My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 386 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 386 Part 1 – Running violently in the sunset

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

With the female zombies leading the way, Ling Mo and his team quickly entered the factory area.

The ruined buildings on the road seemed as if they were filled with monsters, watching them quietly. Zombies could jump out from the dark gaps of the buildings at any time.

The wind that blew within those gaps made it sound as if a woman was sobbing. It sounded extremely creepy in these situations.

In such a place, the pressure that came from a zombie leader wouldn’t work well here. In fact, it made things even worse.

Due to fear of the leader-level zombies, these zombies would hide in the corners of gaps of the buildings. They would hide themselves at first, but when Ling Mo passed by, they would all rush out violently.

“Again?” Ling Mo rubbed his eyebrows as he watched a zombie corpse fall in front of him. “I need to use my spiritual powers to detect what is ahead of us while also having to use it to attack. The consumption of my spiritual energy is just too much….”

“Brother Ling…. Are…. Are you okay?” Ye Lian leaned beside Ling Mo and asked with concern.

“I’m fine. I can still tolerate this level of consumption for at least an hour.” Ling Mo smiled as he patted her head, before turning to ask Half-moon, “That guy you mentioned before should be in the aluminum factory, right?”

Half-moon nodded, “I believe he had something to do with this place when he was still a human. Plus, he told granny to come to this place before leaving A-City……He needed to do something here, maybe….”

“Since we haven’t met him yet, why don’t you tell us a little bit more about him.” Ling Mo continued.

Half-moon frowned as she began to recall a few details, “Granny said…. He should be about as strong as her, probably….”

“Remove ‘probably’….”

“But this is exactly what she said. She said that his strength is the same as hers, probably….” Half-moon said seriously.

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Ling Mo said, “How much of a difference is ‘probably’! It doesn’t sound like granny was confident since she was using the words ‘probably’ to describe him! But….”

Ling Mo let out a sigh and said, “If we are basing the fact that zombie overlords still can’t lie, then the reason for granny to say something like this must be because she has never fought against him before. Without any accurate information for reference, we can only plan for the worst.”

The strength of the old granny zombie made Ling Mo very impressed. Although he was accompanied by powerful female zombies, whose strength couldn’t be underestimated, he still felt a little nervous after hearing this information.

It was mainly due to the serious injuries that the maid girl sustained after fighting the granny zombie. He couldn’t accept the fact that his girls might also suffer from such injuries.

Ye Lian also felt the change in Ling Mo’s breathing. She silently reached out and grabbed Ling Mo’s sleeve, and then revealed a sweet smile at him.

“Probably…. The same…. the same as….”

Half-moon however was still stuck on that issue. She showed an expression that seemed as if she was having a headache and suddenly stomped her foot, making her giant boobs shake, “Wasn’t this word invented by you humans! Why are you asking me?!”

“If we ignore the blood on your body, the strange sunglasses on your face, and the female zombie that you’re dragging, you actually look quite like a human right now.” Ling Mo muttered.

Shana turned her head and said, “It’s so easy to ignore so many things….”

“…. Speaking of which, did you guys notice that the number of zombies around here have suddenly decreased….?”

They chatted while walking and unknowingly, the number of zombies that rushed out from the shadows had gradually started to decrease.

Two minutes after Ling Mo had said this, he didn’t encounter any zombies rushing towards him.

This situation was undoubtedly strange because they were very close to the factory building and the number of zombies should have been even greater.

“Could it be……?”

As soon as Ling Mo turned his head, a huge black shadow came rushing towards the top of his head.

The black shadow was so fast that Ling Mo didn’t even have time to react after sensing it with his spiritual sense.


To be continued…

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