My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 385 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 385 Part 2 – The Harmless Costumed Character

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“Hehehe….” The rabbit’s laughter sounded out from her head piece. As it echoed out from the spooky ruins of the industrial area, it seemed extremely creepy….

The two bears stared at each other, and the wolf immediately took a heavy sniff in the air.

If he wasn’t able to find the scent that the rabbit left on them in the industrial park, he would definitely have a bad ending…

“This is their broken-down car.” Ten minutes later, four figures in costumes that looked like they came from a horror movie, arrived at the place where Ling Mo had abandoned the car.

After bypassing the container truck, they came to a road full of blood and bones.

Many zombies were still wandering on the road, but they ignored the four costumed characters since they were completely covered in old zombie blood. Since these ordinary zombies weren’t hungry anymore, they wouldn’t have a reason to attack them, making it safe for them to pass through.

However, there was actually a huge risk in doing this. If one of them even let out a loud sneeze or even a small smelly fart, two things would happen. One, they would immediately get attacked by the zombies and instantly be surrounded. Or two, they would attract a high-level zombie’s attention.

But overall, in a place like this, this approach was the most convenient for them to take.


Smiling bear’s voice sounded a bit depressed and didn’t match his appearance at all. In order to avoid the attention of the zombies, his voice was almost inaudible, “Their strength doesn’t just seem to be strong…. but … extremely strong.”

“Fuck! Could it be that they were still hiding their strength when they were with me? This old lady was already acting like a timid rabbit that was completely harmless to both humans and animals. What could they possibly be guarding against?” The rabbit whispered while stepping on the disgusting body fragments on the ground. “If that’s the case, then we should be more careful.”

“Then…. How about let’s just forget about this? Let’s just go to X-City by ourselves. At worst, we just need to be more careful.” Crying bear asked.

“You haven’t even met them yet and you’re already freaking out? Even if they’re strong, it doesn’t mean we have to fight them head-on. There are so many zombies here. Since they’re ahead of us, that means they’ll be fighting them while we don’t have to do anything other than follow behind them. Eventually they will get tired and when that time comes, We’ll make a move. When we arrive in X-city, we might not be able to collect so many things. Risking your life once is much better than risking it every day. Use your head, okay?” The rabbit put the axe on her shoulder and walked forward, stepping on bloody fragments of corpses.

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Some zombies took a sniff and shook their heads slowly but ended up doing nothing.

At this time, on a small road behind the factory, Ling Mo was walking in the middle of the group using his spiritual tentacles to sense the situation in front of them.

The maid girl was lying inside a trolley that Half-moon was pulling. The sounds that the wheels made in this quiet environment were sharp and painful.

Shana and Yu Shi Ran walked in the forefront of the team. They were about 100 meters away from Ling Mo’s party.


Seeing a few zombies lingering ahead of them, Yu Shi Ran slowly walked up to them and suddenly made a growl.

“Heehee, this method is really good.” Yu Shi Ran laughed. She was very excited to see the zombies rush back inside the factory.

Shana looked at her and touched her long hair and said, “It’s truly a blessing being ignorant. Using a load roar to display strength and scaring off the lower level creatures… This is nothing more than a kind of monkey trick. When Brother Ling suggested this, you should’ve realized that his proposal actually had bad intentions.”

“….” Yu Shi Ran had a blank expression. She didn’t understand her, but she quickly asked, “Then why did you come?”

“It’s not the same.” Shana’s mouth slightly curved, her long hair fluttered as she walked forward.

She seemed to be remembering that hot, enchanting night. The smile on her face gradually spread until finally revealing a bright smile like never before.

It was just that no one was around to see it….

The aluminum factory was the largest company in this industrial park. There were many large trucks that were parked on the roadside of the factory.

These vehicles were waiting to have stuff loaded on, but they probably would never have thought that their fates would be completely sealed forever for waiting there.

When Ling Mo and his team arrived here, the large factory had already become a paradise for zombies during the past half a year.

The wind blew from the ravine, echoing the empty factory, and the traces of explosions and fires could be seen everywhere.

This was the ruins of death.

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