My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 391 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 391 Part 1 – Where is the Expert’s Enlightenment?

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Inside the aluminum factory, an iron door was gently pushed open, and a rabbit’s head popped out through the crack.

Although the giant wolf’s nose wasn’t working, when they had entered the aluminum factory, they had discovered several corpses that were currently being eaten, which made the rabbit immediately overthrow her previous judgement.

Ling Mo’s group had already arrived at this desolate place in advance.

Although the Rabbit didn’t know why they had chosen to come here, she was already too hungry for their supplies to even care about it.

There was no doubt that the rabbit was very good at acting and also had a decent amount of strength. Inside the rabbit suit was a pretty crazy woman.

There were two reasons why she wanted to leave S-City and go to X-City. First was because the materials in S-City were scarce. But the more important reason was because she gradually discovered that some survivors had begun to unite against her. 

“Crazy Rabbit, Professional Robber”, these were some of the names that the rabbit was known for.

“Big stupid wolf, the smell here shouldn’t affect you. You should be able to smell their location, right?”

The rabbit asked as she walked forward.

The giant wolf followed closely and replied, “Their scent is scattered. I’m guessing they visited many areas, but the area that is the most concentrated now is there in the middle…. I’m sure of it, they must be in the middle of that workshop.”

“Very good!” The rabbit looked happy. “Since they’re in a tight enclosed space, that’s even better for us….”

After arriving near the workshop, the rabbit first observed from a distance and confirmed that Ling Mo didn’t leave any one to guard the area. After confirming this, she began to think less of Ling Mo.

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“It seems that they think they’re strong enough not to worry about whether or not a zombie would sneak up on them….”

The rabbit sneered and waved at the two bears, “Where’s the stuff that you guys prepared?”

“We got this from an abandoned car on the road, even though most of it has already evaporated, it should still be barely enough to use.”

The smiling bear brought a bucket of gasoline and said.

The crying bear shook a large plastic bottle in his hand, which contained thick sticky blood.

With so much fresh blood, it should be enough to attract the other zombies to the factory.

“Although there are very few zombies nearby, we had already lured some zombies to the door with zombie meat, so I don’t think there should be any problems. Once you guys are ready, start immediately. Remember, we only need to tire them out!”

The rabbit gnashed her teeth and said.

The smiling bear immediately approached the wall quietly and began to pour gasoline along the wall. At the same time, the crying bear walked over and prepared to splatter the blood as well.

At this time, the rabbit had already started to move back. She planned to look at the situation from a distance before making a move.

However, just as she retreated to a corner, she suddenly felt something cold against her neck. When she turned her head to look back, she saw Ling Mo standing behind her, and a tactical knife had pierced into her head piece, which was now right on her neck.

Ling Mo’s face had a very repulsive smile on his face, “Hi, didn’t expect us to meet again….”


“Care to tell me what you’re doing here? It can’t be because you couldn’t bear leaving me could it?” Ling Mo twisted his neck and asked.

The rabbit didn’t dare to move now. She could feel that her whole body seemed to be bound by some invisible rope.

“How did you guys…. How did you find us…?” The rabbit was a little confused.

“Oh please, I was staying in a zombie infested area, how could I not be prepared?” Ling Mo sneered.

Actually, his spiritual tentacles only covered the workshop. If the rabbit hadn’t come too close to the workshop, even if they were having a dancing puppet show somewhere else in the factory, Ling Mo wouldn’t even have noticed them.

However, he wasn’t going to tell this weakness to his enemy….

Ling Mo now feels that he was being played by the rabbit. This bald woman was definitely not that timid. In fact, her behavior was simply daring.

From the industrial park…. No, she followed them from the entrance of S-City….

“I…. I was actually being forced.”

The rabbit’s voice suddenly changed to a crying tone, and her pitch suddenly got higher.

“Ah, crying for help is useless.” Ling Mo smiled devilishly. “Did you really think I would still believe you?”

The rabbit tilted her head slightly, and when she looked back, she discovered that both the bears and the wolf were completely surrounded.

The giant wolf’s superpower was his sense of smell. His opponent was Yu Shi Ran.

“Hehe, a little loli….”

Although his heart was ecstatic, the giant wolf raised the spear in his hand without hesitation.

Since they were surrounded, he had no other choice but to kill this little girl, and then attempt to escape!

To be continued…

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