My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 400 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 400 Part 1 – The Hunt

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After carefully entering the industrial area by following along the street, Liu Bao Dong and his party maintained a high degree of vigilance and watched the surroundings nervously.

For some odd reason, all the zombies had somehow disappeared. There were even fresh corpses on the ground, but no zombies had come out, attempting to eat them.

This weird circumstance made everything seem much more frightening. Almost as if there was an unthinkable threat waiting in the deadly quietness.

“These corpses should have been left by the group of people from before. But the number of zombies they killed is really small. In order to do something like this, they must have a method of evading the zombies.”

Lucy looked at the wounds of the corpses on the ground and said.

“This has nothing to do with us!” Liu Bao Dong shook his head and looked around, growling.

“You might as well just go find a place and hide….” Lucy shook the building fragment and said, “There are nearly twenty dead bodies along the way, and some of them had strange bloody holes on their heads. But it wasn’t caused by a bullet. Compared to this building fragment, the wound on the corpse’s forehead is more rounded….”

“As a result, I still can’t judge whether they did it or not. If it is them, then our opponent should be a psychic, just like me.”

After a while, they reached the ruins where the mysterious figure was. However, there was no one on top of that pillar now.

“It’s the same exact pattern.” Lucy picked up a porcelain fragment and compared it with the fragment in her hand.

She glanced back in the direction of where they were attacked. The expressionless face of hers revealed a hint of shock. “Even with my eyesight, if I was able to see us from here, it would at most look like a few black spots, and our outlines wouldn’t be very clear either. This attacker could actually throw such a light-weight thing from such a far distance, and still achieve such a frightening result….”

There were still tears on the blood-stained face of the female team member. After listening to Lucy’s calm analysis, she couldn’t help but ask a bit angrily, “How do you even know the attacker attacked us from here? Couldn’t he just have picked it up from here and then ran closer to us before throwing it?”

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Lucy glanced at her as if she was looking at an idiot and pointed to the bottom of the pillar, “If you look over here, it’s obvious that this area was broken apart by a powerful strength, and…. it’s still very recent.”


A male team member suddenly screamed and interrupted Lucy.

“What happened?”

“Yeah, where’s Yang Guan Zhao?! Wasn’t he next to me just now?” Liu Bao Dong quickly turned his head to look back and suddenly felt as if a pot of ice water came pouring down from above his head.

“I remembered that he was behind me too!”

When the sneak attack happened, everyone felt nervous after walking into this industrial area, but never would they have expected that a living adult would suddenly disappear in front of them without even a trace!

Lucy walked over to pick up the SMG that was lying on the ground, with a heavy expression. “It doesn’t seem like the other party intends to rob us…. The most valuable thing on us is our weapons, but this SMG was left alone by the other party.”

“Then what the fuck are they trying to do! Scare us? Kill us all one by one? Is it a lunatic or a sadistic psychopath?!”

Liu Bao Dong’s tolerance was almost at his limits as he had never experienced such a horrifying situation before.

“Doesn’t this mean it’s dangerous to stay outside now? Let’s find a place to hide first! Waiting for the right moment is much better than wandering around like this!”

At this moment, the female team member couldn’t care that Lucy was rolling her eyes at her and shouted in horror.


Lucy looked around and finally fixed her eyes on the building where Ling Mo and his group were staying in.

“Let’s go there.”

When they left, a small dark figure came out from the shadows, carrying a bloody corpse in its hand. That corpse was the missing male team member, Yang Guan Zhao.

“The quality of these prey is much better. In addition, my previous prey hasn’t died yet, so they both should be able to entertain me for a very pleasant day. Oh hahahaha….”

While letting out a cold laughter, the shadow stretched out it’s scarlet tongue and licked the corner of its mouth, “They are just in time to help scout ahead for me to see if the rest are the same kind as me, or if they’re just another prey. Perhaps, they might even fight with the high-level. This is going to be very interesting….”

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