My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 39


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 39 – Left a little mark on your body

Watching Ling Mo’s trio leave from upstairs, Wang Rin’s mouth suddenly revealed a strange trace of a sneer: “I’ve got you in my sights…”

And behind her, Song Tian patted his head that is somewhat with headache: “you did something on his body right?”

“None of your business!” Wang Rin bluntly glared at him, and then blinked slyly, “you don’t help me, I will do it my own way.”

Right now Ling Mo who is walking out of the Ginkgo district did not know that, Wang Rin has quietly left a small mark on his body…..

Ling Mo was finally relieved when he has put a large distance between himself and the camp. He rubbed a hand on his forehead, and put in front of his eyes; his palm is full of cold sweat.

And Shana on the side, her eyes glowing a faint hint of  bloodlust……to firmly suppress Shana is too difficult.

“Shana, what has he done to you…..” Ling Mo looked deeply at Shana.

The moment when she met with Wang Rin, Shana’s mood suddenly appeared very volatile, if Ling Mo did not forcibly restrain her from acting, most likely she will go berserk and decapitate someone.

It now appears that his decision to leave the camp and the others was too hasty, but from the results, it is still with great satisfaction.

Settled Liu Yu Hao somewhere safe, got rid of the freeloader Wang Cheng, right now only his side, Ye Lian and Shana, leaves two female zombies. One is a mutated zombie that is evolving to become stronger; the other one still retains the final point of reason, at the verge of between normal people and zombie.

Ling Mo already has a lot on his plate without these two zombies …

But on the other hand, without any other survivors nearby, Ling Mo’s mood is more relaxed. With others at the place, he must always keep an effort at suppressing his powers, lest someone see him openly control another person’s mind…..

But the most important business right now is not to immediately chase down mutated zombies, but to scout around his surroundings to secure a safe point. A place like Third High district is absolutely inappropriate. Once Ye Lian has swallowed virus in the brain gel and start to evolve, he will also be strongly impacted, and will probably be turned into a sitting duck. And if he encounters a  horde the likes of this morning again, most likely he would be a pile of bones right now. Therefore this foothold must be hidden.

Touched the gel in his chest, Ling Mo showed a hint of smile, he jogged briskly with Ye Lian and Shana, soon turned into a deserted street, taking comfort in the silence without anyone else to impede his work.

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This neighborhood environment, Ling Mo is not familiar with, but he knew that along this street, he would be able to find a suitable place.

After all it is by the downtown area, shops are on the two sides of the street, upstairs is residential building, from time to time they will encounter zombies. But with Ye Lian opening the road at front, zombies were put down to the ground before they had the time to react.

But Ling Mo is not daring to wander on the street blatantly, he was very careful to stay hidden in the shadows, slowly sneaking forward.

It’s not because that there aren’t any suitable hiding places here, but it’s too close to Gingko district, which to Ling Mo is not very safe. For others, a survivor camp like that is the perfect sanctuary, but for Ling Mo, controlling two zombies mixing among a large group of people, this is much more dangerous than living in zombie central.

After going through this street, a square appeared in Ling Mo’s eyes. This newly built plaza Ling Mo had been to a few times, surrounded by shops and even a grand hotel.

Ling Mo observed from far away for a while, then set his eyes in a small-two story riverfront residential building. The ground floor is a small building shop, while the second floor is a teahouse. What Ling Mo set his eyes on was that the narrow staircase that go through the teahouse, and there is an iron gate to completely close it. Plus there are some distances with the building next, the backside is a shallow river, even if surrounded, there are opportunities to escape.

Most importantly, it’s at a relatively secluded location, it looks somewhat inconspicuous….

After slowly touched downstairs, Ling Mo first let Ye Lian went into the first floor of the shop. Unsurprisingly, there are still two zombies left in the shop, but these normal zombies will not attack Ye Lian, and after Ling Mo gave some thoughts, he did not kill them. Leaving the mutated zombies, even if there are survivors passing by, they would not imagine that there are still people living up there.

Shana of course will also not attract these two zombies’ attention, but rather Ling Mo held his breath, manipulated Ye Lian and threw a rock to attract their attention, then he quickly went upstairs.

At this time Shana has done a thorough search inside the teahouse, she found a total of three zombies, which she quickly killed two, while the last remaining one spotted and frantically rushed towards Ling Mo. There are numerous obstacles inside the teahouse, he was just blocked by one of the tea table, and Shana has already caught up from behind stabbed it down using the long knife.

This method of attack, compared to Shana’s tyrannical blade that is self-awareness is much weaker. But wins in faster and more ferocious force, the knife stabbed and directly stabbed these zombies’ necks.

Skills are important, but when their strength reached a certain level, it is rather that this kind of straight attack is even more amazing.

And Ling Mo vividly felt that this so-called mutation, is to make humans completely driven by instincts, body’s potential can therefore become emerged, but defects are also more obvious, and that is they don’t understand about tactics, and does not know what is advance and retreat.

For example, when Shana is conscious, Ling Mo might be better at killing zombies than her, but if the two of them fight, most likely Ling Mo will not be stronger than her. Even though he has improved in all aspects, but his combat skills have all been figured out through actual combats, and is not comparable to Shana’s knife skill.

And even though Shana who’s after mutation feels stronger, but Ling Mo felt, if facing Shana in this state, even if he could not beat her if they lock blades, but it is easy to dodge the attack.

As for evolution…evolution is the key in allowing zombies becoming strong! After Ye Lian went through mutation, she appeared to have a hint of awareness bud! Mutation may only let humans completely become monsters, but evolution will let zombies become sensible monsters!

If a bloodthirsty monster has received sanity, what kind of horrible fighting machine would it be?

But this idea just flashed across Ling Mo’s heart, he did not catch it, because soon his attention was quickly shifted to the current more pressing things.

Rummaged a little in the teahouse, Ling Mo found a big lock from the inside, it should be used to lock the iron door downstairs.

Manipulated Ye Lian to go lock the door downstairs, Ling Mo then let Shana to throw these zombies one by one out of the window with him, thrown into the river on the back. As for the bloodstains on the floor…..they could only pretend not to see it.

There are no beds in the teahouse, mostly is a two-seater sofa, barely able to lie down.

After locked the door, and then used some heavy furniture to blocked the door, Ling Mo finally showed a hint of smile, took out the viral gel from his chest.

But as soon as he took out the gel, Ling Mo’s face suddenly becomes a bit strange: “what is going on here?”

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