My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 389 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 389 Part 1 – It’s Dangerous Out There

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

This Professor Huang Mao was really too weak. In fact, even Ling Mo didn’t expect things to go so smoothly.

When he had jumped on the machine tool, he had intended to fight him only for a moment, and if a bad situation occurred, he could take advantage of the height difference to deal with the yellow-haired zombie slowly.

However, he hadn’t expected that he could easily hit him from that distance without any risks… Ling Mo immediately changed his strategy and decided to go all out while opportunity presented itself.

The first time when Ling Mo had used the machine part to smash him, Huang Mao could say that the attack only landed because it was a “unexpected” sneak attack. However, the second time Ling Mo was able to beat him with an iron rod, it simply proved that he wasn’t strong enough to fight Ling Mo.

However, judging from the struggle they just had, this yellow-haired zombie has at least reached the level of zombie leader in strength. The defensive ability of his skin and bones were also good.

As for combat experience, he was miles apart from the old grandma zombie. He had almost no combat experience. Ling Mo couldn’t understand how the ferocious grandma came up with the conclusion that they were “Similar in strength” ….

“Although I knew that the word ‘similar’ said by a zombie was absolutely unreliable, this disparity is far too great…. Hey, baldy, are you really a professor?”

Ling Mo held the iron rod in place and asked.

Although his spiritual power was being consumed at an accelerated pace, Ling Mo had nothing to fear as he still had half a bottle of the spider queen blood in his backpack.

“Low-level…. Despicable…. Damned …. Despicable….” The yellow haired zombie was still thinking of new vocabulary words to curse at Ling Mo.

“Your vocabulary is so pathetic….”

After Ling Mo smashed Huang Mao’s abdomen another dozen times, he finally stopped cursing.

“Even after turning into a zombie, the nature of your mouth is still the same… I’m still a little convinced that you must be some sort of an expert.” Ling Mo said. “I think we can talk now, right?”

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“I never realized he was such a terrifying human before….” Half-moon gazed blankly at the scene in front of her and whispered.

Huang Mao’s look towards Ling Mo also finally changed. As a zombie, he wasn’t afraid of death, but as a high-level zombie, he also had his principles.

He looked down on humans, and also looked down on any rank lower than his…. He naturally couldn’t accept the fact that he was being abused by his food….

Imagine the feeling of someone’s cat suddenly abusing them….

After being stared at by Ling Mo for a while, Huang Mao finally spoke, “When I was a low-level human, that was indeed one of professions…. But it was just by name. I didn’t really teach. However, I was usually on a show on TV…. Maybe you guys have seen me on TV before.”


Ling Mo laughed and suddenly had a bad premonition, “Just in case, let me take this time to ask first. You’re not that kind of person who pretended to be a PH.D. graduate from a foreign university and came back to go on TV and promote his book in order to scam money, right?”

“Ah? No…. I’m an honorable zombie….” The yellow haired zombie squinted with his swollen eyes and said proudly, “You know those wildlife shows? The ones that go to the wild and take pictures of various creatures. I would make those professional commentaries….”

“You make it sound so complicated when it’s really just a children’s program!”

Ling Mo interrupted his words and asked in a very depressed manner, “Then what did you study after you awakened your memories?”

Huang Mao’s eyes narrowed even more, and a serious look suddenly appeared on his bloody face, “When I just woke up, I couldn’t accept the fact that I was actually a human before, so I did some tests for verification. You can’t imagine the feeling of knowing that you were a high-levelled creature, but one day you suddenly find out that you have such a dark and weak past….

“I went to some places which were in my memories, especially the memories that stood out the most. I went to the TV Station, my home, my lover’s house, the home of some host…. And I found out that I really was a human before! The reason why I managed became a high-levelled creature was all because of the virus! I felt that as long as I studied and grasped the virus thoroughly, I could completely abandon this weak body…. So, I began to study it.”

Huang Mao said with excitement. You could tell that his previous life as a human wasn’t as successful as he made it out to, otherwise he wouldn’t have been trying to make money from children’s programs.

For an old man like him who believed that he had unrecognizable talent, often had a dark heart.

To be continued…

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