My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 403 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 403 Part 2 – The Feelings of a Toy

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“Fine, since Lulu is so sincere….”

“Thank you!”

Lucy seemed to have reluctantly accepted the name “Lulu”. She grabbed the man’s arm and helped him into the building.

Ling Mo glanced outside, and immediately followed after, “You’ll eventually show yourself.”

Ah Sheng seemed a little nervous. As soon as he entered the lobby, he immediately began to look around the entire place.

When he saw Liu Bao Dong and the others, his body even trembled for a moment.

“They are from the Air Force Regiment.” Lucy, bringing him to a place where he can sit, said.


Ah Sheng turned his gaze to Ling Mo, his eyes kept shifting around and looked nervous.

But his mental state was originally like this, so Ling Mo didn’t notice anything abnormal about this.

“Then this is?” Ah Sheng swallowed and asked, “He doesn’t seem to be part of your group. He should have companions, right?”

“Don’t worry about other people’s business. Ah Sheng, you never sent a message back to the base, and you didn’t show up on the agreed location on time…. To be honest, we all thought you were already….”

Lucy squatted in front of Ah Sheng, frowning, and took a closer look at him.

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Ah Sheng smiled strangely, “Hehe, yeah, I also thought I was a goner. My mission was to explore X-City, but instead, I was trapped here in this industrial area.”

Hearing this, Ling Mo stepped forward and asked, “You should have also been attacked by that monster too, right?”

“It was more than just an attack. He played around with me as if I were just some bug….” When Ah Sheng said these words, there was no fear in his eyes, but there was a slight faint of anger and madness. “I entered his sights the moment I stepped into this industrial area. At first, he didn’t attack me directly, but made various sounds near me, causing me to be vigilant. Every time I would relax, he would suddenly appear. In order to survive, I tried everything I could, but when I was finally in front of him, I found out that I was just some toy that could be taken apart at any time.”

“Have you ever taken a toy apart when you were a kid? You should have, right? Have you ever thought about how those toys felt when you took them apart? Well, I know how they felt because I felt it!”

There was a smile on the corner of his mouth as he said this.

“Did this bastard turn crazy after being tortured ….?” Ling Mo thought and interrupted him, “Can you tell us more information about him? He is currently causing problems for us.”

Lucy also nodded, “Yeah, I know it’s been tough for you, but now isn’t the time to talk about this. Two people from the Air Force Regiment have already been killed and we still don’t know who this monster is.”

“Him? Hehe, he is the most destructive creature in the world. Even in all the species of this world, his power can be ranked among the top three creatures…. Cough….”

A trace of blood suddenly appeared in the corner of A Sheng’s mouth, and his eyes were somewhat loose, “Could you let me take a rest?”

“WTF, how can you suddenly ask to take a break at such a critical moment!?”

Ling Mo cursed in his mind and turned his head to look out the door.

“Lucy, come here….”


When Ling Mo turned back, Lucy was staring at Ah Sheng in surprise, and a piece of leather was hanging from the corner of Ah Sheng’s mouth.

Liu Bao Dong and others were also stunned, staring at Ah Sheng in shock.

Although the clothes on Lucy’s shoulders were torn apart, she was still wearing a waistcoat underneath it, and wasn’t injured.

She quickly backed up and pointed at Ah Sheng with a gun, “Why did you suddenly bite me!”

Ah Sheng looked at Ling Mo angrily, and spat out the leather fragments, “Were you the one that stopped me?”

Lucy and the others immediately turned to Ling Mo, “What the hell is going on?”

“You bet your tongue and tried to bite Lucy so that she would become an infected, right?”

Ling Mo smiled at Ah Sheng and said.

Lucy’s face turned pale immediately, and she looked back at Ah Sheng in disbelief, “That’s impossible….”

But Ah Sheng’s actions already proved Ling Mo’s words. He grabbed the female team member and quickly leaped to the corner of the stairs with a speed that had surpassed an ordinary person.


The female member screamed, but Ah Sheng didn’t care.

His hand clenched tightly around the female member’s neck, greedily leaning behind her head, and smelling the blood in her.

“Put down the gun! Lucy, I know your marksmanship is good, but I won’t give you a chance.”

Ah Shang grabbed the female team member’s hair and moved her in front of him, “I have already become a zombie. That monster will make me his companion. He will definitely help me evolve….”

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