My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 394 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 394 Part 1 – Machine Gun Girl

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

When they first came here, they had taken the road from A-City, but they chose to take a different route when they decided to return.

Now it seems that rashly choosing an unknown route was definitely a reckless decision.

The reason Ling Mo wanted to continue going down this route wasn’t because he wanted to satisfy the curiosity of the female zombies, nor was it to implement the theory that “A man never goes back to his ex…”

“By not taking the highway, we have avoided the dangers of meeting the Falcon Camp, but the troubles we face now aren’t necessarily any better…. Who knows how far X-City is from here?”

Ling Mo grabbed the edge of the vehicle with one hand and jumped off lightly while his spiritual tentacle took down a zombie that had rushed towards him.

Once their vehicle was forced to stop, more than a dozen zombies came out from the gaps between the abandoned vehicles on the roadside.

They all were emitting a peculiar stench from their bodies, and went straight after Ling Mo.

One of the female zombies was still wearing her high heels on her right foot. She quickly supported herself using the abandoned vehicle and jumped over the hood. Upon landing, she rapidly ran towards Ling Mo.

“Being the primary target has really become my most distinctive feature. Damn……”

From an outside perspective, it looked like he wasn’t doing anything as he stood still, but his spiritual tentacles had already manifested.

In such a relatively empty area, zombies at different speeds, which gave Ling Mo a lot of breathing room, making it easier for him to handle.

“Humph, humans are troublesome.”

Yu Shi Ran stood up from the back of the vehicle and coldly snorted.

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But as soon as she said this, a zombie corpse suddenly flew right at her head.

As a leader-level zombie, if Yu Shi Ran wanted to avoid this zombie, it was as simple as breathing to her, but Ling Mo gave Hei Si a command through their spiritual connection right then.

So, the great zombie leader could only stand there and watch as a dirty female zombie grew larger, flying directly at her head….


Hearing the muffled sound coming from the back of their vehicle and Yu Shi Ran’s scream, Ling Mo revealed a smirk of satisfaction.

For such naughty girls like her…. They needed to be taught well….

When the apocalypse occurred, this road was clearly the first choice for an escape route for a large number of survivors.

Similarly, they didn’t expect that their companions, who were panicking with them a moment ago, would suddenly mutate into a zombie and turn their escape route into a one way ticket to hell.

After handling these zombies, Ling Mo jumped on a truck and looked towards the direction of X-City, his face displaying a helpless expression.

From just a glance, the endless road was full of abandoned vehicles. From time to time, you could see zombies wandering back and forth between the gaps.

Although there weren’t too many zombies, it was still definitely troublesome.

At the sides of the road were green iron walls with many gaps. The paddy fields behind it were covered with grass. Ling Mo didn’t know how many deadly threats were lurking from within.

“Compared to an invisible threat….” Ling Mo shook his head, turned around, and jumped off the car before waving his hands to the girls. “It seems we can only walk.”

As for this decision, the zombie girls accepted it happily.

In fact, they were so excited that they seemed as if they were elementary school students going out on a field trip for the first time.

Watching them jump from car to car, beheading those zombies one by one, while laughing continuously, Ling Mo couldn’t help but show a pleased expression.

“That’s not right.” Ling Mo suddenly thought of something and quickly shook his head. “How could I be pleased with this!?”

To be continued…

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