My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 405 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 405 Part 1 – Ranked Among the Top Three Existences for Destructive Power

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“While you’re waiting for him, you won’t mind if I go make some preparations first right?”

Lucy asked.

“Up to you. By the way, since you’re making preparations, you might as well deal with that corpse also.”

Ling Mo wiped the tactical knife and said.

“It’s my companion’s body, of course I’ll handle it. But after hearing you say that, why do I suddenly feel irritated….”

Lucy was about to walk away and suddenly heard Liu Bao Dong ask, “Um, where did you get that tactical knife?”

“Why?” Ling Mo looked up at him and responded.

“Did you get it from Falcon Camp?” Liu Bao Dong asked again.

Seeing that Ling Mo didn’t speak, Liu Bao Dong coughed, stepped forward, and said in a friendly manner, “It appears I guessed right. If that’s the case, then you should have a good relationship with the Falcon Camp, right?”

“Good relationship my ass. Just two days ago, I went to the Falcon Camp headquarters and caused a huge mess. I killed their officers and even knocked out their general…..”

But if we were to ignore all this, our relationship does look quite good on the surface.

“Haha, I’m correct again, right? Let me introduce myself, I am the captain of the Air Force Special Operations Squad, Liu Bao Dong!”

“Ling Mo.”

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“It turned out to be Brother Ling… this time I was in charge of escorting Miss Lucy to X-City. You should have heard about us. Our Air Force regiment and Falcon camp are allies, so we can also be considered as allies as well! We should look out for each other! Hahaha…”

“You’re… escorting her?”

Ling Mo showed a trace of surprise, and his expression immediately made Liu Bao Dong feel very embarrassed.

After an awkward pause, Liu Bao Dong searched his body again, then took out a pack of cigarettes and passed it to Ling Mo, “Here. This is a small token of my appreciation…”

“Thank you.” Ling Mo took it without hesitation and said, “According to what you just said, Lulu doesn’t belong to the Air Force Regiment?”

“No, I belong to a real civil organization, different from their group that started with an official background.”

Lucy’s eyes flashed with pride as she held her gun. “Our base is located at the center of F-City. It includes the two nearby small towns and is organized by some psychics. Our group is called “Fire”. The reason why we are called Fire is because even in a disaster, we’ll ignite our raging flames and make sure that it never goes out. It also has another meaning for everyone to gather firewood to keep the flames alive, which implies strength and unity.”

“Why not just call it FFF….” Ling Mo muttered and asked, “Then why did your F group want to come to X-City?”


“Coming to X-City…. There were many reasons, but the main reason was because we fancied the resources here. We didn’t have many people, nor did we have enough information. So, we chose to cooperate with the Air Force Regiment in order to avoid a direct conflict with the Falcon Camp. Ah Sheng was the vanguard we sent. We originally had an arrangement to come pick him up by helicopter on the top floor of Century City. However, he never showed up even after the agreed time.”

Lucy sighed and said, “So that’s why I came. Why? Are you interested in the Air Force Regiment? Or maybe our Fire Group?”

“Nope, I’m just curious.” Ling Mo said, frankly.

Seeing that Lucy was completely speechless, Liu Bao Dong quickly seized the opportunity to join the conversation. He stepped forward with great anticipation and asked, “Um… Was the cigarette okay? What should I do when that monster appears?”

The two members of the Air Force Regiment immediately showed their disdain. This captain of theirs completely destroyed their reputation and image.

“Why are you asking me? You should ask Lucy.”

Ling Mo took a deep puff from the cigarette and said, “The cigarettes are great.” Before walking away.

Liu Bao Dong stared blankly at Ling Mo’s back for a while, then his expression turned somewhat angry, “ASSHOLE! GIVE ME BACK MY CIGARETTES! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO SAVE A PACK?”

While waiting, Lucy made some preparations in advance with the help of Liu Bao Dong and the two members.

Other than the gap in the front, all the entrances and exits in the building were all blocked by them.

Although it wasn’t very useful, it was still better than nothing.

To be continued…

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