My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 392 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 392 Part 2 – The Crazy Rabbit’s Struggle

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

A part of the brick wall Ya Lin pushed down had already put out some flames underneath it, but the wall of fire wasn’t completely extinguished.

“Looking at the fact that she casually planned to kill us, it’s not difficult to know what type of personality this woman has.” Ling Mo snorted and said.

“How do you know that I was the one that came up with it?” Rabbit said and laughed. “Are you just guessing blindly now?”

Ling Mo smiled, “The three of them were all willing to risk their lives by going close to the workshop to follow through with the plan, while you were hiding behind them, waiting to reap the benefits. Don’t tell me this is your team’s habit of taking care of females. I also know that you’re trying to stall for time right now, so that you can mutate and have the satisfaction of killing us before you completely lose your mind, am I right?”

“Humph….” The rabbit didn’t respond. Her skin had begun to redden, and her pupils had also begun to enlarge. Wisps of blood started to be spread in her eyes.

The mutation was something that would occur in the next ten minutes, and she would soon feel power from within her body….

In the rabbit’s mind, she had already decided that the first thing she would do after mutating was to kill this young man.

Compared to Ya Lin’s and Ye Lian’s attacks, Ling Mo’s disdainful eyes and words annoyed her the most.

“You could never understand the suffering I’ve experienced……” The rabbit gritted her teeth and thought, “It wasn’t easy for me.”

Just like Ling Mo expected, people who were like the rabbit, would never have a change of heart even before dying.

“Humans are really ridiculous. They would rather be the thing they hate most in order to kill someone…. It’s obviously just one-sided, there isn’t even any deep hatred at all….”

Shana coldly snorted and said, “Even with my human way of thinking, I still can’t understand it. Is it because I haven’t fully matured……”?

“I think we’ve spoken enough. Actually, if you just surrender right now, I may let you go, but….”

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Ling Mo suddenly shot out a spiritual tentacle, his target was the rabbit’s spiritual ball of light.

However, the rabbit in the process of mutating had sharp senses and suddenly jumped up. Ling Mo’s tentacles missed their target and barely rubbed past the triangular patch of hers.

“There’s something!”

The rabbit slammed her hand down and reached out using a grabbing motion but ended up catching nothing but air.

After all, even if it was materialized, it was just spiritual energy…. 

“WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR POWER!” The rabbit hadn’t even landed yet and felt another blast of energy flying towards her. She quickly forced herself to move to the side, making the tentacle pass through the side of her waist this time.

“Why would I tell you…?”

Ling Mo decided to use several tentacles this time. The rabbit couldn’t escape, her lower calf was hit and her abdomen was also injured.

When the rabbit fell from the roof, her eyes had already begun to turn red. However, just as she fell in front of Ye Lian, a spiritual tentacle directly penetrated her forehead.

The last scene she saw before she died was Ye Lian’s eyes turning red….

The rabbit suddenly understood that this whole fiasco was a joke to Ling Mo.

Perhaps Ling Mo killed her in advance because he didn’t want to see the disgusting process of her gradually rotting….

“The crazy rabbit’s final struggle….”

Ling Mo slowly walked over, crouched down, and threw the rabbit suit on top of her to cover her naked body.

Seeing Ye Lian was still staring at the rabbit, Ling Mo looked at her curiously, and suddenly discovered that the blood in Ye Lian’s eyes slightly shrank to the middle, as if it was alive….

“The brink of evolution……” Ling Mo suddenly became a little bit excited. He grabbed Ye Lian’s hand and stared at her carefully for a while.

“Someone ……. There was actually someone who was willing to become a zombie….” Ye Lian suddenly revealed a foolish smile. “If-if that’s the case…. Brother Ling doesn’t have to worry about people not being friends with you.”

Ling Mo suddenly froze.

Ye Lian continued to say, “She…. When she saw me at the end, she didn’t seem scared….”

Looking at Ye Lian’s foolish smile, Ling Mo suddenly sighed, and pulled her into his arms.

“For some reason, I suddenly am afraid of letting you evolve. If you somehow understand this person’s personality, what if you….”

Ling Mo didn’t plan to explain anything to Ye Lian. In fact, the current Ye Lian and the girl he grew up with in his memory, had many overlapping points.

Regardless of who she was, she was still very pure in nature as long as we don’t use human standards to judge her.

A girl cannot be considered evil because she eats chicken. Similarly, Ye Lian is only consuming gels due to her instinctual needs.

But judging from her thought process, she has always been thinking about Ling Mo silently. Although she doesn’t say much most of the time, but in her heart, she is not inferior to Shana and Ya Lin’s dependence on Ling Mo.

“Although you won’t feel uncomfortable, my heart will feel distressed…. But if you don’t evolve, I will also be bothered.”

Ling Mo suddenly felt a little upset, but after feeling Ye Lian in his arms, he felt peace in his mind.

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