My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 397 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 397 Part 2 – Did you forget about the pain after recovering from the waist injury?

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

By the time she opened her eyes again, her eyes had already turned blood-red, and that exquisite face of hers flooded with a cold and bloodthirsty aura.

Her ten fingers stretched out a little, making a slight cracking sound. Even without looking, Ling Mo could tell that powerful strength was contained in those slim fingers of hers.

At the same time, a terrifying aura burst out from her.

Ling Mo, who was currently facing her, immediately felt his skin suddenly encounter a wave of coldness. A tingling sensation came from his very pores, and his skin instantly formed a layer of goosebumps.

In terms of their current strength, Ye Lian, Shana, and Ya Lin were basically the same.

The direction of Shana’s evolution was mainly in the spiritual aspect. Although no particularly strong spiritual power could be seen yet from her, once the spiritual force inside her had accumulated to a certain extent, earth-shaking changes would naturally explode out from her. On this point, Ling Mo had a deep understanding of this as he himself was a perfect example.

The virus in Ya Lin’s body wasn’t pure and her attack methods were also tricky, which couldn’t be judged by common sense.

In short, Ye Lian has always been following the path of ordinary zombies, and her foundation was also the most reliable.


Ling Mo took a deep breath and calmed down his excitement. A dozen tentacles that were invisible to the naked eye were dancing behind him.

“I’ll stimulate your body first until it reaches the final point before breaking through.”

Under the control of his mind, the dozen tentacles rushed towards Ye Lian.

The materialized tentacles touched Ye Lian’s neckline and cuffs, before climbing into her body’s most sensitive area.

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Ye Lian’s body immediately tightened and her eyes seemed to be filled with a bright layer of blood, which became brighter and brighter, making it impossible to directly look at it!

She stared at Ling Mo closely, and the stimulation on her body was sending her layer by layer to the peak of pleasure. She finally couldn’t help but scream with her head looking up. The violent aura in her body exploded out, and temperature in the whole room seemed to have dropped by several degrees instantaneously.

“Her spiritual fluctuations have also reached a critical point, it’s time….”

Even though Ling Mo also felt the euphoria of great pleasure, his face still displayed a calm expression on the surface.

Despite being both physically and mentally stimulated, Ling Mo knew that it was a very crucial moment right now….

He first picked up the virus hive that he used to improve his physical fitness, and then put it into Ye Lian’s mouth.

Ye Lian’s first reaction was to want to come and kiss Ling Mo, but Ling Mo shook his head, “This time you swallow it and absorb all the residual virus inside.”


Ye Lian didn’t hesitate at all. Even though this virus hive was of inferior quality, it was still dangerous to her. However, she still chose to trust Ling Mo’s words unconditionally!

A few seconds later, Ye Lian suddenly widened her eyes, her pupils contracted suddenly, and her breathing became heavy.

Her eyes were so red that it seemed as if they could bleed at any time, and those red veins in her eyes seemed to have life, continuously shrinking towards the middle, looking extraordinarily weird.

*gurgle…. *

A noise echoed out from Ye Lian’s throat, like a wild beast facing a prey that couldn’t help but grind its teeth.

For a moment, Ling Mo also felt an ice-cold pressure come from Ye Lian’s eyes. After that moment, Ye Lian closed her eyes and her body started to tremble. It seemed as if she had emptied out all of her strength, and her body slowly started to relax.

“Is it not enough?”

After waiting for five minutes, seeing that Ye Lian still didn’t have much of a reaction, Ling Mo handed her another inferior leader-grade virus hive.

This piece was taken from the brain of the tested corpse and belonged to the category where things were spoiled due to excessive stimulation. The quality of this piece was very poor.

After being swallowed by Ye Lian, it really didn’t play much of a role.


Ling Mo turned his gaze to those two overlord-grade virus hives. Without waiting for him, Ye Lian suddenly reached out and quickly took a virus hive at a speed that was almost impossible to catch with the naked eye and tossed it into her mouth.

“Ye Lian….”

Ling Mo’s heart instantly started to beat really fast and his expression suddenly became extremely solemn.

After swallowing the overlord-grade virus hive, it took only a few seconds for it to kick in.

And just a few seconds later, Ye Lian’s body suddenly exploded with earth-shaking changes!

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