My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 387 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 387 Part 2 – Braking System

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

When the smoke cleared, the zombies rose up once again after being blown away by the explosion. They immediately rushed to the iron door and began smashing it….

“I suddenly imagined a lot of things…. Perhaps he was the most unwilling to accept his fate as he died at the beginning of the apocalypse….”

Ling Mo let out a sigh as he went around the corpse.

“Looking at the expression on your face, it seems like you have sympathy for that deceased.” Half-moon asked curiously. “Why is that? He’s been dead for such a long time and you don’t even know him.”

“I honestly don’t know how to explain it to you. Just think of it as a unique feeling that humans have. Maybe one day you will recall such a feeling.” Ling Mo said.

Half-moon revealed a pondering expression. In fact, during this entire trip, she has always been observing Ling Mo.

Why was her kind so attached to this prey…?

After spending some time, she realized that this human had some unique qualities and behaviors that were completely different from zombies. He made Half-moon feel that his behaviors were both difficult to understand and interesting at the same time.

She didn’t even realize that her hostility towards Ling Mo wasn’t as strong as before. This wasn’t because Ling Mo had a special charm or anything like that. It was actually due to the powerful curiosity that she had towards Ling Mo, since he was also the first human to ever come in contact with her….

This was the largest building in the aluminum factory. After entering, Ling Mo noticed that there weren’t any zombies around.

Ling Mo believed that if there really was an overlord zombie or something close to evolving into one staying in this factory, then this place would most likely be his den.


Ling Mo had stepped on some pieces of iron fragments. The sounds that echoed out were extremely loud in the silent factory building, and even caused Ling Mo’s heartbeat to stop for a moment.

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The female zombies also stopped immediately and looked around in alarm.

“Rather than worrying about him coming out and attacking us, why not just lure him out with sounds. We could just wait for him to come out.” Ling Mo said casually as he came to his senses.

“So that was on purpose….” Ye Lian smiled stupidly, “I had originally thought that Brother Ling was so stupid to have accidentally stepped on it.”

Sure enough, being naturally stupid didn’t mean that they were always nice.

When Ling Mo wanted to respond to this comment, he suddenly felt the atmosphere change. Although his spiritual sense didn’t detect anything, his skin felt a pinching sensation.


Ling Mo immediately became vigilant and also pulled out his tactical knife.

The female zombies consciously surrounded him, setting up an iron-bucket defense.

Before the other party appeared, Ling Mo’s mind was involuntarily coming up with a variety of ideas……


A cold laugh echoed from above them, and then a dark shadow fell down, landing about 30 meters away from Ling Mo and his group.

The dark shadow was a thin, middle-aged male zombie, with a semi-bald hairstyle. It wasn’t uncommon to see a semi-bald hairstyle on a zombie, but the unusual thing was that the remaining hair was dyed yellow. Even in the past, Ling Mo hadn’t seen a lot of people with this kind of hairstyle.

He was wearing a pair of beach pants. His body was lying flat on the ground, while his upper body was standing erect, just like a snake. His eyes were very similar to the grandma zombie’s, and his spiritual ball of light was also very chaotic. It appears that he really is an overlord zombie.

“This uncle here is very stylish. Well, we came here today……”

Ling Mo hadn’t even finished speaking when Uncle Yellow Hair wordlessly crawled towards Ling Mo at an extremely fast speed. Only then did Ling Mo notice that his legs had been cut off from the roots. His arms were extremely long, and his sharp nails looked lethal.

“Huh? How was he able to climb up there in this condition?”

Although Ling Mo had many doubts, since the other party refused to communicate….

“HEY! Do you know Granny from A-City?” Half-moon suddenly called out.

Uncle Yellow Hair, who was moving at a high speed, stopped immediately upon hearing that question.

At this time, Ling Mo discovered that both his mobility and ability to brake were all done by his little buddy…

Unlike the rest of the zombies Ling Mo had seen, this Uncle Yellow Hair’s little companion was most likely from a special race. The Giant Cock Race.

The resulting changes allowed him to move at high speed and also allowed him to stop at any time.

However, after evolving into that, it was unclear whether or not it still had its ability to reproduce….

Just a moment ago, when he suddenly braked, the ground had even sparked.

Ling Mo took a risk of blinding his eyes by staring at it for a while, only to discover that within the beach pants, he was also wearing a special shaped aluminum pants.

“The Front-Brake System……”

After wiping off his cold sweat, Ling Mo looked at this yellow haired zombie, “Um……”

“Insignificant prey, what qualifications do you have to speak to me? As for the lower-rank of my race, what did you wish to say?”

As soon Huang Mao [1] spoke, Ling Mo and Half-moon’s eyes both became gloomy at the same time.

[1] – Literally means Yellow Haired. Felt like it’s better to say Huang Mao than yellow hair. So we will just stick with that.

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