My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 383 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 383 Part 2 – Corpse Head Artillery Shell

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Half-moon shook her head, “Granny explained it to me several times, but I couldn’t really understand it that well. Oh, that’s right, granny had heard all this from this guy. Hmph, sure enough, being with humans will make you weak! If you don’t want to become weak, why don’t you all come with me? Although I only like Ye Lian, who knows what might happen after spending some time together…. We might even have a connection that is similar to a spouse one.

“Ling Mo will really kill you.” Shana said lightly.

“I’m not taking you anymore!”

“I never planned on going with you.”


A crazed Half-moon rushed towards the group of zombies while carrying the maid girl.

The female zombies had it easy, unlike them, Ling Mo was having a hard time.

There weren’t many zombies inside the factory, most of them had probably been attracted outside, so everything relatively went smoothly for Ling Mo in the beginning.

But upon entering the factory workshop, an extremely strong odor immediately entered Ling Mo’s nose and caused an extreme pain to erupt in his brain.

After pulling himself together, Ling Mo saw that Ye Lian had only just wrinkled her nose and stared around blankly, Ling Mo quickly covered her mouth.

“Silly girl, even if you can ignore this kind of discomfort, you should still take care of yourself.” Ling Mo fumbled inside his backpack, pulled out two masks, and helped put it on for both of them.

When they were on the way here, the smell wasn’t at the point where they needed a mask, but upon entering the factory, it became quite uncomfortable.

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There was a lathe here in the workshop that contained strips of a silver aluminum foil that were all the same size and there were also all sorts of technical equipment placed everywhere in the workshop.

As he walked deeper into the workshop, Ling Mo soon saw a staircase that led upwards. The strong odor was coming from above.

Ling Mo pulled Ye Lian and walked upstairs. Upon reaching the upper floor, he discovered many big drum barrels that were as tall as a normal person. Ling Mo took a quick guess that the contents inside those barrels were probably chemical liquids. A wooden ladder leaned against one of the large barrels and at the side of a barrel was a body whose skin that turned pitch black.

Some of the drum barrels had been dumped and the chemical fluids looked very strange after mixing together with the blood that was on the floor.

“Brother Ling …… Why…? Why are we here?” Ye Lian rubbed her nose. “My nose isn’t working anymore.”

“It’s fine if it’s not working.” Ling Mo pulled her somewhere and sat her down. “We will stay here for a while since our bodies are still able to bear it. Even if there is a problem, I’ll be the one to first feel it, so I can take you away before you’re affected.


“Most of zombies here don’t have any noses and seem to have a more powerful sense of hearing. I don’t know how strong that sense of hearing is, but I doubt they can hear us squatting over here. The remaining zombies that do have noses, probably have a powerful sense of smell. But no matter how strong their sense of smell is, it can’t be stronger than yours. It’s not like their noses evolved into Pinocchio’s.”

to be continued…

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