My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 396 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 396 Part 1 – Your Mouth Says No, But Your Body Does This To Me

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Around an hour later, Ling Mo had led Ye Lian and the girls into X-City.

But here was another industrial area. There was still quite a distance before they reached the inner-city.

There are several industrial areas around X-City. However, compared to the newer high-tech zone they had just passed, this place looked slightly more run-down.

Ruins from explosions and fires were found everywhere and occasionally there were a few office buildings standing alone by itself.

When Ling Mo and his team passed by a door, they noticed that the door was covered with blood, and had a sign that had gold characters, making it look rather miserable: XX Electronic Technology Company.

A burnt car had blocked the door and upon looking inside, you could see a burnt corpse sitting there with his head strangely bent to one side.

“We can’t even find a single means of transportation. Maybe we should find a place first?”

Ling Mo felt in his inner pockets and thought.

He couldn’t wait to help Ye Lian evolve, but they first must find a relatively safe place.

After all, this was another new method, and who knows what would happen during evolution.

Perhaps the evolution will cause a relatively large amount of movement that attracts the attention of others, or maybe even attract a large number of zombies….

As for the people they left behind, Ling Mo didn’t even bother to pay attention to them.

They didn’t do anything wrong; they were just passing by. Would those people really come after them just because of that reason?

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“Shouldn’t there be a dormitory building in this kind of industrial area? If that’s not possible, finding a secure office building is also fine.”

Ling Mo said while killing several zombies.

He wasn’t lacking in his daily necessities; however, his food intake has been increasing as his physical fitness improved.

To replenish a large amount of physical energy, it is necessary to absorb more calories.

Currently, the zombie’s saliva could only be used as a stimulant for him. He was still far from reaching the level of the girls where he could just replenish energy by simply absorbing more viruses.

Even if he was immune to a small amount of the virus, Ling Mo would not attempt to consume a virus gel directly without careful consideration……

“Actually, I absolutely would never try it.” Ling Mo quickly made a final judgement in his heart. “After Ye Lian’s evolution is complete, I’ll go collect food and hunt more mutant snakes to help purify Senior Sister’s virus.

“Tch, humans are so troublesome.”

Yu Shi Ran interjected again. However, as soon as she finished, Ling Mo flicked her forehead.

“An insignificant human actually dares to hit me…. HEY!  Stop flicking me!”

The little zombie loli revealed her teeth and wanted to attack Ling Mo, but under the control of Hei Si, she changed from being in an aggressive posture to an affectionate one and started to rub against Ling Mo’s leg.


Ling Mo grabbed Yu Shi Ran’s back collar with his hand and lifted her up to keep this zombie loli away from his thighs, “Don’t always suddenly hug people’s thighs like that. Can’t you have some human morals…. No, that’s not right. Zombie morals? Senior Sister was right. Although your mouth said no, but your body tells me otherwise ….”

“WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO TO YOU! AHH! HUMAN!” The zombie loli obediently kept her posture but roared with an angry look on her face. “AND WHAT IS ZOMBIE MORALS? I NEVER LEARNED THAT WORD WHEN I WAS A HUMAN!”

Shana slashed a zombie in front of her before pointing to the side, “What about over there? It doesn’t seem to be completely burned.”

The building she was referring to didn’t seem that far away, but actually they would still need to make two turns to get there.

To be continued…

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