My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 387 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 387 Part 1 – Braking System

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

The solution that Half-moon mentioned was actually very simple.

Either let Ya Lin consume huge amounts of zombie virus gels and make the zombie virus within her body dominant again, or simply let her absorb more mutant snake viruses to make her truly become a beautiful snake girl.

“Senior sister’s intelligence is now the same as a normal person. Although her common sense is slightly worse compared to ordinary people, she should at least still have some kind of idea of what she wants to do with her evolution, right?” Ling Mo muttered to himself, then turned to ask Ya Lin.

Li Ya Lin thought for a moment before giving an answer, “I think the current path I’m taking is very good. If I had to choose, I’d rather swallow more virus gels of mutant snakes. Remember that mutant python, it was very strong.” As she said this, a look of yearning appeared on her face, “Plus, don’t you think that kind of figure is very beautiful? And who knows, maybe after becoming a snake, I’ll be able to have children with you.”

“If you were to become like that, it would be even more impossible for you to give birth to children. It’s already hard enough trying to do it between zombies and humans, yet you’re actually thinking of going one step even further.”

Ling Mo scratched his head and said, “I’ve already spent time to consider this problem. When Senior Sister evolved the last time, there were already some characteristics that appeared which were different from ordinary zombies. It’s honestly too late to correct it now. Moreover, there are many possibilities that can happen in this evolution. There’s no need to follow the normal path anymore.”

Speaking to this, he looked up at Half-moon and then looked at Yu Shi Ran, “Among millions of zombies, you both evolved to the zombie leader level step by step. Before all this, you guys were just nobodies among a group of zombies who’s only instincts were to kill. Although you guys have successfully advanced this far, back then you might have become someone else’s stepping stone if you had made a small mistake ….”

“What Brother Ling means is that there will always be risks even if you went the normal path.” Shana agreed. “It is similar to a college entrance exam. Many people to get in, but only a few people can actually enter a well-known school, maybe one or two from each town ….”

“I have no good opinions on forceful education. Don’t ever use this metaphor again, star student. It’ll wake up some painful memories for me….” Ling Mo waved his hand and said, “In addition, there are also random variables that could happen.”

“Actually, I can probably also illustrate the many similarities between the two.” Shana said with a shrug.

“Dark Shana, it’s not your time to shine yet….”

As the group was talking, they entered the factory building.

Various types of equipment and machinery blocked most of their vision. Under the dim light, red marks could be seen everywhere, unknown whether they were just rust spots or blood stains.

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Exploded fragments of mechanical debris could be found everywhere. Not only were the walls blackened, but even the ceilings were as well.

Upon entering the building, there was a dead body with its skull smashed. His legs were missing, and one arm was pointed towards the direction of the iron door.

Ling Mo looked back at the iron door of the factory building and saw the obvious signs of damage on the lock. Upon noticing this, he immediately pictured what had happened in his mind.

During the sounds of explosion and flames were erupting all around, a human was screaming as he ran towards the door. Behind him were his coworkers who had mutated into zombies with red eyes. However, to his despair, the ones ahead of him that had escaped first, slammed the door in order to delay the pursuit of the zombies.

The survivor shouted in panic, but just as he reached the doorway, he was thrown to the ground and his legs were viciously torn apart.

Driven by the instinct to survive, he screamed while supporting his half torn body, and continued to crawl towards the door.

A more violent explosion occurred a second time, and the zombies who were devouring him were badly damaged, and he was completely relieved from the pain to the sweet release of death….

To be continued…

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