My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 393 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 393 Part 2 – Quadra Kill

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“Don’t any of you move your mouths.” Shana suddenly glanced around and said.

Ye Lian swallowed her saliva and shook her head.

Ya Lin licked the corner of her mouth and said with bright eyes, “I’m not moving my mouth…. Just watching is fine….”

Half-moon sat on the edge of the flatbed. The maid girl that was lying on it was still struggling. However, due to her body not being fully recovered, she wasn’t able to move freely.

“I’ll give you a name. How does Li Zi [1] sound? I remember when I was human, I really loved eating those. But now, when I think about the taste, I find it very repulsive.”

Half-moon looked back at the maid girl and said to herself, “That hateful human always keeps saying that you won’t regain any memories. But I feel that after you regain your intelligence, it might actually be a good thing that you can’t remember any of your human memories.”

Having said that, Half-moon suddenly glanced at Ye Lian and the others with the corner of her eyes, and then secretly, she extended her hand, slowly, to the maid girl’s neckline.

“Aiyah [2], Li Zi, how could you bite me….”

When Ling Mo woke up the next morning, he discovered that Half-moon had left, and had also taken the maid girl with her.

Shana held her arms in front of her and seemed as if she was mimicking Half-moon. She presented with a similar stance and tone, and she also shook her chest in a similar manner. However, with her size, Ling Mo wasn’t able to see it go up and down at all….

“I will come back when I have collected seven virus-hives! If something happens to Shi Ran at that time, I will definitely eat you!” After Shana finished speaking, she put down her hands and went to pick up her scythe. Her face suddenly showed a crafty expression, “That’s what she said. When she was leaving, her eyes kept going back and forth between you and Sister Ye Lian. She had a very complicated expression on her face.”

“In the end, she still walked away with my maid. I had thought that after sprouting such a bountiful chest, that lesbian nature of hers would disappear with it….” Ling Mo said as he stroked his chin with a thoughtful expression.

“What do you mean by sprouting? It already sprouted, it’s just very small…” Shana glared at Ling Mo, then straightened her chest and said.

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In any case, Half-moon would return sooner or later, and she would be coming back with gifts. Both Ling Mo and Yu Shi Ran had no objections to this.

Ling Mo had gladly accepted this offer, but Yu Shi Ran on the other hand was unhappy.

She stared at Ling Mo’s back and clenched her fist tightly.

“Hey, even if you want to curse at me behind my back, can you please stop staring at me.” Ling Mo looked back at Yu Shi Ran, who had her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and said, “The whites of your eyes don’t hide anything, it’s even worse than rolling your eyes! I can’t believe you’re doing this when you took advantage of me for the whole night…. That being said, how is my pet by the way?”


Yu Shi Ran coldly snorted. With Half-moon not being around, Hei Si didn’t seem to forbid her from speaking. “Why the hell should I tell you! Your pet is just sleeping, but for some reason I feel like my heartbeat is in sync with hers. In addition, I feel like something inside me is squirming around, making me feel all itchy. Perhaps she’s evolving.”

Ya Lin revealed a charming smile and leaned on Ling Mo’s body, “Your mouth says no, however your body is very honest….”

“What the hell are you talking about you damn Vixen [3]?!” Yu Shi Ran clearly didn’t understand her, but she still immediately made a counterattack.

Ya Lin straightened her body, her soft waist made her seem charming and sexy regardless of her posture. “Wrong, I’m a snake spirit. I look forward to seeing what I become after replacing all the viruses with the mutant snake virus.”

Would normal people look forward to these types of things….?

With Yu Shi Ran joining the party, it felt like it has become noisier.

Four zombie girls, ranging from a small adult loli to a twenty-year-old senior sister and an unknown organism that was currently undergoing change….

“I’m the only normal being….” Ling Mo revealed a trace of helplessness.

The talkative zombie girls turned to look back.

“You are definitely not normal.”

“A little…. not even a little bit….”

“Not even your body has a normal smell.”

“Would normal people stick with us?”

Ling Mo rubbed his nose, “Was it necessary for all four of you to shit on me……?”


“Hey, that’s enough! Does my pet also want to kick me while I’m down? You took advantage of me last night as well!”

When they finally reached the abandoned car, Ling Mo and his team got into the slipper-like car again, and then drove out of the industrial park.

There was no benefit in staying in a place full of poisonous gas for too long. As for the small S-city, Ling Mo has no interest in it and wanted to return directly to X-city.

As they reached closer to X-city, they found more and more abandoned vehicles on the road. Eventually, even with Shana’s god-like driving skills, there was no way for her to get past them with the slipper-like car.

[1] – Literal Chinese Translation – Pears

[2] – Chinese way of crying out in surprise or in pain.

[3] – In Chinese it can mean a lot of things for example a foxy lady, fox spirit, or vixen. In this case she means a vixen.

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