My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 398 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 398 Part 1 – Coexistence Of Beauty And Danger

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

The temperature inside the room dropped again almost as if they were in an ice cellar.

In Ye Lian’s widened eyes, strange changes were taking place.

The bloody veins in her eyes started to shrink towards the center but kept spreading out around the pupils.

The blood vessels in her body became a bit clearer, while the color of her skin became much paler, similar to the patterns on a porcelain.

She looked like a slender red-eyed porcelain doll, fragile and delicate in appearance.

Yet, at the same time, she was also an extremely dangerous and terrifying creature. Those ten fingers that had spread out could tear apart any creature completely at any time with ease.

The combination of these two very different feelings was now the end result of the current Ye Lian.

The intensity of the spiritual fluctuations caused a slight tremor to the spiritual connection between Ling Mo and her.

Soon, Ling Mo felt that although the spiritual connection wasn’t cut off, it however was blocked!

He could sense that the spiritual connection was still there, but he wasn’t able to locate it within the storm of spiritual fluctuations!

Ye Lian’s body was evolving under the stimulation of the virus, and her spiritual world was like a turbulent sea.

Countless memories are constantly being pulled out from the bottom of her consciousness. In contrast, Ling Mo’s spiritual connection was like a boat that had zero resistance.

Suddenly, Ye Lian jumped up, smashed through the ceiling with one hand, and hung on top above Ling Mo.

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She didn’t even give Ling Mo a chance to react, and immediately dropped down, throwing herself on top of him.

Ling Mo immediately leaned back and felt as if his shoulders were being held down by something heavy, unable to move.


From Ye Lian’s eyes, Ling Mo once again felt the feeling of being attacked by a zombie and not having the power to resist.

However, in such a dangerous situation, the scene that emerged in front of Ling Mo’s eyes was when he first found Ye Lian.

At that time, his puppet was attacked by Ye Lian, and now it was himself….

A delicate face with no expression, stared at him closely with strange blood-red eyes.


Ye Lian’s mouth issued a fuzzy roar.


Ling Mo was faced with three options at this time. He could let Ya Lin and Shana subdue Ye Lian, or he could use his spiritual tentacles to launch a spiritual attack on Ye Lian and stop her actions.

But without any hesitation, he chose the third option: Believe in Ye Lian.

When he and Ye Lian stared at each other for two seconds, Ye Lian violently opened her mouth, exposing her snow-white teeth, and leaned into Ling Mo’s neck very quickly.

When Ye Lian’s teeth had touched his skin, he actually wasn’t thinking about anything…..

They had lived in an impetuous society in which many factors had affected most people involuntarily.

At that time, Ye Lian was only an object of secret admiration for Ling Mo.

By confessing his feelings, although there was a chance to obtain a very precious feeling, there was also a chance that it would destroy the beautiful and peaceful relationship they had.

And Ling Mo didn’t dare to take that risk.

It was not until the moment he lost her, did Ling Mo try to make every effort to fix it.

No matter what Ye Lian became or what kind of creature she changed to, she was still the same girl that Ling Mo knew.

Even if… she was to bite him right now, Ling Mo would not regret it at all.

On the contrary, he was very calm, and even reached out with his hand, touching Ye Lian’s smooth hair.

“I remember when I first found this lass, she looked so dirty….”

After a few seconds, the pain that he thought would come, didn’t appear.

Instead, Ling Mo felt something soft and moist gently touch his neck.

When she was about to bite down, Ye Lian slowly closed her mouth, and her lips gently touched Ling Mo’s neck.

The pair of hands that were clutching onto Ling Mo’s shoulders, almost crushing his shoulder blades, loosened gradually. Her hands stroked down his chest slowly until finally she was holding both his hands.

Under the circumstances of having a failing spiritual connection, Ye Lian, who was almost completely controlled by her instincts, did not attack him.

After recovering from his shock, Ling Mo instantly revealed an expression of ecstasy!

He could feel that after this change, Ye Lian’s spirit had stopped fluctuating and she had calmed down.

Then, doesn’t this already mean that she has successfully broken through to the next level….?

To be continued…

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