My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 402 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 402 Part 2 – Are You Interested In Me?

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Thrown with so much force, sparks appeared on the surface of the stone. One could only imagine how fast it was going.

Being hit by this stone wasn’t any different from getting hit point-blank by a cannon.

Even if the power was weak, it would still be enough to blast Ling Mo into pieces.

But just when the stone was about to hit Ling Mo’s face, an invisible energy shield blocked it.

The collision of these two forces was so strong that it even made a ripple in the air that was faintly visible to the naked eye.

This time the speed was much faster than before. The speed of the sound coming from the stone was even slower than the stone itself.

If Ling Mo had taken precautions after hearing the sound, he would have been finished.

However, Ling Mo had already prepared before he even yelled out.

Countless layers of tentacles cascaded across his entire body, making him invulnerable.

The stronger his spiritual strength was, the stronger his defensive ability became.

He even had time to free his hand and take a sip of the potion to replenish his spiritual energy that had been consumed quickly.

At the same time, a spiritual tentacle shot out like a laser, in the direction of where the stone had been thrown.


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A dark figure hiding in the shadows covered his shoulders, and then looked at his hand which was full of blood, “Oh? New prey. Sure enough, that strange energy just now is from a human…. Then, what’s going on with the seniors of my race? Why are they staying with humans?”

He smiled, stuck out his scarlet tongue and licked the blood from his palm, “It almost blew my head off. This is truly an interesting prey…… and, it actually has that kind of thing in its possession….”

After feeling that the spiritual tentacles penetrated the opponent’s **[1] and bones, Ling Mo finally calmed down a little.

Shaking the hand that held the overlord rank virus hive in the air again, Ling Mo sneered and shouted, “What, not interested? Then what about me?”

“He seems to have taken out something to lure it, but after failing, he actually tried seducing it….”

Liu Bao Dong and his party lay on the corner of the stairs, staring nervously outside.

Daring to face the monster alone, and even speaking provocatively, these actions were enough to shock them.

But what shocked them even more was that Ling Mo actually blocked the stone.

The huge energy from the collision caused all the glass around him to shatter completely, and even caused the broken walls around him to collapse.

The narrow gap had also expanded.

This scene had stunned the three air force members.

Lucy was also shocked and widened her eyes.

She looked back suddenly at Ye Lian and turned her gaze to the girl’s clenched fist.

“It was just a few drops of blood….”

She used to think that Ling Mo was a frivolous guy, that had a bit of strength, and was very arrogant.

But unlike Liu Bao Dong, Ling Mo was strong, and was also very careful and cautious. That arrogant and frivolous attitude of his instead played a strong role in confusing others.

Now, she was confused.

For a few drops of blood, he ran out to seek death….

Although judging from the results, he was still able maintain a degree of calmness during his state of anger. He was able to avoid being killed instantly at the very least.

But such actions were absolutely inconsistent with his cautious personality!

“Hey, are you guys just going to let him die like this…? Huh?”

Lucy had just wanted to turn around and say a few words but found that Ye Lian and Shana had disappeared.

“Are…. All of them fucking crazy!?”

She quickly guessed Ye Lian and the girl’s intentions, and horror showed on her face.

“He did give me the machine gun back….”

After glancing down at the machine gun, Lucy also immediately turned around and jumped down directly from the handrail around the corner.

“You guys come help too. If we don’t kill this monster now, we will die sooner or later.”

Lucy looked up at Liu Bao Dong and said.

“How are we supposed to fight this thing?! We can’t even see it, isn’t that just looking for death?!”

Liu Bao Dong said with a pale face, waving his hands repeatedly.

“You’re actually able to have a peace of mind by simply accepting their protection? You’re a disgrace to all soldiers.” Lucy frowned.

“Hey, don’t go too far!”

Lucy glanced at them contemptuously, and quickly disappeared into the shadows with the machine gun.

Ling Mo was still standing at the entrance, unmoved.

Naturally, he wasn’t standing there to protect Liu Bao Dong and his team. He was doing it for the big cocoon and Ya Lin, who were both still upstairs.

The two female zombies, Ye Lian and Shana, were already lurking in the shadows. As long as the attacker appeared, he would be screwed.

Lucy’s actions were also within Ling Mo’s grasp. As long as she didn’t cause trouble, Ling Mo wouldn’t interfere with her.

Like Ye Lian, the attacker quickly covered up its bloody smell.

But Ling Mo believed that as long as he was still standing there, this attacker would inevitably be unable to hold himself back.

Ling Mo quickly adjusted his mind to its best state, and shouted again, “Are you sure you’re not interested in me? After seeing me, you can’t hold it in no more, can you?”

“Hey, what kind of taunt is this? Why does it seem like there’s no limit to what he’s going to say….?”

Liu Bao Dong had a feeling that the other party would eventually be provoked….

[1] – Literally was ** in Chinese Text. Have no idea what that could be but yeah take a guess in the comments below.

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