My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 389 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 389 Part 2 – It’s Dangerous Out There

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After recovering his memories as a zombie, Huang Mao was so disgusted with his former human identity. It was conceivable that those memories weren’t very pleasant.

Ling Mo thought for a while and asked, “What level were you at that time?”

“Level? Do you mean as a zombie? Huang Mao moved his gaze from Ling Mo and looked at Ye Lian, who was more than ten meters away from them, and pointed his finger at Ye Lian, “Similar to her.”

Advanced Level – Late Stage…. It seems Huang Mao belonged to the type that recovered a lot of memories.

Without waiting for Ling Mo to ask, Huang Mao began to consciously explain his research process.

At first he had wandered aimlessly around, doing various research on a large number of zombies….

His process was way bloodier, but the conclusion of his experiments were consistent with Ling Mo’s discovery. Swallowing the virus gels directly was more efficient than eating meat.

However, Huang Mao wasn’t satisfied with this result and was determined to find another way. He somehow found a shortcut after recklessly messing around.

“Originally, I used to have thighs.”

Huang Mao touched the area where his thighs were supposed to be with his long arms and said with regret, “I could run fast even with only hardened knees, but due to this, the speed of my evolution had slowed down significantly. I knew that if this situation didn’t change I would eventually get eliminated. So, I ate the rest of my excess thighs and then started to use my front leg [1] to move, causing me to be constantly excited without knowing it due to the friction from the ground. Originally, this method was just used to help assist me with my problem, however it turned out that this method had also directly stimulated the virus.”

Having said that, he turned his head in a strange way, revealing the back of his head, and spread open the measly amount of hair he had left.

A blackened needle appeared clearly in Ling Mo’s eyes. As one would have expected, the other end of the needle was inserted into his virus hive.

“But all of these steps that I took were actually all detours. I’m much weaker than other zombies of the same rank and even my deformed limbs have started to change. I came here to make this for myself….”

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Huang Mao glanced down and said, “I used to be a resident of this area. When I was sixteen, I took after my father and worked as an ironworker. This factory was built over my old house. So, I have a strong attachment to this place. Not to mention, there aren’t any powerful creatures over here. Allowing me to just hide here and slowly improve. That old granny made me realize that the outside world was dangerous.”

“Did you know that the virus is actually the most primitive of life forms, and evolves very quickly?”

Saying this, Huang Mao’s gaze looked very mysterious, “The zombies have become far more perfect than humans now. Ordinary zombies can only be considered as growing embryos. They have a certain amount of virus within their bodies, and these viruses will grow and gradually spread throughout the body and begin to transform it, making their strength stronger, step by step. Their skin’s defense would also be enhanced. And finally, consciousness would be generated.”

Once they reach the second stage, this should be considered as a transition period, which is also the period with the highest elimination rate. This period basically relies on the instinct to act, whether it can evolve depending on the individual difference and luck. After breaking through this period, consciousness will be generated, mostly fuzzy memories of some remaining human aspects. The zombie at this time can be counted as a semi-finished product, just like her…”

He pointed to Ye Lian, and then moved his hand to Shana again, “Once they reached this phase, they would be considered a real zombie. From that moment on, when the virus has fully invaded the human body and has become an existence that coexists within the body, that is the real beginning.”

“The easiest way is to combine one’s virus with a higher-level virus, which would then stimulate the virus. When a deadly threat is felt, the virus in the body will naturally accelerate evolution no matter the cost. However, because it is a threat, generally zombies wouldn’t take the initiative to try and obtain the virus of a higher-level zombie…. In fact, who would have thought that evolution could be such a simple thing…. Huh?”

Huang Mao tried very hard to widen his eyes and laughed, “Hahaha…. Sooner or later, humans will perish. There will no longer be any hidden rules, no stress, no stupidity….”

Ling Mo’s pupils shrank, as his tentacles pierced directly into Huang Mao’s mouth, and destroyed his rather fragile internal organs, “Although this attack is disgusting, it was necessary to stop your bullshit….”

He pulled out the rod and watched as the Professor fell to the ground, “A piece of weak trash like you actually dares talk about human extinction.”

[1] – If I’m not wrong, he’s talking about his penis

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