My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 395 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 395 Part 2 – What’s worse than saying it’s not my business?… Just Passing By!

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Due to being surrounded by zombies for the first time, their performance wasn’t very good.

Many bullets missed, allowing many zombies to rush closer to them.

Fortunately, Lucy’s accurate marksmanship saved them. Not only that, she was also able to quickly kill the zombies that had climbed the drainpipes.

She fired calmly; her eyes remained very cold…

There were about 300 zombies at most on this road. Although the number wasn’t large, when faced by a few people, it still felt terrifying.

Lucy’s performance appeased these members to a certain extent. Even though they lacked combat experience on the ground, they were still professionally trained. After calmly down, they were able to perform much better.

“They’re close!”

Liu Bao Dong had been looking forward to the arrival of Ling Mo and his group. He had realized that even if they all sacrificed themselves, they may still be unable to send Lucy to X-City.

This request from Lucy and her group seems to be a kind of retaliation due to the disappearance of their vanguard….

In fact, Ling Mo’s group was really close to them.

In addition, Ling Mo’s group started being more and more relaxed.

Other than a few zombies who would turn around and attack them, most zombies were drawn to the direction of the service station.

“Being able to get here by helicopter, it’s definitely the Air Force Regiment…. But why would they land in this place? If they wanted to go to X-City or S-City, they could have just flown over….”

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Ling Mo was full of doubts. But these kinds of things were none of his business, so he decided not to worry about it.

As they approached the service station, Liu Bao Dong and the others were looking forward to their arrival. They even stood on the service station rooftop surrounded by zombies with excitement, watching them from a distance…

Among the group, two agile figures suddenly stopped for a moment……

“Ling Mo, look, there are humans.” Ya Lin pointed with her finger.

“Hu-Chi* Hu-Chi*” Yu Shi Ran panted twice, rubbed her palms together, and a look of extreme excitement appeared on her innocent Loli face, “Food……”

“Hey, calm down. At a moment like this, we should take this opportunity to just pass by them. They are all carrying machine guns. What would we do if we rashly approached them and got accidentally injured? As long as they stick to their positions, nothing should happen. This isn’t an urban area where there is an endless stream of zombies….”

Ling Mo also stopped for a moment and said.

Shana agreed and nodded, “Yep. From the looks of it, they are armed and not weak trash. We should hurry up and take the opportunity to increase the distance between ourselves and them.”

“En… En [1]!” Ye Lian nodded eagerly, but her face was clearly confused.

After looking at the service station, Ling Mo decisively led the female zombies directly through the area….

Liu Bao Dong was stunned, and his team members were dumbfounded.

It wasn’t until Ling Mo’s group had completely crossed the road directly opposite of the service station that Liu Bao Dong had the word “MOTHERFUCKER!” multiplied by a couple thousand times, pass through his mind.

“WTF! You just passed by like this! That’s even worse than just being a bystander! Even if you didn’t want to be allies with us, you could at least help!”

Liu Bao Dong quickly realized something. Not only did this group have no intentions of helping them, they also took advantage of the situation by quickly passing through when Liu Bao Dong and his group attracted all the zombies in the vicinity.

No wonder their movements were much faster just now. It turns out that they were simply going to take advantage of this!

“Don’t stare at them angrily. With them or without them, we’re all stuck in this situation now.” Lucy said coldly. “If you have so much time to relax, quickly take out all your grenades and get rid of these zombies. The main entrance is about to be broken soon….”

As soon as Lucy finished speaking, a crashing sound came from below.

A mutant zombie jumped forward and broke the glass door.


Liu Bao Dong cursed again.

[1] – If you still don’t remember what EN means in Chinese – It’s basically saying yes or agreeing to something.

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