My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 388 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 388 Part 1 – Direct Smack

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“You didn’t tell me that the person we were looking for was actually this strange creature…. Does he really know the truth about the virus? Was he really a professor?”

Ling Mo whispered with a dark expression.

At that time, in the laboratory, Half-moon had offered to find Huang Mao as a condition, in exchange for Yu Shi Ran. According to her, Huang Mao was a professor that most likely had mastered the truth about the virus, which was also part of the agreement she had with Granny in exchange for her cooperation.

Ling Mo was naturally very interested in this. If he could really understand the secrets and nature of the virus, then he could help Ye Lian evolve without any risk or effects.

Just look at Shana and Ya Lin. They were both stuck at the last step and both are suffering somewhat from a “sequela”. Although he had found corresponding solutions, he couldn’t allow the same mistakes to appear on Ye Lian.

However, Ling Mo didn’t intend on making this deal. Instead, he took advantage of the zombie’s special attachment for their spouse and tricked Half-moon to lead the way.

There isn’t anything good to say about this. He was a normal human, facing a zombie without any common sense. If he didn’t win, then he should really just kill himself.

“Granny didn’t tell me.” Half-moon said blankly. She didn’t think there was any problem with his appearance, but she was extremely dissatisfied with Huang Mao’s attitude. Unexpectedly, she was actually called “low level”.….

Professor Huang Mao narrowed his eyes, then looked at Ye Lian and the rest of the girls. His front-brake system [1] made him spin in place, “It really is the first time that I’ve seen so many low-levels. This human that you ladies brought, is he a gift for me?” He nodded, licked his lips and looked at Ling Mo, revealing a look of satisfaction. “Not bad, you guys have learned the politest, human behavior. Giving a gift is a very good habit. I am very satisfied with this gift. Very…. Very… Delicious.”

As he said this, he rubbed his hands as if he couldn’t wait and a trace of saliva could be seen coming from the corner of his mouth. “Human, come over here by yourself, kneel in front me. As a low-level prey, you can enjoy the honor of being eaten by a high-level creature like me…. As for the rest of you, I will choose a lucky one amongst you to become my next meal.”

“You actually……” Shana’s eyes were full of anger. She raised the scythe up in her hands and was prepared to rush over, “I DIDN’T EVEN EAT HIM!”


Ling Mo stopped her, “These kinds of thoughts should be hidden and not said. You should at least consider my feelings as a prey! Also, are you not bothered that he also wants to eat you? Or does that not matter?”

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“Forget it, let me deal with this dumbass, you don’t need to fight with him directly.”

He looked around on the ground, then picked up a piece of a machine part. Weighing it in his hand, it has a nice weight and was also a good size.

Ye Lian and the others were puzzled by Ling Mo’s actions, while Huang Mao was overflowing with drool and expectations. He probably didn’t even care about Ling Mo’s actions. You could hear it from the way he spoke. To him, Ling Mo was a human-shaped non-hormonal roast chicken that exuded a harmless, seductive flavor.

“I’m coming.”

Ling Mo took the machine part and walked towards Huang Mao slowly.

“Good. Good. Good. You’re such an obedient human. Rest assured, I will let you feel a wonderful feeling. The kind of pleasure that you get when you merge with a high-level creature….”

As he got closer to Huang Mao, Ling Mo became more observant towards him.

This Professor Huang Mao was only half the height of a normal person. His arms were extremely long, and his movement speed was awfully fast. In a fight, this actually was a strong advantage.

To be continued…

[1] – Honestly really confusing but I think the author means the front brake disk, in Chinese he describes it as the power and brake system. I’m not someone that knows much about cars but the only thing that comes close to what he’s describing is probably this:

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