My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 385 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 385 Part 1 – The Harmless Costumed Character

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

The pick-up truck stopped at an intersection of the industrial park. The compartment door opened with a loud bang and two people wearing grizzly bear costumes jumped out from it.

One of the grizzly bears had a smiling face and the other one had a crying one. The various colors of the costume were covered in dirt, making it look very scary instead of looking cute.

After getting out of the vehicle, they turned around and dragged three shiny homemade spears and an ax from the cargo bed of the pickup truck.

A person wearing what looked like a giant wolf costume, squeezed out from the driver’s seat.

“Here you go.” The crying grizzly bear gave one of the spears to the giant wolf, then proceeded in removing the headpiece of his costume.

The giant wolf asked in a low voice, “Did you just take off your headpiece again? If Sister Bunny finds out, she’s going to go mad. By the way, where is Sister Bunny? It’s really difficult for me to find her location based on her scent…. The smell here… really makes me feel uncomfortable. I really hate this kind of place.

Just as he finished speaking, he heard a muffled *bang* sound coming from behind him. The resentful rabbit was already standing on top of the truck and she then jumped off lightly.

“Sister Bunny!” The wolf quickly stopped complaining and asked, “What’s the situation now? When we heard your signal, we made sure not to act lightly. But there is only one man in that group, and the rest are all women and there’s even a child. So why did we have to follow them here? There are a lot of zombies here. Won’t it be inconvenient for us to act?

Although no one could see the wolf’s expression from his inquiring tone, you could tell that he was very afraid of the rabbit from his slightly humble tone.

The rabbit shook her head, took the axe from the smiling bear, and started to weigh the axe in her hand, “HA? Big stupid wolf, are you seriously questioning the judgement of this old lady? Don’t forget that the reason you’re still alive is all because of me!”

Her tone at this time was totally different from the nervous and panicky voice that she displayed in front of Ling Mo and his party. On the contrary, it seemed very sturdy, and even her actions seemed very domineering.

“No… I didn’t mean that….” The giant wolf lowered his head and said.

*BANG! *

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The rabbit dropped the axe on the ground. Her other hand went right by the wolf’s neck, passing right next to it, and smacked the cargo bed. Her head almost collided with the wolf’s head, “Carrying you bunch of weak trash is already making this old lady tired! If it wasn’t because being alone was going to be too boring, I would have already fed you all to the zombies!”

“I’m…. I’m sorry….”

“Now all you rely on me for everything! I even have to do the fucking scouting as well! Can’t you guys at least be a little bit more useful?” The rabbit continued to growl.

The wolf and the two bears lowered heads, and their voices became almost inaudible, “We’re sorry for dragging you down.”

“Che, you guys told me you awakened your powers, but the abilities you guys have are completely fucking useless….” The rabbit complained to herself. “You guys actually have the balls to look down on them…. Even that child can easily kill all of you in the matters of seconds. If you guys had left my protection, you would have already died a hundred times. Even if you didn’t die, you would have already been infected…”

Hearing that the rabbit was still cursing in a very clear voice with a tone that never lowered, they could only keep their heads down without uttering a sound.

“Hey, I’m only going to say this once so listen carefully. They have my scent on them right now. Big stupid wolf, you’re going to be responsible for tracking them.” The rabbit said. “If you dare lose them, I’ll fucking cut off your nose! As for you two bears, you should already know what to do with that woman that looks like a mixed-race, and that….” She paused for a moment and her tone suddenly became unpleasant, “Pretty tall woman is mine! That bitch actually kicked and stepped on me….”

The rabbit gritted her teeth for a while, then went on to say, “In short, if you guys do anything without permission, you already know my methods. If you really want to die, that’s fine with me, but don’t you dare drag me down with you! Seeing them carry several backpacks, they should have a lot of supplies. That man also has an obvious X-city accent, which is very useful to us since we were planning to go to x-city. Hmph, they grabbed me to be a guide for them, however, they wouldn’t have expected that I was the one that actually targeted them from the moment they entered the city.”

To be continued…

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