My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 400 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 400 Part 2 – The Hunt

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“Hey, why are they heading over here?!”

With the help of three female leader rank zombies that had strong smelling capabilities, Ling Mo was naturally able to discover several humans heading their way that also carried a strong bloody stench with them.

If he was to use Shana’s exact words, they were like human-shaped glow sticks in the dark, and it would be impossible not to notice them.

Although Ling Mo really wanted to avoid them as he watched them come closer, he couldn’t make that decision since Hei Si and Yu Shi Ran were still in a cocoon. Secondly, this building was the only one nearby that was completely empty….”

“WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS COMING HERE! You guys are obviously armed to the teeth and seem to have something important to do. Why can’t you guys just keep walking down the road?!”

When Ling Mo observed through the curtain gap, Liu Bao Dong and his party had already turned on the corner of the street and walked straight towards the building that Ling Mo and his group were staying in.

One of them was still covered in blood. Seeing them rush over in a hurry, it seems that their situation wasn’t the best.

“At that time, I only took a glance at them from far away…. But I still think they seemed to have lost a few people.” Ling Mo said.

Ya Lin and Shana both nodded, “They did.”

“Two men are missing.” Shana’s answer was extremely accurate. The zombie’s ability to remember things was really quite amazing.

However, when Ling Mo turned his eyes to Ye Lian, she shook her head foolishly, “It wasn’t important, so I didn’t bother remembering them.”

“Sure enough, you are still your silly self…. But your eyes now are more like the past you from before….”

Ling Mo spaced out for a little before turning his attention back to Liu Bao Dong and his group.

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It seems that avoiding them would be impossible, however, the other group had pale faces, tense expressions, and were also armed….

We should at least make sure they won’t be able to pose any threat to us…. Moreover, the sudden disappearance of all the zombies on the streets makes it seem a little strange….

Upon arriving in front of the building, Liu Bao Dong and his team stood outside and observed for a while. Then a male team member stepped forward sticking close to the wall and nervously peered inside the small gap.

“There’s no movement.”

He turned back and made a hand signal. After getting Liu Bao Dong’s approval, he slowly went inside the building through the gap.

“Are they only going to send just one person in……?”

The building was quite large. Zombie corpses were piled in an office on the first floor, but the door was completely closed off. The male team member walked in from the back of the lobby and looked around.

After walking around the lobby, he walked upstairs.

If they had only sent this team member to explore the building, it would have been a bit troublesome for Ling Mo.

But Liu Bao Dong didn’t have the patience to wait anymore. He felt that it was too dangerous to stay outside even if he was leaning against the wall.

The pride and ambition that he had when he first got off the plane had long since disappeared, and now there was only regret and fear.

“We’ll follow behind him.”

Liu Bao Dong waited for two minutes before quickly rushing in, almost as if he needed to take a shit.

Fear was easily spread. The female team member was already greatly shocked. Seeing this, she panicked and couldn’t wait to get in front of Lucy.


Lucy sneered a little sarcastically, looked upstairs, and then looked back at the empty street.

“If you can’t wait to kill us, why give us a chance to hide? What is the purpose of the other party?”

After a moment of contemplation, Lucy turned sideways and entered through the gap.

But she was carrying too much equipment on her body and spent a lot of time and effort when she tried to enter, “Why the hell did a car drive into this building….”

During the start of the apocalypse, there were too many vehicles that had gotten into accidents, which were probably caused due to the passengers mutating, or the driver of the car suddenly mutating into a zombie while driving….

One accident led to another, and similar scenes could be found almost everywhere.

This industrial area was a typical example and its current change was naturally due to the sudden mutation of various personnel in the factory area.

As she went upstairs, Lucy suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Inside the building… it was too quiet.

She leaned sideways, bending forward slightly, and pulled out a pistol in one hand….

“Hey, the one wearing the tight leather jacket over there, drop the gun, or your companions will die.”

A lazy male voice suddenly came from behind, causing Lucy to freeze.

“Those…. fucking…. morons.”

Lucy coldly cursed.

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