littered on the ground, there were still countless zombies continuously coming towards their direction……

Half-moon looked at the blood on the ground and licked the corners of her mouth.

“No.” Shana’s cold voice echoed out before Half-moon had a chance to rush towards the blood.

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“Hey…. “As soon as Half-moon turned her head, she found Shana staring at her with red eyes. “This is our rule. Since you’re working with us, you need to follow our rules. Didn’t you say someone taught you a lot of knowledge? Did they ever teach you the word obedient?”

Half-moon frowned, bit her lip, and finally answered honestly, “No…”

Yu Shi Ran suddenly turned her head to the side and quietly raised her hand to wipe off the drool from the corner of her mouth.

“Then you should learn it well!” Shana yelled; her eyes gradually returned to normal. “None of us are allowed to eat, how can you be so selfish and eat by yourself!”

“In the end, you used such a righteous tone to speak out your own inner desires….”  Ya Lin put her hands on her waist in akimbo style [1] and revealed a smile.

With such a soft waist, she looked extraordinarily charming while standing in this position. A trace of amber flashed in her eyes, and Half-moon became stunned for a moment.

“What the hell are you……?” Half-moon asked.

Ya Lin leaned her neck to one side and looked at Half-moon with a pair of cold and extremely attractive eyes, “How should I explain this… a beautiful snake lady?”

“Snake….” Half-moon looked up and down at Li Ya Lin curiously, then suddenly said, “But the virus inside your body isn’t pure, did anyone tell you?”

“What do you mean?” Ya Lin suddenly stood straight up and at the same time, took out with her snake kiss, cutting the head off a zombie that rushed past her. She grabbed the zombie head and threw it at another zombie that had almost reached her. The effect of using a zombie head as an artillery shell was actually pretty good. The skull smashed into the zombie, causing both of them to fly more than ten meters away.

Half-moon looked back and said, “I guess what I’m feeling right now is human excitement, right? It seems that you really don’t know. Low-level zombies have a lot of human components within their bodies, so they aren’t as strong as us. Inside your body you have the zombie virus… There is also the snake virus, and a small amount of residual human components. You’re basically a complete mess….”

“That sounds about right.” Ya Lin nodded.

“Basically, you didn’t understand anything I said, did you?” Half-moon also kicked down a zombie trying to rush over and then stepped on its chest, caving in immediately after a cracking sound.

Shana turned her head and asked, “How can we fix this?”

To be continued…

[1] – Here’s an example :

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