My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 383 Part 3


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 383 Part 3 – Corpse Head Artillery Shell

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

TL: As promised, this is the next release. This chapter was unusually long and a bit difficult to translate. Hopefully the next chapter gets easier. 

Ling Mo made a small visible area by wiping away the dirt from a window and looked out, “Staying here should be able to stop them from finding us.”

Ye Lian was stunned for a while, then suddenly realized something and said, “So that’s the reason…. It turns out that humans are able to use our weaknesses and…….”

“Hide? That’s impossible. Since we need to eat and drink, we’ll eventually have to go out to search for food and water. A necessity like water doesn’t just appear out of thin air, nor can the water inside the rivers be carelessly drank from. Don’t even get me started on food. Even if it’s a grass or tree bark, we would still need to go out to find it first. For those survivors that figured out this fact, they probably ran into the mountains. Who knows? Maybe if we went to a mountain we could probably find survivors.”

Ling Mo said, while watching the movements below through the dirty window.

“Half-moon is extremely fierce. I almost thought she was going to use Hei Si’s host as a cannon ball. This kicking technique of hers is really good. It’s fast and fierce…. Holy Shit! She actually made a head explode with that kick!”

Under Half-moon’s ruthless slaughter, the zombies rushing on the road were basically stopped.

It’s just that with blood splashing and broken limbs flying, the scene that Half-moon was causing, was a bit too bloody.

This was also the first time that Ling Mo has ever seen a wild zombie leader fight to the death against ordinary zombies. He couldn’t help but feel very shocked….

Compared to Ya Lin and the girls, Half-moon used simpler, more brutal, and more bloodthirsty attacks. Her attacks seemed to have intentionally or unintentionally enlarge the fatal wounds, creating a stronger visual impact.

Considering the zombie’s IQ, Ling Mo was inclined to believe that this was her zombie instinct kicking in, and not her being a perverted cold-blooded killer.

“Her attacks are wild and unpredictable …. However, this fighting style of hers also allows her to be easily attacked….”

Ling Mo noticed that some zombies that didn’t die immediately after being attacked, would rush towards Half-moon without care.

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Although Half-moon was always able to keep the maid girl safe, she however wasn’t unable to keep herself unharmed.

It’s just that Half-moon didn’t care about being wounded. She instead became even more violent after being hurt.

“Sure enough, it was the right call not letting the girls learn from such a bad example.” Ling Mo turned his head and pinched Ye Lian’s face, preventing her from moving any closer, “Especially you.”

A small number of zombies had come from other places, and they chased directly into the factory as if they were carrying their own radar. Ling Mo even heard some movements coming from the direction of the stairs.

But after a while, the sounds of movement disappeared, and the zombies were lured away by the smell of blood again.

“Fortunately, it’s working…. “

“Huh? Could it be that Brother Ling was actually just hoping…?” Ye Lian widened her eyes and said with a weird voice as her face was still being pinched by Ling Mo.

“I think it’s about time for them to come and meet us.” Ling Mo said calmly. At the same time, he sent an image of their surroundings to Shana and Ya Lin using Hei Si’s ability.

Very soon, they dragged away Half-moon, who was in a delighted killing frenzy, and headed towards Ling Mo’s direction.

There were no less than a hundred corpses lying on the ground, and it wasn’t an exaggeration to describe it as a river of blood. As soon as they left the area, the zombies quickly surrounded the corpses, blocking them from view in the blink of an eye.

If you were close, you could probably hear the sounds of constant chewing….

“The smell of blood is thick now, let’s go.”

Ling Mo pulled Ye Lian downstairs, just in time to meet Half-moon and the others inside the workshop.

Ling Mo and his group exited through the side door and saw a staircase. After going up the stairs, they saw a two-story warehouse.

The air here was much better. Other than a few skeletons, there were no traces of zombies. Ling Mo guessed that because it was closed and there wasn’t any food inside, the zombies were too lazy to try and open the door.

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