My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 384 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 384 Part 2 – Why Aren’t You Wearing A Bra?

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Ling Mo held his forehead and said, “Didn’t that happen on your fifth birthday? Why do you remember things so clearly when you were a kid? Having said that, you were only wearing a small vest besides your panties. I only made you take off one! And also, I didn’t take it. You took it off and handed it to me and told me to keep it after I wiped my nose with it. Now that I think about it, I think that was actually the first official gift you ever gave me….”

“Oh? Brother Ling seems to remember it very clearly….” Shana said.

“Yeah, he even remembered the date….” Ya Lin nodded.

“In short,” Ling Mo shifted the topic again, “We now have a clear understanding of the positive effects of the drug. Next, let’s see if there are any side effects.”

As he said this, Ling Mo reached out for the maid girl’s collar.

“What are you trying to do?” Half-moon suddenly reacted very fiercely. “Could it be that you also want to shove that thing inside her too? Then do this and that, then make her become weird, and then….”

“I obviously wasn’t planning to do that….”

Ling Mo said, slowly undoing the maid girl’s collar.

As the maid girl’s body was revealed, Ling Mo raised his chin, revealing a strange look. “I guess this could also count as a side effect….”

When her clothes became undone, two giant white rabbits popped out. However, this wasn’t what had caught Ling Mo’s attention. Lately, Ling Mo has been seeing rabbits of this size frequently and has already developed a certain immunity to it.

What had caught his attention was the fact that her skin was peeling off. After sweeping away the dead skin, he noticed that even the baby hairs on the skin had fallen off along with the dead skin.

As a result, the skin had become very smooth. Although it wasn’t as great as Ya Lin’s, it was still quite exquisite.

Ling Mo felt the skin with his hand and discovered that it was a little different from the tough skin of ordinary zombies. It felt a lot more elastic.

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Skin like this was actually more difficult to harm. Ling Mo tried to poke the skin with his fingers and felt as if he was pressing against an eraser. The resistance coming from her skin was very strong.

As the evolution of the maid girl gradually increased, the defensive capabilities of her skin would become stronger and stronger. However, she also had weaknesses. Her muscle strength wasn’t as good as Half-moon and Ya Lin. It probably wasn’t even better than Shana’s, which meant that her strength in melee combat wasn’t strong. Although her attack power is low, her abnormal defensive capabilities is enough to make up for this weakness.

“If I used this drug on Ye Lian, and she happens to also have this side effect, I honestly wouldn’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing….”

Ling Mo frowned. The maid girl was still desperately raising her head from the back of the truck. Ling Mo put his hand on her forehead and pushed her head back down, “Help me dress her. I reckon it’s going to take her about a day to fully regain her mobility. As for her consciousness, that’s going to be hard to say.

“She’ll definitely regain her consciousness!” Half-moon coldly snorted.

“Half-moon” Ling Mo reached out and caught her hand. This action immediately caused alarm to her, almost making her unable to control her instincts from making her attack him.

“You’re injured, right? It’s best if you treat your injuries.” Ling Mo said. He let go of her, turned around, and started rummaging through his backpack.

Half-moon’s expression became a little weird. She glanced down at her wrist, which was where Ling Mo had grabbed just now…

“This detestable human…. Almost made me lose control……”

Before she could even finish cursing, Ling Mo had already taken out the first aid kit and asked, “Where are you hurt? Show me.”

“I don’t need your help, human. I can heal by myself.” Half-moon said with a frown.

“In a while, we will continue on with our journey. The blood of zombie leader is like a beacon of light. When those zombies are done with their buffet, they’ll definitely see you.” Ling Mo said lightly.

“This…. This….” Behind those sunglasses, Half-moon’s eyes looked strange. She stood in front of Ling Mo, then reached out and grabbed the corner of her clothes and pulled upwards. “I have one on my shoulder.”

The hand that held the cotton swab immediately stopped in the air, “Usually, most people would pull down their neckline or even roll up their sleeves…. Forget it, why am I even bothering you with this when you have no common sense…. Seriously, why aren’t you wearing a bra [1] ……?”

While the group was resting in the warehouse, a heavily modified pickup truck was slowly approaching the industrial park.

A resentful rabbit covered in blood from head to toe was sitting on a railing, with fat legs dangling out. The smiling rabbit face seemed to be looking in the direction of the truck….

[1] – In Chinese it can either mean bra or underwear. In this case, it’s a bra

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