My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 402 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 402 Part 1 – Are You Interested In Me?

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Ling Mo was rarely so angry, but right then, he felt a burst of blood rush to the top of his head.

The woman whom he regarded as a treasure was actually injured by a mouse hiding in the dark!

“Can’t you just let us hide here for a while? If we go out now, we’re basically looking for death.”

Lucy said as she slowly got up from the ground and frowned.

She used a negotiating tone and her attitude was much better than before.

Apparently, Lucy’s attitude towards someone would change significantly if they were able to completely suppress her in strength.

“Do whatever you want, just don’t cause us trouble.”

Ling Mo said without looking back.

“Hey, are you just going to ignore my existence as captain? Whether you guys reach some sort of peace agreement, at least get an approval from me first….”

Liu Bao Dong showed a very dissatisfied look. However, at this moment, he couldn’t afford to cause Lucy trouble, let alone Ling Mo and his party.

Obviously, in Ling Mo’s eyes, he was just a nobody, worth nothing compared to Lucy.

Thus, if he wanted to continue staying in this sanctuary, he couldn’t cause trouble with either of them.

“I want to see which gutter this mouse is hiding in!”

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Ling Mo stared coldly out at the window, using his spiritual sense as it spread outwards.

The other party was very cautious and disappeared after sending out two consecutive attacks.

“Let’s just stay here. As long as it’s not by the window or the wall, nothing should happen to us for now if we are hiding behind the furniture.”

Liu Bao Dong squatted nervously under the table and said.

Although Shana had left the table already, he still didn’t dare come out.

This really echoed Lucy’s words from before, and now the table was the safest cover for him.

But looking at the huge terrible dent on the wall, and then the thickness of this table, what kind of protection could this table really give? At best, it just gives some comfort on a psychological level.

As soon as Liu Bao Dong finished speaking, he saw Ling Mo turn and walk towards the door.

While walking out of the door, Ling Mo reached in and felt his pockets.

In his pockets, he always carried the Spider Queen’s potion with him, in addition to the tactical knife, infrared night vision goggles, and an overlord virus hive.

“Hey, what is he doing?”

Liu Bao Dong’s eyes widened and asked, “He couldn’t be looking for that monster, could he?”

A person with throwing power and accuracy that was beyond what a human can do, could only be described as a “monster”.

Lucy was also surprised to see Ling Mo walking past her. She hesitated a little and said coldly.

“Although you’re really strong, you don’t need to fight him directly. No matter if it’s a psychic or something else, they will get exhausted at some point. As long as you stay here, you’ll definitely be able to find a chance to fight…. Hey!”

Seeing Ling Mo ignored her completely, Lucy pursed her lips, and there was a hint of unhappiness in her eyes, “He actually dares to treat me as if I’m completely invisible!”

Ling Mo went downstairs while trying to sense the other party’s location.

However, as soon as he discovered the location of the attacker, the spiritual fluctuations instantly vanished.

“Very sharp perception…. It seems that his spiritual ability is also good. In this case, I should’ve been discovered already when I previously tried to sense him. Then the reason why he didn’t attack us before, was it because Ye Lian and the girls were here? Judging from Lulu’s situation, this zombie doesn’t simply just want to eat It feels more like he’s playing a game of cat and mouse….”

The pissed off Ling Mo walked outside the door, and then lifted up the overlord rank virus hive.

A strange fragrance immediately spread out quickly with him as the center.

“Do you know what this is? Smell it, you want it, right? THEN GET THE FUCK OUT HERE!”


A high-pitched sound came from the side, and a stone directly smashed into Ling Mo.

To be continued…

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