My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 384 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 384 Part 1 – Why Aren’t You Wearing A Bra?

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Half-moon, while being covered completely in blood seemed ferocious carrying the maid girl.

Ling Mo quickly took the maid girl from Half-moon, laying her down on a tow truck [1] inside the warehouse, getting ready to check her condition.

Ling Mo was looking forward to finding out what effects the drug had brought to the maid girl.

As long as the effects were beneficial, then this drug could then be used on Ye Lian.

Ling Mo had just put down the maid girl when she suddenly raised her neck and opened her mouth to bite on Ling Mo’s finger.


The maid girl’s teeth seemed to have encountered an obstacle and was stopped within two centimeters of Ling Mo’s finger.

The several female zombies beside him were surprised and circled around Ling Mo, watching the maid girl stare at Ling Mo with her mouth wide open. She seemed to be sucking on something in her mouth vigorously and she looked exhausted….

“Brother Ling, what are you doing to her?” Shana asked after a moment of silence.

“Huh? Oh, my bad, I thought it was kind of interesting, so I unknowingly…… “

Ling Mo quickly dematerialized his spiritual tentacle that was exploring inside the maid girl’s mouth. Originally, he had just used his spiritual tentacle to block her bite, but what he didn’t expect was that the maid girl would desperately try and swallow it, thinking that his spiritual energy was also edible. The expression on her face seemed to tell him that she wouldn’t have stopped even if he beat her to death.

At first Ling Mo just wanted to see how long it would take her to realize that it wasn’t food, but later, he simply wanted to know how much she could swallow. If she was able to respond to pain, she would’ve eventually stopped trying to shove it down her throat.

“Based on this result, I think it’s safe to say that she doesn’t have any physiological reactions. She is purely trying to eat based on her instincts and her body is very stiff.” Ling Mo said as he nodded a little while rubbing his chin. He beckoned everyone to come look at her neck and also at the arms that tried to lift up to grab him but could only move up two centimeters. “She suffered multiple fractures throughout her body when the Granny zombie attacked her. Besides eating, she also learned to attack, which shows that the drug awakened her instincts as a zombie….”

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Ling Mo said, while raising his finger and waved it in front of the maid girl’s mouth.


The maid girl’s mouth let out a roar, and she desperately raised her neck and opened her mouth to bite Ling Mo, but unfortunately for her, she couldn’t reach him at all.

Ling Mo carefully observed as her neck lifted up and slowly lowered his fingers down again. The reaction of the maid girl became more intense, which immediately stimulated the virus in her body, causing her to struggle even more.

However, Ling Mo was prepared. Right before she was able to bite down, Ling Mo used a spiritual disturbance attack, causing her to bite air instead.

“Brother Ling. Stop teasing her.” Shana said.

Yu Shi Ran was squatting beside them and was currently drooling as she stared at Ling Mo’s fingers. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t able to do anything since she was under Hei Si’s control.

“I’m not teasing her. I’m just verifying my analysis.” Ling Mo retracted his hand and said.

Even Ya Lin understood what he was doing this time. “It was obviously on purpose …. such a horrible human.”

“But she is still unable to distinguish between what is food and what isn’t. This kind of mindset is behind the average zombie.” Ling Mo frowned, shifting the subject very naturally. “I think the drug has stimulated her instincts and is slowly healing her wounds but has failed in restoring her already destroyed consciousness. This again tells us that spiritual injuries are very serious and difficult to cure. The reason why zombies are able to restore their intelligence in the first place is because they were originally human. Imagine turning into a zombie and all your memories were wrapped up by the virus like a silk cocoon. As zombies evolved, the ‘silk threads’ that wrapped around the memories, would be stripped, layer by layer……”

“That sounds like …. Like the poker game that I played with you when we were little. The loser would take off one piece of clothing each time they lost….” Ye Lian suddenly interrupted. “I remembered I lost my little vest to you….”

To be continued…

[1] – The tow truck they are referring to is more like trailer –

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