My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 392 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 392 Part 1 – The Crazy Rabbit’s Struggle

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

There was a trace of viciousness and determination in the rabbit’s face, her expression was very sinister, “Trying to force me to death? Even if I, your mother, was destined to die today, I’ll take all of you down with me!”

As she said this, she leapt again, landing on the roof of the workshop, waiting for the mutation to occur.

“This blood belonged to a high-level zombie, so the mutation will be much faster compared to the scratch of an ordinary zombie! You probably thought you won, right? You want to kill me? It’s not going to be that easy!”

The rabbit let out a nasty grin. Although it seemed slightly strange as she wasn’t wearing anything, one could easily feel her craziness just by looking at her face.

It was only until now that Ling Mo reacted. He had to admit that the rabbit’s behavior was way beyond his expectations.

When a normal person felt the threat of death, he or she would either be scared, unable to move or try to flee desperately. This was a relatively normal response. There were also cases where some people, who were a little more determined would most likely fight to keep their lives.

But, it was very rare for one to throw everything out the window and wish to die together with their enemies.

“You really are a crazy rabbit….” Ling Mo stared at the rabbit on the roof with a stunned look.

Under the glow of the fire, the naked figure was bursting with laughter.

The rabbit laughed and said, “When I saw you kill those two bears, I already knew you wouldn’t show mercy to me, nor would you allow me to run away. Although I’m not as strong as you guys, I will not wait for death. That isn’t my style! After I mutate and eat all of you, who knows, maybe I might immediately evolve to the next level! By the time I reach the advanced level, I will regain my intelligence!”

By the time she finished speaking, her expression had become quite scary, almost as if she was about to have a seizure.

“You’re much more terrifying than that guy that just wears the rabbit mask to kill people. Does wearing a full rabbit suit instead of just the mask increase your insaneness by double the amount? However, I must admit, the show you acted out was very good. I really believed you at first.”

Ling Mo stared at the rabbit and said.

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“HAHAHAHA…….” As her blood began to boil, the rabbit’s expression became more insane, “You’re regretting it now aren’t you? Regretting the fact that you were such an idiot, right?”

“I have nothing to regret. After all, I’m not the one that suffered a loss. However, I did get to see a good show. But your companions acting wasn’t as good as you. For example, the wolf should have at least shouted, ‘I’ll be back!’ That would have been much more appropriate and maybe one of the bears could have shouted, ‘wait for me’…. Seems like I went off topic. What I wanted to say was.”

A slight smile appeared on the corner of Ling Mo’s mouth and he suddenly gave the rabbit a very sympathetic look, which made the rabbit immediately feel uncomfortable all over, “A human being that is infected by a high-level zombie will slowly and painfully rot before dying. I’m afraid your grand vision is probably not going to be achieved.”

The rabbit’s laughter came to an abrupt stop.

Her expression slowly turned to horror and before turning into disbelief. But under Ling Mo’s gaze, she began to be pressured. Her gaze became crazy again as she hysterically shouted, “I don’t believe it! Impossible! Even if I am to rot, I will make sure all of you become food for my stomach first! Especially you, you disgusting piece of shit! Other than trying to deceive and bully a woman like me, what else can you do?!”

Seeing that Shana and the girls had turned to look at him, Ling Mo quickly waved his hand, “I don’t even know her! She probably can’t think properly right now. Although it sounds like she was a poor woman from what she said, some people like to use this as an excuse to do all those bad things to others after suffering setbacks. This makes me feel so disgusted. Many serial killers had tragic childhoods. Does having such a childhood give them the right to have a free death exemption medal because of that? That’s such an insane sense of logic!”

“It’s rare to hear such a serious talk. Was this also part of human behavior?” Ya Lin revealed a pondering look.

To be continued…

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