My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 399 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 399 Part 2 – Mysterious Shadow’s Terrifying Killing Intent

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

At the end of the road, a line of people appeared on the horizon.

Compared to Ling Mo and his group, Liu Bao Dong’s group was obviously weaker.

Their physical strength at the very least was decent. Even while carrying such heavy loads, they were only just sweating, and weren’t panting like tired dogs.

Especially Lucy, she was carrying a lot of ammunition and a machine gun, but only a thin layer of sweat was on her forehead, and her breathing was calm.

But looking at their pale faces, they definitely didn’t have a good time along the way.

“FUCK! I really thought…. I really thought I was going to die there.” A team member breathed a long sigh of relief when he saw the building in front of him.

Liu Bao Dong walked slowly over, then threw his backpack down, and sat on the ground. “Break…. Let’s take a break. Why the fuck is there still so many zombies on this road?! That group from before…. must have left them there on purpose!”

“Maybe they have a way of avoiding the zombies. You’re obviously not as strong as them, so there’s no point in complaining.”

Lucy said coldly, then urged, “Come on, your task isn’t finished yet. This area isn’t considered entering the city.”

“Could you stop being so fucking ridiculous!? Each of us are carrying at least ten pounds of gear. In addition, we just went through a tough battle. In any case, we need to take a break! Let us camp here and rest for the night. We can start again tomorrow morning!” Liu Bao Dong shouted.

Lucy’s expression remained the same, “You just want to take this time to see if you’re able to find that group from before.”

After being exposed, Liu Bao Dong’s face suddenly turned red, “Tch!”

“So childish. However, I can also take this opportunity to see if I can find my missing companions.”

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As soon as Lucy finished speaking, she suddenly turned to look at the empty street.

For some reason, she suddenly had an ominous feeling….

“Hey, keep your eyes peeled. I think we may be in trouble.”

As soon as Lucy’s voice fell, she suddenly heard a sharp whistling sound.

The moment she heard the sound, she turned sideways, but a male member behind her, stood up, and looked at the distance in doubt, “What’s……”

He didn’t even get to finish the question when his head suddenly burst open like a watermelon, full of strange liquid and minced meat.


The female member standing next to him couldn’t help but scream with blood all over her face.

Lucy’s back was also stained with blood. She was the first to react, immediately rolling over to an abandoned car for cover.

When the others saw what she did, they also went to find cover.

But after a few minutes, nothing happened. There was only a headless body and blood on the ground.

“Could it be that group of people from before…. or is it the survivors from here….” Liu Bao Dong squatted palely behind the car, muttering.

He was already regretting about personally taking over this task himself.

It was already enough that they encountered zombies at the service station. Encountering such a strange attack right after reaching the outer edges of X-City was just too much……

And they had just lost a team member, yet they didn’t even know where the attacker was!

Taking a deep breath, Lucy quietly raised her head and glanced into the distance. She took off her hat, raised it out from the roof of the car and shook it. After seeing that there was no movement, she crawled closer to the corpse.

“Hey, don’t you feel sick seeing all this blood everywhere?”

Liu Bao Dong frowned as Lucy quickly moved closer. He couldn’t help but raise his hand to prevent himself from puking.

The other three team members hadn’t recovered from their fright, and they watched Lucy’s every action with stunned eyes.

“This should be it….”

Lucy searched the ground for a while, using the tip of a knife to pick out a small piece of construction material.

This piece of construction material was roughly the size of a thumb and had a bit of ceramic tiling on it.

It was this thing that was thrown from god knows where, with such a huge force that their team members head exploding upon touching this construction material.

“Such horrifying strength and accuracy….”

Lucy pinched the shard in her hand and said.

“I can’t believe you actually found the murder weapon from all that mess….”

Liu Bao Dong walked out in fear, covering his nose and glancing at his companion’s body.

Although he was terrified, his expression turned a little angry after seeing his companion die so miserably.

“If I ever find out who……”

“No point in saying such useless things. We must go through this area. Considering the fact that the other party has such a terrifying long-range attack, it’s best we better go inside immediately. It’s better to walk in a place with some cover. Standing here is simply giving them an open target.”

Lucy interrupted him and said, “The other party’s intentions are unknown, but we don’t need to be scared. In terms of melee, we still have a chance of winning, probably….”

“Could it be the same people from before…” Liu Bao Dong mentioned Ling Mo and his party again.

“It wouldn’t make any sense if they did. If they really wanted to steal our weapons and they had this kind of attack method, they could have done it at the service station. However, we can’t totally rule out the possibility either.”

Lucy hesitated for a moment before giving a compromised answer.

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