My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 390 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 390 Part 1 – The Seriousness Of A Zombie Lasts Only For A Second

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The internal organs of the yellow-haired zombie were completely crushed. Although this attack consumed much of Ling Mo’s spiritual energy, he was able to take care of him in an instant.

Ye Lian walked up, removed the virus hive from his corpse and handed it to Ling Mo.

From its appearance, it looked almost the same as the old granny’s, but it looked slightly deformed.

A normal shape of a virus hive looked similar to a pigeon’s egg. His virus hive looked more like a broken shell, there were some cracks that had appeared and some parts of it were also dented in.

“Such a poor quality. However, at least I learned something new about zombies in the wild. It turns out that not only do they have individual differences in strength, but they also have very different personalities….”

Ling Mo put away the virus hive, sighed, and said.


After yelling those two sentences, Half-moon turned her attention to Yu Shi Ran, “You should be returning Shi Ran to me now, right?”

“Um well…. “Ling Mo approached in front of Yu Shi Ran, reached out with his hand and grabbed her neck as she stared at him, then tugged at Hei Si, “Look, she won’t come off.”

“You obviously don’t want her to come down! Do you think I’m fucking blind?! I can clearly see that you’re not using any strength!”

Half-moon took a deep breath after shouting a series of questions, making her huge twin peaks go up and down, almost as if it was a roaring sea.

“I’ll do it myself!”

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She walked over, grabbed Hei Si’s main body and pulled. As soon as she tried exerting her strength, Yu Shi Ran’s eyes suddenly turned blank and she fainted.

Ling Mo quickly caught Yu Shi Ran in his hands and said, “You’re too impatient. Look at what you did now. She fainted. Didn’t I tell you before that they are now one. Could it be that you awakened your female instincts and no longer like this little girl anymore?”

“You…. STOP SPOUTING NONSENSE!” Half-moon looked angry, anxious, and a little overwhelmed.

She even felt a trace of regret in her heart, but the female zombie didn’t know how to describe the feeling.

“She’ll be okay, right? I… I understand now, I won’t try to force her to come down again. But then, when will Shi Ran be able to leave with me?”

Half-moon’s train of thought was still relatively simple. She had already forgotten that this agreement was made between the two of them…. Based on the current situation, it was clear that Ling Mo had planned on fooling her right from the very beginning.

This was indeed the case. Ling Mo had no way of making Hei Si take the initiative to remove herself from Yu Shi Ran, nor would he force her out of Yu Shi Ran.

“Perhaps after gathering seven virus hives, she might decide to come down.” Ling Mo replied casually.

“Huh?” Half-moon subconsciously touched the back of her head. Having heard the terms “virus hive” and “virus gel” often, she knew what they were. Anyways, to her, it was just a way to differentiate them. Half-moon had collected a good amount, so she at least had a good understanding of what a virus hive was.

After taking a long glance at Yu Shi Ran, Half-moon Revealed a determined expression and nodded very seriously, “I understand, I’ll bring them to you.”

“What? You actually agreed…. How does collecting virus hives have anything to do with her coming down? How did you convince yourself to accept this statement?”

Although Ling Mo was quite shocked, he still pretended to be normal on the outside.

Looking at Half-moon’s readied appearance, Ling Mo felt that she might go crazy on the spot if he told her he was just “teasing her”.

*Cough* Cough* “Then good luck….”

Ling Mo glanced down at Yu Shi Ran. At this time, in the spiritual world, Yu Shi Ran’s spiritual activity was intensely fluctuating.

This meant that she was fully awake and a little excited.

As for being the central control of her body, it wasn’t difficult for Hei Si to make her pretend to “pass out”.

“Fortunately, Hei Si didn’t fall asleep completely, otherwise it wouldn’t have been easy to fool Half-moon.”

As soon as Ling Mo felt relieved, he suddenly heard laughter. The sudden sound made Ling Mo feel a chill down his spine and he immediately looked around with vigilance.

But apart from the corpse of the yellow-haired zombie, who else could be here?

To be continued…

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