My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 397 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 397 Part 1 – Did you forget about the pain after recovering from the waist injury?

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In any case, there were two personalities in her body at the same time. Even if they were no longer fighting with each other or were able to reach a consensus and compromise, there would still be hidden dangers.

For example, this situation with Dark Shana being stimulated and coming out all of a sudden was like a wake-up call for Ling Mo.

It was fine for Ling Mo to please them both at the same time while having sex, but not so much in the case of other things….

However, it wasn’t a good time to try and fix the situation now. A small mistake in spiritual matters would cause extremely serious consequences.

And with regards to this matter, Ling Mo had already figured out a few solutions that could completely solve this issue once and for all.

But the timing wasn’t right, so he could only put it aside for now….

“It is only after raising a few female zombies that I have really understood the meaning of being the head of a family. It’s really hard not to worry for them….”

Ling Mo patted his forehead helplessly and sighed.

“Why are you showing that kind of expression to us? We are also working hard to endure the urge of eating you, okay?”

Shana rolled her eyes at Ling Mo and said.

“Are you being disobedient now because I wasn’t able to make you stay down last time….?”

Ling Mo squeezed his fist, looking at Shana from head to toe, and said.

However, Shana didn’t seem to care. Not only did she not avoid his gaze, she even straightened her waist and smiled at Ling Mo, “I guess you’ve forgotten the pain after recovering from that lower back injury….”

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“Fuck! Just because my lower back couldn’t handle it anymore last time doesn’t mean I can’t bear with the pain…..”

That being said, Ling Mo decided to endure the urge to go a couple of rounds.

However, he still decided to say one more line with a pretentious expression, “Just wait and see!”


Shana snorted indifferently. Every time Dark Shana came out, Shana would be affected for a period of time. In Ling Mo’s words, she was more rebellious than usual.

Ling Mo estimated that Hei Si wasn’t going to complete her evolution for a while. He figured that he might as well pick up the cocoon and place it on top of a cushion.

“If there is any change, don’t touch it. I’ll handle it.”

After reminding them, Ling Mo asked Ye Lian to come over and the two of them sat on the sofa, facing each other.

At this moment, Ling Mo couldn’t help but have some mixed feelings. Once Ye Lian evolves, she may restore most of her human memories.

Would her personality also be restored to the one she had when she was a human?

Ling Mo was a very sentimental person. So, no matter how strong Ye Lian would become after her evolution, she would always be the same girl with the same personality in his heart.

“Brother Ling, let me tell you some great news, I got admitted to X-City University!”

“Huh? Silly girl, your scores should allow you to……”

“I’d rather go someplace closer to home. That way I can accompany my parents and also help cook for you, do laundry, and clean the rooms….”

“That is something my future wife should do….”

“What!? You can’t casually joke about that otherwise I’m going to get angry. Heehee. I only have one class this afternoon. Shall I go to your house tonight for dinner?”

“Brother Ling, run away……”

Ling Mo couldn’t help but think of the past in a trance.

The girl in his memory who always smiled gently overlapped the current Ye Lian, who was sitting blankly in front of him.

Seeing that Ling Mo kept starting at her, Ye Lian’s mouth twitched, revealing a silly smile.

Ling Mo felt touched and he couldn’t help but smile. “Maybe all of this is just a delusion, but if I don’t do it, there won’t be any hope. So…. Let’s get started.”

He remained silent for a while before pulling out what has already been prepared in his bag: two overlord-grade virus hives, and two inferior leader-grade virus hives.

These four things were the key to helping Ye Lian break through to the leader level.

“Through observation, the zombies who were at the overlord level haven’t learned to lie yet, so the words from Professor Huang Mao should be credible.”

Ling Mo looked at Ye Lian, who was in front him, “Are you prepared?”

Ye Lian stared at Ling Mo, then nodded slowly. She probably could have guessed what they were going to do, and her expression became serious.

Shana and Ya Lin also sat aside, watching Ling Mo and Ye Lian’s every move.

“Then, let’s get started….”

After Ling Mo finished speaking, Ye Lian’s eyes slowly closed.

To be continued….

[1] – Basically a sound that someone makes when they don’t believe you.

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