My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 386 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 386 Part 2 – Running violently in the sunset

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

After experiencing so many surprise attacks, Ling Mo didn’t panic. He was only slightly shocked by the size of the attacker.

As soon as the attacker rushed over, everything in front of Ling Mo’s vision became completely dark, and a huge sense of oppression came along with it. If it wasn’t because he had a steady resolve, he might have already felt a sense of fear.

Immediately, several cold lights flashed in front of his face.

If these lights touched him, Ling Mo figured that his head would probably be turned into a puddle of mud.

Spirit Strangulation!

The giant black shadow suddenly let out a loud wail and it’s claws immediately deviated from its target, making Ling Mo feel a gust of wind swipe past his cheek.

Without waiting for it to land, Ling Mo immediately changed his posture and kicked towards it.

At the same time, several spiritual tentacles were accompanied by this kick, and they rushed towards the shadow’s abdomen.

Right in the belly!


The black shadow let out a roar and fell heavily to the ground.

“Whew~!” Just a moment ago, Ling Mo’s heart had almost skipped a beat after experiencing such a thrill, similar to riding a roller coaster.

Ling Mo calmed his heartbeat and looked at the attacker.

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The shadow that fell to the ground was almost the same size as a small car. It was scary just looking at it.

It had a huge body with needle-like fur, powerful limbs, sharp claws, and radiant sharp teeth….


It was a mutant wolf dog! No wonder it was able to successfully attack Ling Mo. This creature was originally a natural born hunter.

And the size of this one was much bigger than Hei Si, before she had her weird changes!

However, although Ling Mo was able to hurt it, this mutant wolf dog quickly picked itself up. Ling Mo didn’t even have enough time to react when he saw the dark shadow rush towards Half-moon.

To be more precise, it was rushing towards the flatbed dolly [1] that Half-moon was pulling….

It seems that this terrifying creature actually had a bit of intelligence. After failing its attack on Ling Mo, it switched its target to another weak one, the maid girl.

“It turns out that in your judgement, I’m even weaker than the zombie that is lying right there!” After realizing this, Ling Mo suddenly felt depressed.

Half-moon’s eyes suddenly became redder as she let out a cold snort. She moved suddenly as the shadow approached her.

She moved so fast that Ling Mo also had some difficulty in completely capturing her movements.

He was able to see flashes of her and the mutant wolf dog fighting very fiercely. The sound of “BANG! BANG! BANG!” continuously echoed. A terrifying pressure could actually be felt the closer one was to the fight.

The mutant wolf dog moved left and right. Despite its huge body, it was actually very dexterous.

His abdomen was injured, and blood was constantly splattering out from it, causing the scene to look very bloody.

But just as the fight was about to get even more fierce, the head of the mutant wolf dog suddenly twisted to the side and then it was kicked flying, smashing into a broken wall.

It struggled to look up, but its head swayed again and completely fell back down.

Half-moon was still standing in an aggressive stance, staring at Ling Mo with a stunned expression.

She was fighting so fiercely when her opponent was suddenly taken care of….

“Thanks, if it wasn’t for your help distracting it, my spirit strangulation attack wouldn’t have been so effective.” Ling Mo laughed.

Ling Mo passed by the stunned Half-moon and approached the mutant wolf dog and said, “I lost my chance for a cool giant dog once, but today I regained it once more…. HEY!”

He hadn’t even finished speaking when Yu Shi Ran suddenly rushed over, raised her fist, punched through the hard skull of the wolf dog, and pulled out the virus gel.

To be continued…

[1] – So I figured out what to call this in English after a week of looking it up. Apparently the correct term is Flatbed Dolly, instead of a tow truck.

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