My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 395 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 395 Part 1 – What’s worse than saying it’s not my business?… Just Passing By!

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“Holy shit….”

Liu Bao Dong stared at the scene in front of him with a stunned expression. When he woke up from his daze, his face suddenly felt hot.

It would have been fine if he hadn’t said anything, but now he felt as if he had given himself a heavy slap on the face.

Can’t you people just hurry up? Why do you guys have to show off like that….

At this point, Lucy raised her machine gun again and stood at the edge of the rooftop, “You guys better shut your mouths. Look at how many zombies were attracted by your shouts.”

Just before, there were only about a dozen zombies that were approaching them, but the sounds of the helicopter were too loud. Even the noise from Lucy’s machine gun was completely covered by it.

More zombies approached towards their direction from a distant highway and would soon reach them after a few minutes.

As soon as this problem was pointed out, their attention was immediately diverted from Ling Mo’s party.

“FUCK! Why are there so many!?”

Liu Bao Dong watched as hundreds of zombies appeared near the service station. Their movements were just like a monkey’s, extremely fast and agile. He couldn’t help but panic and his face became pale.

Lucy stared at him, revealed a sneer, and thought to herself, “I heard that the Air Force wasn’t capable of fighting on ground. It seems to be true. They’re already so scared after seeing only this number of zombies. They probably think that it’s not safe, since they aren’t up on the air….”

“We should have taken the opportunity to escape just now when we were talking! If you already knew that they were approaching us, why did you insist on talking to me at that moment!”

Liu Bao Dong’s ability to handle stress was horrible. Seeing that the zombies were getting closer, he quickly closed the iron gate of the rooftop while yelling at Lucy.

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It was mainly because of Lucy’s cold tone that he had a sense that he had been played around with.

Lucy coldly snorted, “Escape? If you’re not going to clear these zombies from higher ground, are you planning to play with them on the highway?”


Liu Bao Dong had panicked for a moment. After thinking about it for a moment, he felt that his blame was indeed unreasonable.

He stared at Lucy with a displeased face and didn’t speak again. His handsome face right now looked more like a scared maiden.

“To tell you the truth, you guys could have stopped the helicopter in the air, attracted enough zombies over, and continued clearing them out. This would have made things so much easier.” Lucy shrugged with a face full of ridicule, “But, who told you guys to be so arrogant?”

Are you fucking kidding me……?

Liu Bao Dong gritted his teeth and stared at Lucy, cursing her in his heart, “Bitch! Always looking for faults! If it wasn’t for you asking us to escort you, who would want to go on the ground and seek death!?”

And plus, you obviously knew they were approaching us, why the fuck didn’t you say anything?!

Was it to watch me get humiliated? Or could it be that she just wanted to take this opportunity to show off!?

Looking at Lucy’s expression, Liu Bao Dong felt that he already knew the answer to this question.

This arrogant woman would probably answer, “I have no obligation to tell you.”

“I personally like the current situation.” Lucy raised the machine gun. Her long legs in leather boots stepped on the edge of the rooftop and she stared at those zombies with no fear.

One team member couldn’t help but ask, “Why?”

Lucy lifted her leather coat, revealing the chain wrapped around her body, and replied without looking back, “Because it’s exciting.”


“Crazy bitch.”

Liu Bao Dong cursed again, but he could only stand her at that moment.

More and more zombies have appeared from below, making him more anxious by the second. Looking from a distance, Ling Mo and his party were still approaching quickly towards them.

“That’s right.  They must have heard the noise from the helicopter. Running so fast over here, are they planning to help us? That’s probably it since they saw our helicopters. Most people would definitely want to be friends with us….”

Thinking to this point, Liu Bao Dong felt a little calmer, and the other members of the Air Force also had similar ideas.

“They seem to be very powerful. In that case, our losses should be a little smaller.”

“It’s impossible for them not to help us, right? Seeing such a powerful armed organization, they would definitely want to attach themselves to our banner….”

“What if it’s a Falcon…. No, not possible. Falcons would never appear in this direction.”

Several members had different ideas, but one thing in common with all their ideas, was that they all believed Ling Mo and his team would definitely help them.

When the first shot was fired, they immediately began firing at will, trying to keep the zombies from overtaking the service station.

At least, long enough for the “foreign aid” to arrive….

To be continued…

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