My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 396 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 396 Part 2 – Your Mouth Says No, But Your Body Does This To Me

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As they got closer, it became clear that this was a well-built building. The entrance was blocked by a broken-down car and an explosion seems to have happened. The glass was shattered and there were traces of smoke and fire.

Although the exterior of the building wasn’t great, it was far from the main road and the area in the front and back entrance was relatively wide.

Even if zombies were to come, it wouldn’t be a big problem for them.

There weren’t too many zombies in the building, probably due to the ground floor being practically destroyed.

Although there were two mutant zombies, in the face of such a powerful group, they couldn’t do anything. They at most could only become two more gels in Ling Mo’s huge virus gel reserve.

After clearing all the zombies in the building, Ling Mo found a relatively clean office to stay in.

Ling Mo’s mood suddenly lifted. He had been moving non-stop for the past few days and was finally able to find a place to rest for a while.

The female zombies were also excited. They kept exploring the rooms, leaving the tidying and cleaning of the room to Ling Mo.

“Watch the darts….”

Shana found a pen from the desk and threw it gently. The pen made a “swoosh” sound as it flew directly at Yu Shi Ran.


Yu Shi Ran opened her mouth and caught it with her teeth, snapping it in two.

However, she didn’t expect that there was still some residual ink inside the pen….

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“Oh…. Hi kitty [1].” Shana said with a smile.

Yu Shi Ran foolishly licked her lips, “What is this, it tastes a little weird….”

“This is what I’m talking about, can’t you have some self-respect at the very least….”

Ling Mo shook his head while bringing the two sofas in the room together.

Yu Shi Ran suddenly pursed her lips and revealed a lonely expression, “I miss Half-moon.”

“Zombies also have the feeling of missing someone?” Ling Mo asked casually.

“En. Half-moon’s scent….” Yu Shi Ran sniffed, then jumped onto the desk and let her two legs dangle on the table side. “Don’t you feel that too?”

Ya Lin shook her head, “We haven’t been separated from Ling Mo. Even if we’re not together for a short time, our……our…. uh…. Shana, you explain.”

“Even if we are separated for a short time, our souls are all still together.” Shana helped Ya Lin answer.

“En!” Ye Lian nodded in agreement.

The three female zombies were getting along more and more and also had great chemistry with each other now.

At first, Ling Mo had felt that this was because of his spiritual connection with them, however, now he would rather believe that zombies also had feelings….

“Perhaps the spiritual connection played…… a supporting role!”

Ling Mo nodded secretly.

“Hmph, both of you are weird anyways. One is full of multiple kinds of viruses while the other…. seems like she’s half-human and half-zombie….” Yu Shi Ran muttered.

“Hey, I say a few words to you, don’t get carried away!”

Li Ya Lin’s pupils instantly changed color. The circle of amber felt very eerie, and a strong sense of oppression came along with it.

Shana leapt violently and fell directly in front of Yu Shi Ran. Her foot stepped on the edge of the table. Her face was right in front of Yu Shi Ran’s. Her pupils turned red and her expression was extremely cold, but the corner of her mouth revealed a smirk, “Little girl, say that again. What did you mean by half-human?”

Usually, if a little brat saw this kind of situation, they would probably be frightened to death. But Yu Shi Ran moved her head forward and gritted her teeth, “You want to fight? Come….”

Her voice didn’t even finish speaking when her eyes rolled up suddenly and she slumped down from the desk.

“You guys obviously won’t fight her, why bother scaring her….?”

Ling Mo came over and stretched his hand to take a look at her, then reached out and touched the scarf-like Hei Si, “I’m guessing either Hei Si got stimulated by your coercion or perhaps she’s about to evolve again.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Hei Si swelled up strangely, her translucent silver wires stretched out, wrapping Yu Shi Ran in it.

“Not only is she evolving, but…. Hey! Don’t bind this little girl with you, her husband is still going to come pick her up later! Hey! She hasn’t even washed her face yet!”

But Ling Mo’s shouts did nothing in stopping Hei Si and soon Yu Shi Ran’s body was completely wrapped in silver wires, layer upon layer, until she was in a silver cocoon.


Ya Lin exclaimed, looking at the cocoon curiously.

Shana reached out and poked it. It looked as if she really wanted to kick it like a ball, but she restrained herself in the end. Her expression returned back to normal and the redness in her eyes started to fade away. “I’ll let her go for now since Hei Si is evolving. I’ll wait for her to come out, and then I’ll let Dark Shana fix her.”

“Speaking of which, Dark Shana is very sensitive towards the words ‘half-human’….” Ling Mo remembered; however, he didn’t speak of it.

He knew that Shana’s current situation was, at best, stable. it couldn’t be considered a proper solution to the personality problem.

[1] – basically saying that she’s too gullible.

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