My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 391 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 391 Part 2 – Where is the Expert’s Enlightenment?

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

But right when he was about to stab her, the giant wolf suddenly remembered the rabbit’s words, “Even that little child could easily kill you bunch of trash….”


The giant wolf didn’t even see how Yu Shi Ran avoided the spear, and suddenly felt that his whole body suddenly became weightless as he fell heavily onto the ground.

Before he could even struggle, a huge force came flying behind his head, even with the steel wiring inside, the entire wolf’s head was instantly flattened.

Blood mixed with some strange colored liquid started to flow out from the gaps of the head. Yu Shi Ran lifted her feet, and took a deep sniff.

But soon, she started to “vomit”, “It stinks so bad…. Sure enough, that hateful human smells much better.”

The death of the giant wolf was deeply imprinted onto the two bears, who were currently being stared at by Ya Lin and Shana.

The smiling bear had a ruthless personality and directly took out a lighter, ignited it, and threw it to the ground.

The flames ignited instantly, and the two bears took advantage of the firewall that separated them for a moment, and immediately ran.

“Trying to escape?”

Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles were not afraid of fire, and these two idiots were immediately dragged back to the wall of fire by their legs.

By the time they crossed the wall of flames, their whole bodies were already on fire.

There was nothing they could’ve done; the costumes were very flammable……

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“When you guys wanted to set us on fire, you guys should have also be mentally prepared for the consequences in the case that you failed, right?” Ling Mo said.

Having said that, Ling Mo still let Shana kill them to end their suffering after listening to the screams of the two men.

The rabbit was completely stunned already. She said, “We only wanted to lure you out and let those zombies keep you busy, while we stole your supplies.”

“If we had gotten injured, would you have let us go?”

Ling Mo shrugged and asked.

The rabbit didn’t speak again; she chose another way to answer.

As there was only Ling Mo and her here, she believed that she still had a fighting chance.

The rabbit quietly unzipped its side zipper, then suddenly rolled out from that side.

Ling Mo felt that the tip of the knife suddenly lost focus on his target and was shocked.

But what shocked him the most was that the rabbit turned out to be completely naked. She didn’t wear anything under that rabbit suit!

The naked rabbit took her axe and leaped high, then attacked Ling Mo from the air with a very strong momentum.

The rabbit was fuming right now. She thought that her plan was perfect, and even if she were to suffer a loss, she would at least still succeed.

Unexpectedly, in the face of a man whose power was far beyond herself, any plan she made was nothing more than a joke.

Ling Mo only had to discover her plans in advance to completely make it into jokes.

But what annoyed her the most was that this guy had clearly discovered them, yet he chose not to jump out to them in advance but decided to be an oriole that was behind the cicada, who was stalking the mantis.

Did he not have an expert’s enlightenment?! [1]

If he had confronted them directly, the rabbit was 100% sure that she would have escaped before things turned ugly, instead of being defeated one by one like now!

“GO DIE!” The rabbit yelled and the axe “whooshed” down as it swung towards Ling Mo’s head.

However, Ling Mo stood still and didn’t move even a bit. With just a spiritual disturbance, he heard a muffled sound “BANG!”. The axe was directly deviated from its direction and chopped the ground.

The rabbit crouched on the ground and looked at Ling Mo with an angry look. He was currently staring at the rabbit’s chest and a certain triangular area with interest, “You actually weren’t wearing anything underneath that suit. Were you afraid of adding weight? No, that can’t be right. How much weight could a set of underwear add…… Sure enough, you really are perverted….”

After experiencing it once already, Rabbit knew it was useless to try and run away, and she felt a deep sense of crisis.

Few of her attacks seemed to be unintentional, yet also deliberately making her approach closer to the direction of the workshop.

Ling Mo naturally noticed this, but he didn’t really care….

Ye Lian was standing over there. Not to mention, there was also a wall of fire. However, Shana and the others were currently also putting out the wall. Ling Mo estimated that the fire would not be able to reach inside and spread.


Ling Mo avoided another attack and walked towards the rabbit with a smile.

But it was at this moment when the rabbit suddenly stepped really hard on the ground and broke the bottle full of blood.

At the same time as her feet were completely torn open by the glass, the wound was thoroughly drenched in the blood of the zombies.

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