My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 40


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 40 – Ability is good, but don’t reveal the secrets

Ling Mo has spent an entire day farming zombies for their gels. He gave two of the least pure virus gels to Shana, the rest have been carefully hidden in his body.

However, in order to avoid being infected with the virus himself, he carefully packed these gels into a plastic bag. Even touching these gels for a mere second made Ling Mo queasy to the heart, thinking of all the destructive impacts that this virus caused.

Using the bag as a shield between his hand and the virus, Ling Mo pulled out the gels to inspect his spoils.

When given Shana to swallow yesterday, the gel’s appearances have not changed, but after only one night, the gels has turned out to be like this….

Originally there were still a handful of gels, but unknowingly they quietly merged together, could only barely separate them. What’s more shocking is that the overall volumes have been reduced more than half than before!

Is it possible that between the virus gels, they could actually devour each other? Ling Mo moved the bag before his eyes, and realized that the gels from yesterday even looked far different from a freshly harvested one!

More transparent, and more bloody red….originally those red parts are like blood vessels distributed inside the gel, but now almost completely enveloped the virus gel.

“What exactly is this virus….” Ling Mo is full of doubts. But he does not have the relative knowledge to this part, his understanding to the gel all came from the observation from Ye Lian. But virus gel becoming more pure will be even more useful to Ye Lian, this point is always correct.

But Ling Mo did not expect that as soon as he took out the gel from the plastic bag, Shana’s mood immediately appeared a glimmer of volatility.

Her eyes quickly become enveloped in a layer of red, both eyes staring intently without blinking at the gels in Ling Mo’s hand.

Even though she has been infected and mutated into a zombie, but Shana’s situation is still much different than ordinary zombies.

Ordinary zombies, their biggest feature is a complete loss of rational thought, but Shana under the absence of craziness, occasionally show off a hint of dazed look, as if she was in thought, and to familiar people such as Wang Rin, she even showed some reaction. Not only that, as long as someone calls her name, she will turn her attention to the other side. This is not something that can be done by an ordinary zombie.

But on the other hand, Shana has also completely gained a zombie’s characteristics, and that is offensive. Most likely because during the process of mutation, she has swallowed two viral gels, even though her strength is not as strong as mutated zombies, but her behaviour is completely the same as mutated zombies. Relentless attack to her own kind, and also the desire to the gel….

At this point Ling Mo took out these two viral gels who have obviously went through an upgrade, not only Ye Lian immediately convey the desire to Ling Mo, even Shana has started to become restless.

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But Shana’s speed in devouring gels are just way too fast! She already swallowed two mutated gels, not even forty-eight hours has passed!

Ling Mo somewhat hesitantly looked at Shana, but a slight tingling immediately came out of his mind, and the redness in Shana’s eyes has also become more and more bright….Seems like if she does not get the gel, she will most likely break through by force, and directly pounced to rob it. Ling Mo felt as if her willpower is starting to slip through his mind control ability.

Without a choice, Ling Mo could only hand one of the gel to Shana, and as soon as Shana took the gel, she immediately stuffed it into her mouth, as if she were a starving human finding food for the first time in weeks.

But after devouring this extremely pure viral gel, Shana immediately grew extremely pale, as if her skin was wrapped with a heavy sheet of cellophane.

Ling Mo is very surprised, but just as he extend his hand to hold Shana, he immediately felt something strange. From the outside, Shana’s body temperature is supposedly to be very high, but just as he touched Shana’s skin, he felt nothing but coldness!

And followed, within Shana’s eyes, she appeared to have a hint of struggled look, she even whispered her lips, as if trying to say something. Not only this, Shana’s brain seemed to be actively fighting back Ling Mo’s mind control. If it wasn’t for Ling Mo who bite his teeth and persistently suppressed her, most likely Shana would have broken free.

But this situation only lasted half a minute, Shana then crooked her head, and then collapsed.

Ling Mo finally exhaled a sigh of relief, and also slumped to the ground. The moment where he just forcibly controlled Shana, already made him felt very difficult, he could not even keep it for one minute.

Fortunately Shana finally could not withstand the impact of the virus, completely fainted, and her brain also instantly went from a boiling state to the calm silence.

This silence, it is somewhat weird…..Even when Ye Lian was just controlled by Ling Mo, it was not completely silent. That time, her instinctive desire, is already stronger than average zombies.

But average zombies, also could not be described by silence, they are rather completely empty, without any feelings of emotions. But Shana’s current emotional state is like as if all movements have stopped, but under that calm surface, maybe there is a tidal wave.

Unfortunately Ling Mo’s spiritual power is not strong enough to peek into others’ mind, right now he could only feel all the desire that came from Shana, resistance all disappeared completely, but just not completely blank like average zombies.

After Shana has swallowed the gel, Ling Mo also felt a hint of subtle change. Most likely because his connection to Shana is still not very strong, and her current mind is also completely quiet as water, therefore before she had been transformed by the viral gel, the connection through to Ling Mo is not very deep.

But even though, Ling Mo could felt that with a trace of emergence of rage from deep within his head, his heart beat also started to become very strong.

At the beginning this feeling made Ling Mo cared somehow, but after waited for a while, there was not further change. Ling Mo thought that, maybe the change Shana brought to him is only this level.

“This Shana, what will she become eventually….” Looking at Shana who still tightly holds her long knife even she fainted, pale face, lips pinched, Ling Mo could not help but to emerge a hint of pity.

She used her own ability to survive in the end of the world, and even fed so many of her classmates, but in the end was hurt by one of her own, and ended up turning into this.

And Ye Lian….if it wasn’t for coming to make dinner for him, she would not have been trapped in the bus, most likely still have the chance to survive, but now has turned into a mutated zombie…..

Ling Mo secretly sighed, carried Shana to the sofa, and took the last piece of viral gel and walked to Ye Lian.

This piece of viral gel has greater volume, and the color is even more red!

Different than Shana, Ye Lian has been starved for a couple of days. And since the start of encountering Shana and her people, Ye Lian have not eaten any viral gels, until today, her desire has reached a limit.

This is why Ling Mo is in a hurry of separating from Liu Yu Hao and those people. Even though he felt that Liu Yu Hao is a good person, but still not enough to trust a lot, not to mention completely ingratiate.

No matter of the ability he has grasped, or this method of accelerating the evolution of zombies, he does not want anyone else to know. After this kind of methods, in the eyes of others, is not only strange, but also simply madness and horror! The thought of helping one’s enemies become stronger does not sit well with any survivor.

Not to mention that among the subjects of his manipulation, there is Shana….

Until separation, Liu Yu Hao has thought that because Shana has remnants of vestiges of reason, coupled with been close to Ling Mo, therefore does not have the intention to attack Ling Mo. He could have never thought that, a normal person like Ling Mo actually have the ability to control zombies!

If he knew, most likely the situation will be very different. And the things that Liu Yu Hao could not accept, could Wang Rin accept it?

Not to mention these people who have connections with Shana, even for a stranger, they would not completely accept this kind of fearsome ability.

Therefore even though the puppet control ability is good, but if he is not strong enough to a level, he must keep it a secret to all people…

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