My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 394 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 394 Part 2 – Machine Gun Girl

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

While Ling Mo and his team were walking along this road, somewhere far away from them, a helicopter was slowly landing on the roof of a service station.

A zombie instantly rushed towards the helicopter but was hit by a series of bullets while running and fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

After the helicopter had landed, a woman carrying a machine gun jumped out from it and looked indifferently at the zombies that rushed towards her.


Heavy gunfire sounded, tearing the zombies to shreds.

One zombie that survived the onslaught continued to rush towards the woman.

Looking at the sharp claws and twisted face coming closer to her, the woman’s expression remained unchanged. She swung her machine gun around, sweeping away a few zombies on the side, kicked the knee of the zombie that was rushing towards her.

At the same time, she turned and moved sideways. A pistol suddenly appeared in her left hand and arrived at the back of the zombie’s head, who was forced into a kneeling position. With a sound of a “BANG”, she killed him.

As soon as the other men and women got off the helicopter, only this woman was still standing on the rooftop.

After the helicopter took off, a handsome man raised his collar and smiled at the machine gun woman, “Lucy, you really deserve the title of a meat grinder. It really is a pleasure to work with you….”

“Captain Liu Bao Dong, let’s just talk about the situation of this road and the details of our mission.” Lucy furrowed her brows and interrupted him.

“It seems like Miss Lucy is an anxious person.” Liu Bao Dong had a gentle expression on his face, but with Lucy’s indifferent gesture, his thin eyes narrowed slightly. “We didn’t say anything about your group’s existence to the Falcon Camp. On the contrary, we’ve given you some information about them. This time your senior management has sent you as the vanguard, presumably to get a better understanding of the situation….”

“Whatever the Falcon Camp does, has nothing to do with us. X-City is a big fat cake. They won’t be able to eat it all, neither would they have the energy to stop others from dividing it up. I’m mainly here to check if there is a suitable area. As for your Air Force regiment’s deal with us, it will naturally be reached.”

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Every sentence that Lucy spoke, gave a very formulaic feeling. With her cold face and gothic hairstyle, she seemed like a cold elegant woman from some vampire movie.

The only difference was; she was more violent……

“We had already talked about some of the details on the helicopter. We can’t transport your group straight into X-City, so the only other way is to go in from this road. Considering the fact that the team you guys sent to as the vanguard disappeared the last time, we will join you this time.”

After Liu Bao Dong finished speaking, he couldn’t help but sneer and said in a slightly ironic tone, “Seriously though, couldn’t you guys send more people?”

“With you following behind us, wouldn’t we be more at ease? It’s still unclear how our companions disappeared last time.” Lucy shrugged and replied coldly.

Another woman with curly hair quickly interjected with dissatisfaction, “Do you think that their disappearance is related to us? We did send them here before we separated!”

Lucy’s response was unexpected, “Personally, I have doubts.”


Liu Bao Dong waved his hand, took out a cell phone and brought out the map, “It is more than ten kilometers from here to our destination….”

“Did you really have land so far?” Lucy interrupted him again.

“Aren’t there other places that could be easy to land other than here?”

Lucy glanced again at the corpses on the ground and the distant zombies that were attracted by the blood. “And because you guys didn’t clear the corpses last time, it led to a crowd of zombies near this rooftop, we wasted so many bullets.”

“Who could have known that he would disappear?!”

Liu Bao Dong was flushed with anger, he closed the phone with a “snap” and said, “There are also a lot of zombies on this road. We will save your energy according to the agreement. Just watch us clear the road!”

He turned to face the other four people. “The road is dangerous, but we are ready to risk our lives to send our allies safely in…. through this dangerous road! Air Force! NO FEAR OF SACRIFICE!”

Although there was a pause in the process, these words still sounded very hot-blooded.

After Liu Bao Dong shouted the slogan, he raised one arm and was ready to enjoy the uniform response of his team members….

But soon, he noticed something amiss in his team member’s line of sight, and their expressions were a little strange….

He looked to the direction of their eyes and became stunned.

Several figures were quickly approaching from a distance. Their stunning figures and the ease at which they could kill zombies made their jaws drop in amazement.

At the end of that group was a young man who had his hands in his trouser pockets and it seemed as if he was taking a stroll. The zombies got so close to him that it gave everyone the feeling that the next second, he would be killed on the spot, however all the zombies that got closer than 2 meters fell to the ground immediately and died….

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