My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 390 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 390 Part 2 – The Seriousness Of A Zombie Lasts Only For A Second

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“Did I mishear? That’s impossible, my spiritual strength hasn’t bottomed out yet…” Ling Mo was confused as another laughter sounded from inside his head.

This time, Ling Mo heard it clearly. This laughter belonged to a female and from her voice, she couldn’t have been over fifteen years of age. Her voice sounded very pure and very cheerful.

At the same time, a trace of spiritual fluctuations conveyed from the direction of Hei Si’s main body.

“Is it Hei Si?” Ling Mo looked at the furry scarf in surprise.

Who would have thought that after such a short time, Hei Si would evolve to the point where she would be able to use spiritual energy to simulate human laughter….?

However, whether she was able to speak or not was still unknown.

“Not bad, my dream dog wasn’t wasted for nothing. You should keep up the good work.”  Ling Mo touched that scarf as if he was trying to give it encouragement.

But from the perspective of the other female zombies, Ling Mo’s current actions were the same as him holding a minor zombie loli, staring at her with a perverted smile, and rubbing her neck with his fingers at the same time……

After disposing of the yellow-haired zombie, Ling Mo inspected the workshop again and finally found a small office.

This office was cleaner compared to the other rooms, but there were densely packed scratches on the walls, resulting in a lot of lime debris to fall on the ground.

Based on the height of the scratches, this was done by the yellow-haired zombie, since most of the scratches were carved directly with nails.

Ling Mo crouched down and took a closer look at the carvings. He became surprised when he found out that other than scratches, there were actually dates, and also some words.

“My body has already mutated, but I still have human memories. All my instincts have also changed. Should I still be called a zombie or a new kind of human?”

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“There must be a reason for our existence. Maybe this is a subversion of human beings. Everything will be reborn in destruction.”

Looking at the words he carved, it seemed much more sensible than what he had said.

Ling Mo didn’t expect that a zombie would consider the connection between people and zombies so seriously, while also considering the future of this world……

“It still feels very difficult to accept…… If this continues, what happens if they start thinking about deeper issues? With a zombies’ ability, it would be much easier for them to find a military factory or arsenal compared to a human. If that happens….”

Ling Mo’s scalp turned numb, he quickly shook his head, before continuing to read on.

But the following words were all “I want to eat meat” multiplied by n, extending until the bottom of the wall was completely filled.

“It turns out that he was only serious for just a moment, that scared the shit out of me….”

Ling Mo had quickly lost interest in the wall, and he quickly found a blanket from a cabinet.

Perhaps this blanket was used by one of the staff in the past to cover their legs or to take a nap…. Although it was slightly musty, it could still be used to cover the ground.

“It’s smaller than expected, but in this way, they would have to lay much closer….”

As Ling Mo was humming a song while setting up the “bed”, four figures were looking at each other in dismay behind the fence of a factory.

In the dusk, four bloody animal costumed characters stood together, constructing a very creepy scene.

“That’s so strange. They aren’t wearing any camouflage like us, yet why isn’t there even a single corpse on the road?”

The rabbit stared, puzzled at the old blood stains on the ground and said.

The axe in her hand was stained with blood, and it seemed that a battle had already taken place.

The smiling bear said in a somber voice, “Maybe the bodies were all eaten….”

Before he even finished his words, the rabbit had already decked him in the stomach, “EAT YOUR SISTER! What about the blood?! Was all the blood licked clean?”

“Then does that mean they’re hiding?” The crying bear asked.

Rabbit said angrily, “You’re asking me? What made you think I know? Forget it, searching for them everywhere isn’t going to solve our problem. Big Dumb Wolf’s nose isn’t very useful here either. You’re all simply fucking useless…”

The giant wolf who was being scolded could only lower his head and silently take two steps back.

“Weren’t they heading towards the aluminum factory? We’ll go there first and prepare an ambush. When they arrive there, tired and exhausted, we can kill them all with the element of surprise!”

The rabbit smiled, waved her axe, and said.

“This could count as the last robbery we do before heading to X-City. You all need to get your spirits up! After obtaining those supplies, we might be able to build a small force in X-City. hehehe……”

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