My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 404 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 404 Part 2 – A Trap For a Hunter

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

His wide-open mouth kept making vague sounds, but he was unable to say anything.

Ling Mo lowered his head and smiled slightly, “I may as well tell you, in fact, from the moment you appeared in front of me, I knew something was wrong. The others might not be able to smell the virus, but I can.”

Ah Sheng’s eyes widened at once, and he struggled hard.

“It’s just that in my eyes, someone like you who is destined to die, is nothing more than just a clown. I don’t mind being entertained.”

Having said this, Ling Mo slowly stood up and said, “I hope you can also use that ‘copper skin and iron bones’ power inside your body.”


Ah Sheng’s pupils expanded instantly as a tentacle penetrated inside his body. Ling Mo turned around and went downstairs without even glancing at his gruesome death.

“Ah Sheng….”

Things had happened so unexpectedly. Lucy stares at Ling Mo with a complicated expression, before glancing at the dead Ah Sheng again.

As Ling Mo passed by her, Lucy asked in a low voice, “What did he mean by those words?”

“What words are you talking about, Lulu?” Ling Mo replied.

“The one about…. forget it.”

Lucy glanced at Ling Mo suspiciously. This pretending to be dumb attitude of his was very suspicious.

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The combination of those words and phrases also lead to some incredible conclusions.

If she wanted to confirm it……

However, it wasn’t a good idea to offend Ling Mo right now.

Although his actions were somewhat hard to fathom, they were still depending on him to stop the monster.

As for Liu Bao Dong and the male team member, their minds had already stopped functioning.

The female team member was so scared that her mind had went blank, and pulled herself back next to Ah Sheng’s body. It took a long time before she recovered from her daze and shouted, “AHH!”

Fortunately, the ordinary zombies in the nearby areas have long since disappeared, otherwise her shouting would have attracted many zombies to surround them.

“Hey, doesn’t this mean we’re trapped here now? We’ll definitely be attacked if we go out, but if we stay here…”

Liu Bao Dong said fearfully.

“According to Ah Sheng, the attacker is a high-level zombie. His reason for doing this is most likely to hunt us…. Although it is impossible to understand the thought process of a zombie, what if we considered it from a different perspective? Some wild animals would hunt weaker creatures and kill them as a kind of entertainment, which would explain our current situation.”

Lucy said with a cold face, “He enjoys the process of killing us. He wants to chase us towards a desperate situation, forcing us to resist, and then toying us to death, one by one.”

Naturally, her expression wasn’t that great since her missing companion actually turned into a zombie.

“A zombie toying with humans….?”

The male team member wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and asked, “But what should we do then?!”

“He won’t be able to hold it for long. After all, he’s still a zombie…”

Ling Mo squeezed the overlord virus hive in his hand. This gem-like thing was what Ling Mo was relying on to use against the other party.

No matter how intelligent this zombie was or how much it liked to hunt, if he wasn’t able to restrain his instincts, he would naturally come knocking at Ling Mo’s door.

Ah Sheng’s death, as well as the injuries that Ling Mo gave him, would only stimulate him.

“Speaking of this, what were you trying to do before?”

Lucy glanced at Ling Mo’s hand in confusion, thinking about what he had shouted before. She had always felt that there was something in Ling Mo’s hand.

“All I did was just step outside to look for trouble, without any protection, hoping that he would fucking come attack me.”

Ling Mo said without hesitation.

“WTF! He’s obviously still clenching his fist, yet he’s still able to casually lie in front of my face!”

Lucy’s mouth twitched, and that frosty face of hers was completely shocked by Ling Mo…

At this moment, a pair of red eyes were staring intensely at the building through a gap in a broken wall.

“A trap for a hunter? … * Hu Chi [1] *…”

His voice became a little heavy. Both of his eyes were full of fury.

“What a disgusting and cunning human….”

At the same time, Ling Mo was telling Lucy and the other others, “I have no obligation to protect you all, so you all also must contribute.”

“Everyone is a human; you don’t have to be like this.” Liu Bao Dong said unhappily.

Lucy nodded, “That’s obvious. Even if you hadn’t said this, I would have done it.

“Which side are you on?”

Liu Bao Dong glared at Lucy, but when he saw Lucy’s cold eyes, he immediately backed down, and even smiled favorably.

“In other words, we’re going to prepare a trap for that monster, right?” Lucy ignored him and continued to ask Ling Mo.

Ling Mo sneered, “Do I even need to do such a thing? All I have to do is just hold a bone and wait for that dog to run over.”

“Well, the other party is a high-level zombie after all….”

“But then again, you’re also a monster too….”

[1] – That is the sound of panting

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