My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 398 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 398 Part 2 – Coexistence Of Beauty And Danger

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

It had taken a full two hours before Ye Lian was able to fully calm down, little by little from her crazed state.

Just as Professor Huang Mao said, this method of evolving was difficult to accept by zombies, but it was actually very effective.

When Ye Lian raised her head from Ling Mo’s arms, he noticed that her eyes had become exactly the same as those of a zombie leader’s.

Her pupils were red like bright gems, while the white area in her eyes had a porcelain color, and the clear blood vessels under her skin had returned to normal, making her look extremely delicate.

“Brother Ling…. what are you doing….?”

Ye Lian said as she revealed a hint of shyness. She reached towards the sofa and tried to get up from Ling Mo.


A small noise suddenly came from below and Ling Mo immediately had a bad feeling.


As the sofa broke apart, both Ling Mo and Ye Lian fell down together.

All kinds of debris splattered around, and Shana and Ya Lin jumped away as soon as the sofa collapsed. The debris that flew towards them were easily knocked away with a single wave from their hands.

“Holy shit! What a strong power….”

Ling Mo got out of the broken sofa after struggling, before turning around to pull Ye Lian out.

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It was obvious that Ye Lian wasn’t able to freely control her strength yet since she had just finished her ascension.


Ye Lian broke a floor tile as she landed on the floor…….


Ye Lian stared at the crack under her foot and exclaimed.

“Wow!” Ya Lin also exclaimed. She was also a leader-level zombie that was specialized in agility, yet she wasn’t capable of achieving such terrifying power with just a simple touch.

Shanna held her cheek with a hand and pondered for a few seconds, and then said, “If Sister Ye Lian were to casually give Brother Ling a slap on the face, wouldn’t his head fly off like a Frisbee?”

“Why the hell are you imagining such horrifying things….”

After Ling Mo shouted, he turned to look at Ye Lian and asked with great anticipation, “Um…. so, did you… remember anything….?”


Ye Lian tilted her head and stared at Ling Mo for a while. The foolish expression on her face seemed to be the same as before.

She suddenly stretched out her finger in front her, shook it, and said, “HeeHee…. Take a guess.”

“How could I possibly guess…?”

Although her expression was the same as before, this kind of gentle and clever tone was indeed exactly the same as the Ye Lian in Ling Mo’s memory.

Their spiritual connection had also returned to normal, but due to the situation just now where he had almost lost control of their spiritual connection, he wasn’t able to use the ability of reading memories to see Ye Lian’s memories.

“Ahh, this room is so dirty. My body is also dirty.”

Ye Lian glanced down at the clothes on her body, grabbed the neckline of her shirt, and slightly fanned it. A tender white color suddenly flickered in front of Ling Mo’s eyes.

“There are clothes in the bag….”

Ling Mo’s eyes were glued on Ye Lian’s face and he didn’t bother taking a quick look at that deep ravine.

However, when Ye Lian went to change her clothes, Ling Mo once again felt sad.

This girl didn’t casually change her clothes in front of him like before….

She went to a nearby cubicle, stood behind a translucent glass door, and then began to change her clothes.

The faint side appearance of her graceful silhouette was so beautiful.

Her long hair hung on her shoulders, the slender and soft neck when she looked up, as well the towering soft chest.

“Ling Mo, your eyeballs are about to drop off….” Ya Lin lay on Ling Mo’s shoulder and said with a smile.

Shana smiled strangely, stooped down and leaned in front of Ling Mo, looking at his little buddy….

“Hey, do I look like that kind of person?!”

Ling Mo quickly covered his crotch and said.

When Ye Lian came out, not only Ling Mo, but even Ya Lin and Shana were both stunned.

Other than her eyes, there wasn’t much change to her appearance. However, after combing her hair and switching to a set of clean clothes, she caught all of their attention when she stepped out of the door again.

“Aren’t you going to pick up the garbage? Brother Ling is still the same as before….”

Ye Lian picked up the two broken sofa pieces and threw them out the door.


Looking at Ye Lian’s extremely relaxed expression, Ling Mo had a relatively accurate guess about her current strength.

He estimated that her strength has more than doubled from before, and this was just the beginning.

Once the virus hive in her body forms, there would definitely be a long and continuous transformation inside her body.

The amount of strength she could release would definitely become higher… However, Ling Mo wasn’t sure how high her intellect currently was.

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